What happened to them

The following was Tampa Bay Lightning’s defense corp against the Montreal Canadiens, a few days ago :

Lukas Krajicek – Matt Smaby
Josef Melichar – Noah Welch
Matt Lashoff – Richard Petiot

OK, Paul Ranger, Andrej Meszaros, Cory Murphy and Marek Malik were injured. But still, they are not exactly elite guys, except maybe for Ranger who’s a very good reliable d-man. It’s an AWFUL d-corp, probably the worst I’ll ever see in my whole life.

The question is the following. How a team, who won the Stanley Cup just 5 years ago with a very solid defense

Kubina – Sydor
Boyle – Sarich
Lukowich – Cullimore
Clymer – Pratt

can have Lukas Krajicek as their #1 d-man a few years later. How a team, who was a powerhouse in 2004, can become the NHL’s most laughable franchise within only a few years.

HTR fellow members…help them to rebuild!

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    well lashoff, welch, smaby along with ty wishart and vlad mihalik will be the future of this blueline.

    meszaros and ranger are young too. its going to take time and patience which this organization has not shown of late. until they do, it will be a bunch of guys thrown together from game to game.

  2. greatlife15 says:

    If Stamkos  becomes an elite guy, they can't afford to keep Stamkos, Lecavalier AND St. Louis.

  3. mojo19 says:

    What's so shocking. We knew at the beginnign of the season that they're defense was awful and that they were going to finish near the bottom of the conference. Only a couple dopes got mezmorized by the great Ryan Malone and Radim Vrbata signings.

  4. Leafmonkey says:

    trading lecavalier wouldnt be that bad for them since stamkos is playing great and stole st lois and malone from him.  they could do some three way deal where montreal gets lecavalier and gives thier first rounder to another team and trhe other team gives tampa another good d-man

  5. Leafmonkey says:

    my bad i forgot to mention montrewal gives markov to tampa

  6. Bure96 says:

    They'll be good in a few years. If you look closely at what they've done this year, they haven't done that bad. They went from Boyle, to Carle, to Eminger, and now to Welch…. yes that doesn't sound promising, but look at it this way.

    And because of that downgrade they managed to bring in a 3rd round pick, Steve Downie, Andrej Meszeros, Ty Wishart, and lowered they salary by more then 5 million dollars. Noah Welch isn't a bad defender either.

    The Shane O'Brien trade actually wasn't that bad either. I've realized during the season that Shane O'Brien really isn't that good. A 3rd pairing guy at best. Maybe better then Krajicek, but they managed to dump Ouellet's contract through the trade too.

    Although they completely missed on Radim Vrbata, Ryan Malone is having a good season. He's got 25 goals on this terrible Tampa Bay team, and his price tag isn't too bad, considering guys like Scott Hartnell and Brian Rolston make about the same.

    Steven Stamkos has been playing good hockey in the past couple months too. Does anyone even realize that he's actually top 5 in rookie points, and goals? He's having a good rookie year. He's going to be an incredible player.

    They lacked depth on the 3rd and 4th lines, but other then their miss on Vrbata they've actually had a good off season for a REBUILDING team. They've brought in tons of young talent, and picks.

    The Brad Richards trade was a great one for Tampa too. They dump Richards terrible contract, and added two studs in Mike Smith, and Jeff Halpern. Halpern is one of the most underrated players in the league, and Mike Smith has been spectacular in case you haven't noticed.

    The last step of the rebuild is to trade St. Louis, and Prospal. Prospal is going to bring in maybe a 2nd rounder and some other junk, but St. Louis could bring in a high end prospect + 1st rounder + depth player. 

  7. reinjosh says:

    this is nt that bad
    they are letting their young guys play in place of injured players
    Paul Ranger and ANdrej Meszaros are good and have a lot of potential
    Cory Murphy, Noah Welch, Matt Smamby, Matt Lashoff, and Ty Wishart in a few years will be very good and have tons of potential
    couple that with the fact montreal is playing like crap and doesnt deserve to be in the playoffs and you have a good reason why montreal lost

  8. reinjosh says:

    i completely agree with you
    it is unfortunate that they havent been able to play as well as many hoped this season but hope isnt lost
    all they have done will lead to a very solid team, next year or the year after
    one of the main reasons they played badly early on was because of the huge coaching change and constant player change
    once that settled down they began to play well
    as you said Stamkos is pleying very well, Malone has a good 25 goals, and Halpern is a great third line center.
    they do not need to trade lecavalier to help the rebuild as they are almost their
    even trading st.louis might be a mistake but if they could get a younger player that has established himself in the NHL already then they should do it
    that coupled with the top 5 pick in this years draft (and hopefully a good young stud of a player) should help to solidify a young rebuilding team

  9. mojo19 says:

    Malone has scored some goals, but he's not a great player and his $4.5 million? Is that what it is? Isn't terrible but its not great, and I'd take Brian Rolston over Malone any day. Rolston has been hurt all year and then came back as a bottom 6 forward, but he's a way better player than Malone so bad comparison for sure.

  10. Kramer says:

    "Earth Hour" was a disaster!!!  The Leafs gave up 4 goals between 8:30 and 9:30 pm.

  11. hockeylegend488 says:

    the lightning will be a great team in a few years and there rebuilding now. I see them dumping salery for upcoming talent. I see them dealing V lecavilier to montreal in exchange for P.k suban/georges and there first round draft pick.
    also see montreal signing M havlat.

  12. reinjosh says:

    i can tell you right now
    you do not trade your franchise star
    it wont happen and definetely not for suban/gorges and a first

  13. blaze says:

    unwarranted Malone criticism, he may lack creativity, struggle with consistency and is of course overpaid but having met the guy talk about a likable stand up guy.

    Malone is the type of guy who will do whatever it takes to help the team win.

  14. Bure96 says:

    Malone is overpaid. 4.5 million isn't bad though. I wouldn't want Brian Rolston over Malone. Rolston is old, and having an awful season. Yes, injuries have been a factor, but age has been too. He's slow as hell now, and has struggled even playing on a great Devils team. Malone is actually a +4 on the Lightning, and has 25 goals. That's impressive. Malone is bigger too, 7 years younger, and four 20+ goal seasons in his first 5 years is a good sign. He still has some untapped upside I think.

    I would take Malone, but Rolston still does have that booming shot and experience, so I understand why you would perfer him.

  15. KingCanada says:

    Shoulda traded Martin St.Louis instead of Dan Boyle IMO.  I understand that they had to move a contract but why would you trade your star defenceman and not get much in return.  Not only that but they traded away Lukowich in that very trade who is a very servicable 5th-6th guy.

    They were definatly trying to be one of those run'n'gun teams with nothing but offence to try and attract American fans but unfortinatly failed miserably….Hell, when the Leafs are in town its like a home game for the boys in Blue lol.

  16. reinjosh says:

    they ended up get a lot for him actually
    and they needed to trade him because he wasnt doing them any good
    for a team that was possibly going to be sitting on the bottom of the standings and eating up 5 million dollars, it wasnt worth what they could get for him.
    they traded boyle and lukowhich
    for Matt Carle, Ty Wishart, 1st Rounder, 4th rounder, both in 2009
    then they used that first rounder in a trade to get Andrej MEszaros (their top defenceman) as well as kuba and picard
    then then traded one of their thirds and carle for Steve Downie, Steve Eminger, and a 4th Round pick
    and then trade eminger for noah welch and a third rounder
    so they lost Kuba, Boyle, Lukowich, and Picard
    and gained
    Noah Welch
    Ty Wishart
    Andrej Meszaros
    Steve Downie
    3rd and 4th Rounder in 2009
    so by giving three players who ate up almost 12 million dollars (and only two were really being used) this, they gained 1 very good top 4 defenceman with top 2 potential (who is young, unlike boyle) and gained 2 very good defence prospects and a great gritty forward that should fit in their lineup nicely as well as 2 draft choices in a very deep draft to add to their picks. then they also saved 12 million dollars this year which could be spent elsewhere or just not used as well as 6.67 million dollars over the next 4 years which can be used to sign free agents or rfa's like Stamkos when he is done his fourth year.
    yes they may have given up to older players who have played very well this year, but they were able to bring in their 3 potential top 6 defenceman, one of which is a top 2 defenceman with the team, a great forward prospect and cap space in the future (something very vital)
    this was a great trade for both teams in my opinion.

  17. KingCanada says:

    Down the line I guess they got alot for him but I still believe it should of been St.Louis instead.  They practically got rid of their ENTIRE defence corp for a future instead…not smart.  With all the money they saved they actually lost money in attendance…honestly if a visiting team that lives far away can come in and have the home crowd atmosphere then you have a big gaping problem.

    Kuba and Boyle (number 1 and 2 defencemen) and then Lukowich and Picard also on the roster for one defenceman and 2 prospects…plus a forward.  Thats pretty dumb management if you ask me, no wonder they get scored on so damn often.

    Top that with not having a good starter you CANNOT overlook a defence corp.  I think it was a very poor decision if you ask me.  Cap management yes it worked but team wise failed miserably.

  18. KingCanada says:

    Before you tell me it was a good move for rebuilding.. this team was definatly making trades to become competitive now!  The problem is they only aquired forwards and traded away their defence corp.  I think it was pretty assinine of them on their part.

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