What happened to Wilm???

Anybody know what happened to Wilm? MAybe we have to many centers but the guy was playing great hockey for us in the home stretch last year (granted so was most of the team) but for the league min, he’s a pretty decent 4th line center giving us a great PK with Peca. Anyways As just another stupidly addicted Leaf fan I’ve spent far too much time thinking about next year so I might as well put out my line ideas.

Tucker Sundin O’Neill

Yea, yea we have no top winger for Sundin…Well personally i think with his shoulder repaired, playing for his old coach, and a year under his belt dealing with his brothers death I think this could be a big rebound year for Jeff. With Tucker’s never dying intensity and Sundin’s passion, leadership and skill, look for O’Neill to pop back into the game and make this a BIG line.

Steen Stajan Suglubov

While this line seems a bit immature/young for a second liner, I think this could be a fun and dangerous addition to the team. Steen and Stajan showed great chemistry last year when they played together. I think the offensive creativity of this line would be incredible to watch especially with Suglubov in there. While Suglubov might not have much defensively, Steen and Stajan definitely do. (Plus Maurice will be a great help towards the youth maturity for our team)

Ponikarovsky Peca Wellwood

Peca played great with young players last year, and I think partly it was their young intensity and speed which helped him regain form (Pisani). I like Peca and Poni opening up some ice for Wellwood to skate with the puck and make some things happen. I think Peca will make these two shine, and Peca-Poni can help make up for Wellwood’s weakness in the corners.

Kilger Antropov Pohl

Well I for one personally like Antropov as a fourth line center. Ever since he’s been here he’s been under pressure to live up to his expectations while being bashed by the 2nd most fickle and unforgiving fans in hockey (Habs fans of course at #1). Give him his own fourth line with Kilger and Pohl and you have a line that can win face offs, check, play defence and could be a pretty good scoring threat.

Kaberle McCabe

Original no? As much as I’d love to reunite Kaberle and Kubina after there stellar performance at the Olympics I can’t see taking Kaberle away from McCabe. They’ve got great chemistry and as someone said earlier Kaberle covers up McCabe’s d-zone ***** ups by being very smart and very talented.

Colaiacovo Kubina

Kubina’s a great defenceman and if he can just stay healthy for a bit Colaiacovo will help the Leafs attain the quick transition game they’ve been lacking due to shat defence, and which Maurice is promising.

Kronwall Gill

I dunno if i’d rather have White or Kronwall here. This way you get a big 3rd line (size wise) which can be paired up against team’s checking lines. Who’s gonna ***** with them? On the other hand, it would be nice to get White’s speed and puck handling to compensate for Gill’s terrifying speed and mobility. Tough one to call but I’m either will be fine.

Ok i’m done. Enjoy.

P.S. Someone come up with a cure for Leafs obsession because this is stupid to be so wrapped up in them during July.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    with Peca, and Stajan, another defensive forward isn’t needed. Teams that need some serious depth (like the sens) are posibilities or him, but i don’t know about leaf town. he’s better than Ben Ondrus

  2. Toonces99 says:

    In the circle Wilm is better, but with some more icetime l think Ondrus will do better. Ottawa does have a depth issue, but l can’t see Wilm being traded there, maybe to the West the Kings or Canuks….just a thought.

  3. Aetherial says:

    Antropov has had his best moments playing on Sundin’s wing. Not *only* because Sundin made up for him… they were actually good playing together. I doubt Maurice will do that again.

    Peca will center the second line.

    Wellwood/Stajan the 3rd and 4th lines.

  4. Francis10 says:

    I have a grudge against Clark Wilm. He took a roster spot from my favouite player… Steve Thomas. You guys can go ahead and rip me for that. Saying thaThomas is washed up and the Leafs didnt need anoher old person in the line up. With Stumpy in the line up last year, we would have made the playoffs. He wouldn’t have just laid back and let that 8 game losing streak happen. Or when we gave up a 3-0 lead up to Phoenix in the 3rd period and ended up losing that game. If Wilm never played another NHL game again, it wouldn’t matter to me.

    Let the ripping begin!

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    steen took Thomas’ job, wilm didn’t play the first few weeks of the season.

  6. odie says:

    i wanted thomas aswell…but with ovechkin on the team it still wouldnt of made the playoffs

  7. Grimreaper_11 says:

    wellwood is a centre

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