What hockey moves should the Canucks make?

With the trade deadline quickly approaching rumors are at a season high. But with Dave Nonis already stating he would NOT be trading away the Canucks future for rental players, what moves will he be making? First off, these are not rumors simply ideas. There are a few moves that I believe would help Vancouver, not only for the rest of this season but also for years to come. With the surprise emergence of Alex Edler this year on the Canucks blueline, some are saying that highly touted prospect Luc Bourdon has now become expendable for trade. But instead of trading Bourdon for some scoring help upfront, why not use him to fill overlooked holes on the back end.

In my opinion every team should have 3 right handed shots and 3 left handed shots on the blueline, for making adequate pairings. With the Canucks current lineup loaded with left handed shots as well as ALL left handed shots with their current prospects, why not trade Bourdon for another right handed shot on the blueline. The team that I think would be most compatible for trade would be the Nashville Predators. There are two players that would be highly touted, Shae Weber and Cody Franson. Now I know that Nashville won’t just give these players away, but dangling Bourdon as compensation might just get the job done. Since Nashville’s defensive prospects are all right handed, they may find the trade ideal. You may ask why Weber or Franson? Well first off, they are both B.C. boys, they are both right handed shots, they are both bigger than 6’3″ 210 lbs, and they are both awesome hockey players. At 22 and 20 years of age neither player is a sure thing, but they are well on their way.

Secondly, a top six forward would be a much welcomed sight but at what price? Another piece of the puzzle that Vancouver has to dangle is Cory Schneider. A goalie prospect that is ranked as the 31st ranked prospect in the NHL as per Hockey Future, and the 6th ranked goalie, Schneider is a valuable commodity that other teams would love to have. Teams with weak goaltending prospects such as Chicago, Edmonton as Florida might be willing trading partners. Personally I believe that Chicago would be the best fit, since I believe that they have a deep crop of up and coming young forwards. A list of players that they might be willing to trade include: Tuomo Ruutu, prospects Troy Brouwer or Jake Skille.

So with these two potential moves, the Canucks lineup could look like this:
Sedin Sedin Pyatt
Ruutu Morrison Naslund
Cooke Kesler Raymond
Cowan Ritchie Burrows
Mitchell Bieksa
Ohlund Weber
Edler Salo
I know that it doesn’t look major, but with those two moves the Canucks would improve their team for years to come.

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    Isn't this the 3rd or 4th such article in a week?
    I didn't know the Vancouver Canucks were the new Maple Leafs… but then again given their poor track record it's all making sense now!

    I said it before the season even started that THIS year the Canucks didn't have a shot at the Cup due to the nearly $10 million of B-Mo and Nasi. I further stated that the Canucks had a two year window after this season while they still have Luongo, and when they can dump above mentioned players nasty expensive salaries to try to get some real scoring threats. Because most of you know that Luongo, after experiencing the dismalness of the team, won't be re-signing long term in 3 years' time.

  2. BruMagnus says:

    That aside your proposal is one within the actual realm of possibility! So good job!

    Shea Weber is awesome. Any team would want this guy to solidify their defense.

    However, Tuomo Ruutu's boat has sailed. He is no longer a Top 6 scoring threat guy. His potential has been destroyed due to injuries. He is more likely to become a 3rd line guy playing in many different roles (kind of like your Kesler).

    Your stated lines would still not help your team get past maybe the 1st or 2nd round. It is certainly not a Cup team. You need to get rid of B-Mo and get a true center like Jokinen or hell Koivu for a couple years, and unless Naslund takes a BIG cut, liek $2-3 million, get rid of him and target a real elite player, if you can.

  3. frezz says:

    while they still have luongo?????? the canucks will have luongo for a long time… he is happy here and the canucks are happy to pay him whatever the hell he wants to stay here.

  4. frezz says:

    The canucks wont add a guy like that till the off season… im a fan and im willing to admit they dont have what it takes this year. as for weber… you gotta give more than just bourdon to get him… maybe you could flip bourdon for franson

  5. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Say what you want, I doubt Luongo is "happy" right now given the lack of offence on his team and where they sit in the standings. This guy wants to win a Cup, and Nonis better start building the team around him. Linden, Morrison, Naslund, hell Kesler, and Isbister have to go, if the Canucks were smart already Naslund and Morrison should have been gone after last season. Naslund's nothing without Bertuzzi.

  6. svenki says:

    not bad ideas, i sure hope nonis actually does sumthing this year

  7. Leeman says:

    Of course you would want Weber…..Every team in the NHL would want him….But he is not going anywhere…that is like the flames trading Phaneuf for Bourdon.

    get realistic canuck fans… forget about this year and look to add some high scoring free agents in the summer.

  8. Kramer says:

    According to my sources, the Canucks are gonna ask Don Lever and Bobby Lalonde to come out of retirement.

  9. canuck67 says:

    That would make them that much more better than the leafs! *****ing idiot

  10. jonnygf40 says:

    “However, Tuomo Ruutu’s boat has sailed. He is no longer a Top 6 scoring threat guy.”
    That’s what they said when they brought in Anson Carter, and if my calculations are correct I believe Carter’s 33 goals put him in a top 6 forward spot (man alive he should have resigned with Vancouver, that just goes to show how taking the big money can bite you in the ass). Besides, Ruutu is only 25 years old and CAN still be a scoring threat. And if he can “play different roles,” ie. deffensively, that just makes him that much more versatile. Plus they can probably get him for a mid round draft pick, not unlike the Taylor Pyatt trade. Vancouver lured him away from Buffalo for a 4th round draft pick. That one turned out pretty good for Vancouver, who’s to say that a 3rd rounder won’t do the same thing with Ruutu?
    Ruutu’s 8th on the forward ice time list, and is definately no top six forward for Chicago. Maybe they will let him go for cheap.

  11. BruMagnus says:

    I totally agree.
    Canucks blow. Luongo knows this. He had enough in Florida realizing they would never win a Cup. I know he feels the same in Vancouver. He wants to go to the Wings (take over for Hasek and Osgood when he's done) or else Pittsburgh.

  12. BruMagnus says:

    There's a reason why Ruutu has lost so much ice time. He was given many chances for Top 3 icetime minutes, but he didn't produce and has failed to impress.

    Also, I thought you were talking free agency not trade deadline, sorry.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    "more better" is incorrect.
    when using a comparative adjective, we use the prefix "more" for big words, usually 3+ syllable words, though there are some exceptions like "fun", and we use the suffix "er" for most 1 and some 2 syllable words.
    also, some words, like good and bad, have exceptions.
    good becomes better, and bad becomes worse.
    when we use the superlative, good becomes best, and bad becomes worst.

    what you want do say is "That would make them that much better than the Leafs!"

    thank you.
    that was today's grammar lesson on HTR.

  14. jrplayer says:

    im sure the canucks organization would rather get brouwer than ruutu. i've met / played against the guy more than once..wins the dub scoring title…he's up there in A scoring…give him some decent play makers around him and he might be ready to fill a role bigger than even he knows he could. i'd toss him in head first with the attitude of swim or swim. on a long enough time line (ie the rest of the season) given good play makers around him (morrison) i feel he could do well. 

    good suggestion to buddy who wrote the article. would love to see it happen for broww

  15. Bure96 says:

    None of these teams will have the cap space to sign Luongo for 8 million per season that he'll sign for in two years.

    Good players rarely leave good hockey cities (that compete for the playoffs every year) when they get offered the money they deserve.

    I could argue that the Pens are a 2 player team, and will NEVER win a stanley cup, because they rebuilt the team wrong (L.A is doing it wrong too).

  16. BruMagnus says:

    I sure hope you aren't another delusional Canucks fan…

    The Penguins franchise has been, is, and will always be miles superior than the pathetic non-Cup winning Canucks.

    The Pens have an outside shot at the Cup this year. The Canucks will squeak in at 7th or 8th thanks to Luongo and be hard-pressed to make the second round.

    And there are a shitload of teams that will want to sign Luongo in 2 years.. you have NO idea what kind of moves and Cap space teams will have in that time, you ignorant *****.

    Vancouver is not a good hockey city. It is a beautiful city, and yes, the fans do love their hockey (most Canadians do), but the success of the Vancouver franchise speaks for itself. It is clearly one of the bottom 5 franchises in NHL history!

  17. Bure96 says:

    Bottom 5 franchise in NHL history? So your comparing the Canucks to Columbus, Nashville, Florida, Washington, L.A, and Phoenix/Winnipeg? The Canucks are more comparable to Minny, San Jose, and Buffalo. Come on, the came within ONE goal of a stanley cup.

    How many GOOD teams will be able to afford another 8+ million doller player? No team like Ottawa, or Detriot will be able to afford him, and by the time teams make room for Luongo, they won't even have an all star roster anymore. Plus, if any great team can afford him, and still have a much better roster then the Canucks, they will will have to be one of the teams that is a more attractive hockey place to play in then Vancouver (which will likely cut his list in half, because the Canucks are one of the of the top 15 teams in the NHL to play for, NO DOUBT) . Luongo isn't leaving unless he goes to a team far superior then Vancouver, because if the team isn't a great team he'll be in the same position as he is in Vancouver.

    I don't agree with you about your statements about the Canucks, because I generally think that you really disrespect the team and don't give them enough credit for there play.

    Although, most of your posts about other teams are very unbiased (except a little bit with the Pens), and fair.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    Florida made the Finals, but admitedly were swept, after trapping to defeat one of the best NHL teams ever in the 95-96 Penguins.

    But ya, Canucks overall are better than Nashville, Florida and CBJ (and Atlanta).

    As for LA, they've been pretty bad, I'll give you that.. As for Winnipeg! C'mon man! the JETS!
    as for Washington, from 1982-83 to 1995-96 they made the playoffs EVERY year… and played the Penguins half those times. they missed it in 97, only to return to the Finals in 98… they've been more succesful than the Canucks.

    Since reaching the Finals in '82, the Canucks have missed the playoffs 9 times. Since those Finals, they've won 8 rounds of playoffs, including 3 in '94, and have won all of 2 rounds in the last 11 years!!!
    The Caps have missed the playoffs only 6 times in that time, with 5 times since '99… maybe that'll help your ignorance a bit. They've won 10 rounds of playoffs in that time (better than Canucks), and with 3 rounds in '99, actually beat the Canucks in the last 11 years (although they have no other rounds won in that time but that Finals march)…. still, the Canucks blow. They've done nothing, and won't do anything for anytime soon.

    Detroit could afford Luongo RIGHT NOW. The Canucks will NEVER have an All-Star roster, I think that's the point! Also, don't forget the Cap will go up and make room for actual elite teams to sign a guy like Luongo.

    Correction: Vancouver City is one of the most attractive CITIES to play in, the Canucks are one of the LEAST attractive teams to play for…

    True, but about 10+ teams are easily superior to Vancouver.

    "their" play. I do give 'em credit. as much as I hate them, I give em props. I even said that I think the Canucks will squeak back into 7th or 8th when they were out of playoff contention. It was my own article and I said that!

  19. BruMagnus says:

    Let me rephrase: I don't hate the Canucks. I love the Canucks because I know how poor their team is and how unlikely it is for them to succeed. This gives me great joy because so many of my Canucks friends are so ignorant and have huge blinders on that they can't see the truth as to how much better of a team my Penguins have been, are, and will be in the future. What I hate is idiotic Canucks fans who think their team is a perennial Cup Competitor. They have no clue what calibre team they actually need to have to win… and then mock the Penguins out of ignorance. I'll take my two (albeit past) Cups over their 2 Finals losses anyday. Also, I'll take our TWELVE, count em, 12! (soon to be 13 in Malkin) Art Ross Trophy winning players since 1988, with countless Hart Trophies and Pearson Trophies to boot, over their…. umm, wait… what awards has a Canuck ever won?

    Imagine, 13 of 19 seasons with the Art Ross going to the Penguins… literally we were winning it every year that Lemieux or Jagr were playing together, with 2 Cups in that time… that's the beginnings of what a true Championship team needs. and with Malkin AND Crosby, possible back-to-back Art Ross and maybe MVPs… who can seriously believe in their heart and have the idiocy to say the Pens suck?

  20. Bure96 says:

    I think the Canucks are a shitty team. Probably not even a playoff team, but don't say that the Canucks have a terrible future ahead of them.

    I'll right an article to prove my point.

    By the way, 13 out of 19 seasons? Not to shabby 😉 It shocks me that they've only two cups in that time though.

  21. dannyd98 says:

    the only move i think canucks should make is resign naslund, morrison. and go after 1-2 top 6 RIGHT HANDED forwards! we have too many lefty’s which dont work! throw pyatt into a matt cooke role. mostly likely on a line with kesler and raymond…

    sedin sedin ryder
    naslund morrison vrbata
    pyatt kesler raymond
    cowan ritchie burrows

    mitchell bieska
    salo edler
    krajicek ohlund


    adds just a lil more scoring depth and right-handed players that we can get for a good price and still have cap space… both players easy 20-30 goal scorers every season…

  22. Timmy16727 says:

    I like the Idea of not ruining the future of this team for a rental player, Id rather wait till the end of the year and not resign Naslund and make a couple trades for younger or cheaper players and play for about half of next year at about 10 million under the cap and then pick up someone if needed, and definitely dont get Sundin. Im from Kelowna were webber played with the Rockets and if I was Nashville there is no way he'd be leaving. Ohlund should be gone by next year too he needs a new start I think it would benefit both partys.

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