What I think

The leafs have 2 options,
1)keep the team they have now, and hope for a healthy year next year

2)get some juicy free agents

knowing JFJ, he’s probably gonna want to go with option 1, but if he gets fired due to the leafs (possibly) not making the playoffs, we may see option 2.

O’Neill, the guy had a better year, but has lost his confidence since the end of February, and as a result has been relegated to the 4th line, and in the last game was scratched to make room for Pohl. so chances are, hes gone… 1.5 mill of cap space added

Aubin, TO’s hero last year, Maurice doesnt like him, and doesn’t play him, which leads to him not playing well, safe to say, gone…. 525 000 added

Peca only signed 1 year, i doubt he wants to come back, and after his injury, i don’t think management wants him either….2.5 mill added to the cap space

Perreault, he may stay (will probably ask for 1.5) or he may leave (700 000 off the cap).. probably will leave though

Poni and Antro will probably both be resigned to a combined 2.5 million (thats perreault’s 700 000)

Sundin’s option will be dropped, but he will be resigned for 5.3 mill(what he would be getting anyways)… reason for this is that the option will cost the leafs his average salary, 6 mill on the cap

all others will probably be signed to similar contracts.

leafs will no longer have the domi and belfour penalties on their cap, so i think thats about 1 mill added on… so 5.5 cleared there + 2 mill more from the cap rising, the leafs have 7.5 to play with.

sign Backstrom to split the games with Raycroft, hes getting paid 725 000… so 1.5 mill seems reasonable
6 mill left, go for a star, Briere(probably not), Drury, Smyth, Guerin&Roberts, or big bert(please no)…. i prefer Briere, so lets go with that

Briere Sundin Steen/Ponikarovski
Kulemin Wellwood Tucker
Antropov Stajan Ponikarovski/Steen
Deveraux Pohl Battaglia
Tlusty, Williams, Belak, Ondrus

Kaberle Kubina
McCabe Colaiacovo
White Gill
Woz, Pilar, Kronwall, Belak

Raycroft Backstrom
Pogge, Racine

i didnt touch the D, because Kabs is too good to move, Kubina plays well with Kabs and is too overpriced to move, McCabe can’t move…thanks JFJ…. Colaiacovo is the future, White is the future, and Gill is good on the PK, and it’d look bad to move a guy we just signed