What I would want gainey to do in my dreams

The offseason will be more meaningful, if not more roller-coastery, than the regular season for the Montreal Canadiens.

In the last winning stretch to contend, the Habs were led by a core of young players.
In the two-game meltdown to lose the berth, they were let down by the vets; Kovalev’s give aways and Koivu’s penalties.

I think this makes Gainey’s job fairly obvious.

Samsonov- enough said

Kovalev- this is a huge priority, even though Gainey will have a tough time getting anything more than a late late pick for the Russian ghost. But a young pretending team might use his experience and 18 goals for a year or two.
Koivu- I know this is going to get me in trouble, but even as I never thought I’d say this, and I love the guy personally, he gets career numbers and yet he’s still -20 or something and apparently has lost his leadership abilities. Use the fact that he’s had good numbers to trade him, rumour is he wants out anyways. No source, just heard it somewhere.

Let Them Walk:
Aebischer: 2 mil
Souray: 2.5 mil
Niinimaa: 3 mil
Bonk: 3 mil (numbers approximate)

Markov- NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, most underrated D in the league.
Johnson- this guy has been an unsung hero this season. Solid two way play, big hitting, blocked shots, PK, keep him around.

UFA market:
Briere- priority

If UFA situation doesn’t yield that high-scoring center, it will be necessary to pull off a big trade.
This one is a dream scenario for any Habs fans but of course is pretty unlikely.
Given that Tampa needs to dump the salary of one of their Big Three, with the idea of getting a slew of picks and prospects in return, it may be possible to pry Vinny lose with a Koivu package that would include one of our first round picks, plus a Perezhogin, and a goalie, maybe Halak. This is going to get me in trouble too.

Latendresse Lecavalier Ryder
Higgins Plekanec Kostytsin (you don’t mess with chem like this)
Begin Lappierre Johnson
Milroy Chipchura Kostytsin (S.) (or some combo like this)

Markov Komisarek
Dandenault Boullion
Streit Yemelin/O’Brien/Cote


There you go, a true fan’s scenario: i.e. irresponsibly hopeful.

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  1. mikey64 says:

    looks good but its not going to happen and i wouldnt trade koivu

  2. nychabfan says:

    I think it is good for the team to let Johnson go because  he is a waste and 2 mln for 10 goals is not even close for what  Dumont  will bring.If Koivu wants to leave,that is fine with me, it will give more salary cup space. Let's go for Lecavalier and Lap[eriere, I agree to that, and Koivu, Perezgogin and halak are a quite acceptable price for him.

  3. ferron says:

     Let's be realistic we need to keep "Koivu" and we will never see LeCavalier or Crosby Or Ovechkin in a HABS uniform, Let me explain only THE great playas want to come and actually play in pressure filled MONTREAL CITY so you have to take it easy on some players but definitly get rid of Sammy,Jonhson,Bonk,aebiescher,Souray,Perezhogin and Niinima. Right there that's about $15 million that's plenty money left to sign 3 very good players( Briere-5.8 ,Timonen-3.9, D.Markov 3.2 =12.9/year ) and these Players are actually talented, now we need to sign Markov, and Ryder and give a raise to Komi, Higgy , Plec and it would look like this.

             Kostityn   Briere    Plec   ( fastest line in NHL, couldn't move Plec down)
             Higgins    Koivu   Ryder
             Lapierre   Begin   Streit   ( Checking Line )
             Latender  Grabov  Kovy
          X= Chip,Murray
                a.Markov   Komi
                Timo      D.Markov
                 Dandy     Bouillon
             X= Gorges, Yemelin, Cote

                        Huet , Halak/Price

     Well! That's a team and a little bit more reasonable then Vinny coming to MTL.

  4. WDF says:

    Remember when you buy players out, the salary is still counted against the cap. So you wouldnt have 15 million. I doubt Timonen will leave Nashville, Danny Markov would be a good pick up, and Briere…well if Buffalo had to pick between either Briere or Drury to stay with the team…They will pick Briere. Drury i doubt will sign in Montreal. A realistic signing for the Habs would be to sign Whitny. He wouldnt cost as much as Briere, but can give you almost the same amout of points.

  5. Les-Habitants says:

    I'd have to disagree with a couple of your comments, but here's my 2 cents:

    #1 – Get rid of Samsonov.
    It's been really clear that he doesn't fit in, let alone want to play, in Montreal.  The best solution is a quick buy-out, and while that cap hit sucks, it's addition by subtraction.

    #2 – Sign Markov and, yes, Souray too
    I don't think I need to justify why Markov is a must sign.  As for Souray, let me just say this: as a team, you want to build your team towards one that could win a cup.  That is the ideal, and should be the goal for Gainey.  Keeping Souray is a step towards that goal, as having this all-star defenseman would be a definite plus.  He has a great shot, plays in all game situations, logs huge minutes, hits, and is a leader to boot.  Keeping him would help the Habs reach that goal sooner.

    #3 – Sign an offensive forward
    My god, its about time, don't you think?  If avaliable, go after Shanahan, Selanne, Smyth, Kariya and/or Drury/Briere (although I think Philly is going after one of those two with big dollar bills in hand). 
    If none of those are avaliable, I don't suggest going after a second-tier talent like Zubrus but rather, be specific. 
    One name I'd really suggest is Michal Handzus: can play LW or C, is a great two-way player, and plays every game.  In fact, when July 1st hits, I want Gainey knocking on his door.

    After that, there are a bunch of little things: letting Ninniima and Aebisher, signing the RFAs (and Ryder to a 3yr deal, as next year he'll be UFA), and taking a good, long look at our defensive pairings.  Dandenault was a disappointment this year, so managment should at least take a look at him.  Also, it's time to look at Chipchura, Grabvoski, O'Bryne, Milroy and other prospects to see whether they can fill certain positions on the team.  The future lies in the youth, that there is no denying.

  6. Les-Habitants says:

    Danny Markov is a great d-man, and reallly underrated, but I'd be surprised if Detroit didn't re-sign him.

    Buffalo will re-sign Briere, even at the loss of Drury.  That being said, last season Briere said he'd be willing to re-sign with Buffalo at even LESS then his current 5 mil, if it would keep the team in tact. 
    Translation: Briere ain't going anywhere.

    Also, our team is a better team with Souray then without…just think about it.

  7. Les-Habitants says:

    Oh, and as to the Koivu remarks (lol, sorry couldn't help myself), I reallly disagree.
    Koivu's value to the team is so underrated it blows my mind.  As a leader, you literally couldn't ask for more.  Here is a skilled player who comes in and plays his heart out, every night.  He leads by example on the ice via his work ethic, and is a leader in the lockeroom.  As a captain, he has now the veteran experience and has demonstrated himself a great playmaker in the NHL and internationally.  Why would you want to get rid of a guy like that??

    Koivu remains the heart and soul of the Habs, and I think Edmonton is a great example of what happens when you overlook that.

  8. sdopus says:

    To quote Spector from one of his posts today:

    "As for Koivu, it's sickening to read comments from Montreal fans and some pundits who want him traded or suggest he's not leading the team. This guy plays his heart out in every game, as his stats indicate. He's never whined about his situation, never demanded a trade, never staged a contract holdout and never demanded more than his worth. It's not his fault that the depth around him during his career hasn't been good. He's doing all he can, plays through pain (which accounts for his offensive drought back in February), including with an eye still damaged since last spring, and makes his linemates better. Trading him away is a stupid idea and those who suggest he's not a real leader or a good player obviously do not know what they're talking about. "

    Enough said.

  9. bigscoup says:

    Im just wondering who would set up Lecavalier…Without a real playmaking center he would never hit 50 goals in montreal…Not that we will get him anyways

  10. bigscoup says:

    I agree…But he is NO first line center

  11. gregpb says:

    I am by no means a Habs fan. However, I hate to see them miss the playoffs. The Habs # 1 Priority is to re-sign Markov, trade Kovalev and Samsonov for anything and I mean anything, sign JS Gigeure and make a strong bid for Briere. Trading Koivu would be a huge mistake. Any guy that battles cancer and comes back to continue to be a great captain is a keeper. Let Souray walk and use that money on Briere and Giguere respectively.

    Potential trade:

    To Chicago: Kovalev and Samsonov

    To Habs: Adrian Aucoin and 4th round pick.


    To Tampa Bay: Carey Price, Samsonov, 2nd rounder

    To Habs: Brad Richards and Marc Denis

  12. JuicemaN says:

    The title of this article is likely the most terribly worded title in the history of HTR…I'm not sure if you want Gainey to "do things to you in your dreams" or if you mean you want him to make moves to the roster that you think will likely only happen in yuor dreams.

  13. JuicemaN says:

    only the great players want to play in Montreal? Wow many of you habs fans have a lot to learn.  You apparently think you still need to stock up on french canadians, and you think great players always default to Montreal????  I'm a Leaf fan and even I'm not blind enough to think great players only want to play here.

    Players want to play where the going is good at the time….towards the end of their career they may want to play in Montreal or Toronto, Detroit, NYR….but let's get one thing straight……..Montreal hasn't had anybody "great" since Roy and it looks like it'll be at least until Crosby is a UFA before that'll happen again.

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