What if….

For leaf haters out there, this is just another leafs article..What if, Mats Sundin retires or signs with another team, who would be captain?

What would the leafs do?

Go in the direction the Sabres did by alternating captains


Go the way, the Pens and Hawks did and make one of there younger players captain.


Pick a veteren who has been there a while and has great leadership

I can see the leafs picking a veteran, who has been there a while, like Kaberle

Thats my opinion, what is yours?

Remember, this is just for fun!

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  1. JuicemaN says:

    I wanted to like Maurice, but from day 1 he couldn't get the team motivated, nor could he string together any kind of winning streak with a team that really wasn't as bad as it's record showed.

  2. JuicemaN says:

    I'm not saying it's a big issue, but I'd say 40% over-value is a little off….30% at most.

  3. canuckstocup says:

    So you come on this board to defend your team and make comments about others deluded comments about their teams, that makes you different than approximately……nobody on this site and of course I'm a deluded fan of my team like everyone else here. Do you actually think you have some sort of wise insight about hockey that makes your comments so much more non biased?  
    I'm assuming from your defense of the habs you are a hab fan so I'll ask you a question. Montreal is playing in arguably the worst division in hockey and racked up a ton of points last year as a result, with that said are you delusional enough to believe that the habs being the kings of sh__t mountain actually means that they are one of the top teams in the league? I hope your answer is insightful…"Dude"

  4. diehardleafsfan says:

    Leaf's scoring leaders for 2008-09 (without Sundin and McCabe):

    Antropov     75GP 26G 37A 63Pts
    Kaberle       82GP  9G  45A 54Pts
    Steen          80GP 18G 31A 49Pts
    Blake          81GP 22G 25A 47Pts
    Kubina        80GP 14G 33A 47Pts

    Projected Finish: 10th – 13th (4th – 7th overall)

    with McCabe:
    Kaberle       10G 52A 62Pts (lmao!)
    Antropov     24G 33A 60Pts
    Blake          26G 29A 55Pts    
    Steen          17G 28A 45Pts
    Stajan         16G 23A 39Pts
    Kubina        13G 24A 37Pts
    …. (Tlutsy, Hagman, Poni, etc.)

    Projected Finish: 10th – 12th overall (5th – 8th overall)

    with Sundin

    Sundin     30G 42A 72Pts
    Antropov  24G 33A 57Pts
    Kaberle    11G 45A 56 Pts
    Blake       22G 25A 47Pts
    Kubina     12G 30A 42Pts
    Tlutsy       22G 19A 41Pts

  5. Habfan17 says:

    Bernier hasn't proved a thing yet so to compare him to Kovalev or Higgins is ridiculous. What has Raymond done, he can't be compared to either of those guys either. What does Vancouver have on the 3rd and 4th lines, and if you really want to compare, does Vancouver have a guy like Komisarek, or guys like Markov and Hamrlik. If you want to write a comparison post, be reallistic. At the moment, I would take Luongo over price, but he hasn't proven anything in the playoffs yet, so all bets are off!

    There isn't enough depth on Vancouver or in their system at the moment and Gillis the great GM that he is has already alienated the Sedin twins and offered a contract of totally ridiculous proportions to Sundin. The team underachieves and he fires all the assistant coaches and extends the coach…hmmmmm

  6. Habfan17 says:

    You said it, a prospect. There have been a lot of " great" prospects that never even saw the inside of an NHL rink! It is still ridiculous to compare him to any player who has been in the league and proven themselves. The same goes for Bernier. He seems to have all the tools, but does he have the box to carry them?

    Maybe you should check the number of best NHL prospects who didn't make the NHL before you post idiotic comments comparing guys who haven't even made their team yet to guys who have been around for many years in the league!

  7. Habfan17 says:

    I think that is just a Vancouver media group trying to put an optimistic spin on things. Sportsnet and TSN are reporting that he may very well be leaning to retirement!

  8. Barongoalie says:

    its rediculous to suggest kubina honestly. hes barely been here long enough to be booed out of the city. but then again he almost did..
    the bottom line is that in 3 years time,
    alex steen is the captain of the toronto maple leafs.
    you can fight it all u want now, but it'll happen.
    i dont think that they should have a captain at all this year however, out of respect for mats.
    but if i had to pick, its gotta be kaberle.

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