What if…..

There are many players who’s careers were plagued with injuries. In the minds of most hockey fans Wayne Gretzky is the greatest…but what if Lemieux played 18 full NHL season, what if Bossy went for 50 goals 15 times, what if Bobby Orr never needed knee surgery…what if?

There are several players that come to mind when taking into consideration the “what if” mindset…

Cam Neely – (knee problems) played only 726 career games and managed to amass 395 goals.

Mario Lemieux – (battled cancer) 1701 points in 889 games played

Bobby Orr – (knee problems) won 8 norris trophies and played only 5 season of 70 or more games

Mike Bossy – (back problems) 573 goals in 752 games

Who is really the greatest?…What other players could be on this list?

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