What if…..

There are many players who’s careers were plagued with injuries. In the minds of most hockey fans Wayne Gretzky is the greatest…but what if Lemieux played 18 full NHL season, what if Bossy went for 50 goals 15 times, what if Bobby Orr never needed knee surgery…what if?

There are several players that come to mind when taking into consideration the “what if” mindset…

Cam Neely – (knee problems) played only 726 career games and managed to amass 395 goals.

Mario Lemieux – (battled cancer) 1701 points in 889 games played

Bobby Orr – (knee problems) won 8 norris trophies and played only 5 season of 70 or more games

Mike Bossy – (back problems) 573 goals in 752 games

Who is really the greatest?…What other players could be on this list?

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  1. dudemar says:

    Always an interesting topic but unfortunately it gets rather heated. They were all great players but people like stats, so Gretzky will always be the greatest. They all definitely could’ve been potentially surpassed Gretzky, especially Lemieux, but noone will ever know. Will be interesting to see what everyone has to say about it at least.

  2. flyer73 says:

    These comparison things are impossible to do because of the different eras that they played in and the different players surrounding them. Personally, I will always consider Mario to be the best player in the history of the game. Gretzky will have records forever but he had a good cast of characters around him and the hockey was a different brand back then. Mario, started out with a bunch of nobodies and then put up some big numbers when the talent around him improved also. Bobby Orr may not have been as dominant against the systems we have today but I think he should definitely be in the top 3 players of all time.

    Injuries derailed careers of Orr, Bossy, Lemieux, Lindros and Forsberg. Who knows where they would’ve been without them.

  3. Isles78 says:

    What if ………………you never wrote this story? lol

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    Oh the whelm of the unknown. You are tempting me to carry on about something which cannot be established as correct or incorrect therefore I can be as delusional or as hallucinogenic as I feel which is what most on here figure of me anyhow.

    The biggest “WHAT IF EVER” was Hobey Baker. The hockey world was completely robbed of a “BIG BIG BIG could have been” when he died.

    Vladimir Konstantinov?????? This is one player I have wondered about how he would have developed. However him having hoisted a cup its more then a lot of players who should have won cups but, had good careers like Brad Park or Marcel Dione.

  5. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    The top two have to be Orr and Lemieux. Orr transformed the game. Mario was a dominant force pretty much without help. But the man I most loved to watch was Cam Neely. No one played like him. Every time he hopped over the boards something was about to happen…goal ,big hit or a fight.

  6. NYRules says:

    Lemieux hands down better than gretz if he wasnt playing hurt his entire career. The man had back problems starting in like his 5th year and had to fight cancer and retired for a few years. Had he played as many games as gretz even with his pains hed be pretty damn close to the records and without the pains hed surpass it.

  7. Habfanforever says:

    I think I can name a few.

    -Al Iafrate: Busted knees if I remember correctly. Wicked point shot was probably very close to Al Mac’s.

    -Pelle Lindberg (sp?) : Probably was the real deal. However as we all know, a tragic car accident changed all that.

    -Vladimir Konstantinov: The Vladiator had a couple of good years left in him before his car accident. Extremely sound defenseman of his time.

    -Pat Lafontaine: Was in the height of his prime at the end of his career.

    -Paul Comrie: Perhaps a big maybe but he was very comparable with his brother, in talent.

    Yes, some of these guys could never be considered to be amongst the “greatest” but they have been cut short as their shortened careers had much promise.

  8. Habfanforever says:

    Raw talent: Mario Lemieux

    Overall passion and vision of the game: Wayne Gretzky.

    Mario did not have half the desire Wayne had. Read both their biographies and you’ll find out the differences.

  9. hockeyhead says:

    wow, you guys came up with some good players (there are a lot).

    boston has had many sad days not only in hockey (len bias and reggie lewis dying for the celtics)

    bobby orr healthy- maybe two more cups in the 70’s.

    cam neely- 600 goals and at least one cup (provided that gord kluzak and normand levielle did not have to retire due to injury. poor normand…he is much like konstantinov.)

    my favorite goalie (on another team) was pelle lindberge…the flyers would have won at least two cups with him.

    al iafrate may have helped the bruins to one of those cups with neely……however his smoking may have hampered him.

    mario…i think was the best…..he WOULD have rewrote all the records if he played healthy without a doubt in my mind.

    but normand levielle is one guy i put on the list because many of you guys probably dont know him. he was very young and promissing when he was hit on the ice and had a hemorage of some type and that left him crippled. he could of been a glen anderson type player.

    where would people be without what ifs??? probably better off.

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