What If……

What If, what if JFJ were actually witty? What if we spent our money wisely? What if we pulled the trigger on one of the biggest trades? What if we came out with a lineup that was favored to win the Stanley Cup? I wonder what that feels like….I am just going to name a bunch of what ifs, and hopefully people will ponder just as I do. I hope you are all wondering when we are going to win a Stanley Cup, and when we are going to be the most dominant team in the East. Well here goes What If:

1.) What If we traded McCabe during last season when his stock was its highest? We would have been able to get Jack Johnson or possibly Andrew Ladd! Why didn’t JFJ pull the trigger on this trade? The Kings this season got Johnson for a bag of pucks and Ladd is now a fulltime player on the Canes. Do you realize what the Blues got for Weight-DOUG FREAKIN WEIGHT-a 1st rounder for a washed up vet. That goes to show you how much we could have gotten for McCabe. We could even go as far as saying Ladd and Johnson for McCabe, Earl, and a 2nd. Imagine Johnson being on our team next year, and Ladd on Sundin’s wing! Yeah well we blew it….

2.) What if we traded Tuuka Rask for Martin Biron? Martin Biron is a much better goalie then Raycroft, and I hope all of you see the real Raycroft now. The guy gave up like 15 goals in 2 games, and all he can say is tomorrow will be a better day, show some heart guy! I know for a fact that Rask was too much to give up for Raycroft, but it would have been a very fair trade for both the Leafs and the Sabres if we got Biron. Biron is a very poised goaltender, and he is a winner, when and if a team gets him, watch them go along way. With my luck its going to be like the Wings, that always happens!

Ok so let’s recap so far we have Ladd, Johnson, and Biron, and we lost Mccabe, a 2nd rounder, Rask, and we wouldn’t have Raycroft.

3.) What if we traded Kaberle and Steen for CHRIS PRONGER? I can’t believe JFJ didn’t do this trade, instead Anaheim looks like geniuses. Look at how Kaberle is playing now, he isn’t earning his pay raise, and good lord, Steen is horrible. It’s Chris Pronger, the best Defenseman in the league, along with Lidstrom of course, but what the hell was everybody that blind to realize how much that trade would have benefited us. Also, take a look at Pronger’s salary, what a bargain. Look at Anaheim, everybody is declaring them Cup champions, just because they have Pronger, look at their offense, its a joke, just like the Leafs. If I could turn back time, I wish that JFJ completed this trade.

Additions: Pronger, Biron, Johnson, and Ladd.

Deletions: McCabe, Kaberle, Steen, Rask, 2nd Rounder

4.) What if we didn’t sign Gill, and Kubina? What if we spent our money on other UFA’s. What if we signed Chara, you may be saying oh jeez this guy is crazy, well these are the moves you need to make to become the beast of the East. These are the moves that need to be made to be considered “favorites.” It is realistic, Delete McCabe, Kaberle, Kubina, and Gill’s contracts, and you have a hefty sum, more then enough to take on Pronger, and Chara’s contracts.

5.) What if we signed Lindros? What if Lindros signed for what he was worth? I for one am mad at him for leaving his “dream,” but look at him now. It hurts seeing him do so good now, and look where he is, on the RW! Where we always wanted to see him play, What if he was on Sundin’s RW.

So let’s put it all together:

Final additions: Pronger, Chara, Biron, Lindros, Johnson, Ladd

Final deletions: McCabe, Kaberle, Steen, Rask, Earl, 2nd rounder

Moves never made: Kubina, Gill, Raycroft, Belak, Tellqvist.

Tucker/Sundin/Lindros——-Remember we have Tsustly developing.(sp?)




Extras: Suglobov, Ondrus.


Coliacovo/White——Remember we have Johnson waiting in the wings.


Extras: Harrison, Kronwall, Brown



Extras: Pogge, Racine

Now don’t you wish we made all these realistic move? Don’t you wish JFJ spent our money more wisely? Don’t you wish we did the Pronger trade, or what about the Raycroft trade, wouldn’t you rather have Biron?

From the looks of this team, I would consider them favorites for the Cup, and by the way we would pound the Sens. I guarantee we would have the lowest goals against. Oh well, its just a What If now……

Your Thoughts?


One last word: (1967) think about it….