What if the NHL Playoffs could look like this?

After watching an excting round one series commence, I thought of an idea that would make the Stanley cup playoffs not only a contest of the best team, but also the best conference.

My idea is just a thought, something to ponder, something to strike up a coversation. Maybe sitting in a circle like on “That 70’s Show”. So here it is…

What if the NHL made a rule that allowed any team who wins a series take one player off that losing teams roster to join them in the next round. So by the end of the conference finals you would not only have all of your own team, but also three players taken from the teams you have beaten to get to the cup finals.

In the end the Stanley Cup finals would almost be like an allstar game that truly mattered with the core of the team being the original group.

Again this is just to spark conversation, I don’t wish this to happen, I am just doing this to hear your thoughts on who you would take from the series so that have gone on so far.

Here goes my thoughts after talking this over with some buddies last night… I will only look at the Leafs and who they would take if they made it all the way. Don’t bash, I just want other people to pick their team to do the same.

Toronto-Ottawa: Winner Toronto..

If the leafs could pick up one guy to take with them into the next round, it would have to be without a doubt Zdeno Chara. Just because the leafs defense could use the help. The only other potential would be Hossa; who I believe still has the highest shot on net total so far for an individual player.

Toronto- Philli: If Toronto Wins I would have to take Keith Primeau. His size and defensive strengths would really make your centre position strong. Plus I think he is the only Flyer that is actually doing anything.

Toronto- Tampa: If Toronto wins…

I think that many people would take Lecavalier and I agree but with the pick up of Primeau I would rather have a winger. Therefore I think I would pick up St Louis.

So what player would you want your team to pick up in this Fantasy playoff run. What team in the west would go all the way and with whom. Obviously if Detroit wins they would take Iginla. Or would you take Kiprisoff??

You decide or disagree on my picks for the leafs. Try and take the players from the series that have already finished and then speculate on the rest.

“talk amongst yourselves”

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