What is it with hockey players?

The players union and the owners brass met yesterday and there has been a new proposal that looks like a deal could be made. It involves a huge salary roll back but who cares about that for now. We won’t know until Tuesday.

Here is something a little different. With talks heating up, lets chat about something that heats guys up…women. I know that there has been an article of similar nature but here is my twist.

Sportsnet canada posted a small article stating that Sergei Fedorov was seen with Tara Reid. If you don’t know who that is…you may of heard of the actress when her fake, huge breast fell out of her dress on the red carpet at a celeb party. It was speculated that Fedorov was seeing the hottie as they were out together for dinner. They also noted his former affair with super hottie…you know that tennis player.

What is it with hockey players? Alex Yashin and Carol Alt and Alt used to be with a former Ranger. Which Ron was it? Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones. Well, what is the point? Do you know any hockey players who are seeing or married to any hotties? Let the listing begin.