What is Mikhail Grabovski worth?

f there’s a Toronto Maple Leafs player who’s a little underappreciated around the league, it’s probably Mikhail Grabovski.

Although you can make an argument for Carl Gunnarsson, too.

But when some of those trade rumours began to start up last month with Grabovski’s name included, it appeared perhaps he was underappreciated by Leafs management as well.

Brian Burke, however, was quick to dispel that talk, saying that even though Grabovski was a pending unrestricted free agent, that didn’t necessarily mean he was going anywhere.

And looking at what he’s done of late, you have to wonder how the Leafs can do anything but re-sign him on a long-term deal.

Last season, when a lot went wrong for Toronto early on, Grabovski was the team’s best player, rising to the occasion with a career year both offensively (29 goals and 29 assists) and defensively (a team leading plus-14).

After a slow start this year, the 28-year-old Belarussian has again been the best Leaf on the ice over the last 15 games, with 12 points in his last six and 20 during Toronto’s 10-4-1 run since the start of 2012.

His scoring pace is now better than it was a year ago – 31 goals, 68 points over 82 games – despite the fact he’s spent most of the season with a bit of an anchor on his line in Nikolai Kulemin.


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  1. hockey_lover says:

    Two articles about Grabo's worth? On the front page?


    Can we just get the HTR banner changed and put his picture there and get it over with?

  2. lafleur10 says:

    he will get tomas plekanec type money and contract

  3. thisgamewelose says:

    4.5 Million over 4-5 years.

  4. reinjosh says:

    It's the same f*cking article at that. Not even two separate articles but the same one. This isn't our fault! I sear it!

  5. lafleur10 says:

    plekanec gets 5 million per over 6 years that's what grabovski will get

  6. blaze says:

    Nope, Burke is savvier than that.

  7. lafleur10 says:

    then you will either trade him or lose him  for nothing as a ufa that's the going rate for a solid 2nd line center!

  8. supermapleleafs says:

    I think Burke needs to put his thinking cap on. This team is need of change to inject some life into it if they are gonna make the playoffs.

  9. toronto77 says:

    Phaneuf is soooooooooooo shit. He was so lazy tonight. The one thing that sucks is that he is captain and burke will probably not trade him not matter how bad he is. As captain you do not have to be the best player but you should be the player that makes the leats amount of mistakes, and he lacks consistency which is something a captain should have.

  10. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Yeah, Grabovski is our most skilled center. But the guy is streaky as hell.

    However, to me, Bozak is our most consistent center. He produces mostly every night…And he has even produced being paired with Lombardi of all people.

    And to the boys who said Bozak is extremely soft, he's statsitically one of our tip forward hitters this year. As well, he's up there in blocks. Look at the package.

    I know people will disagree, but hey, the guy is freaking consistent in effort and production.

  11. TheLeafNation91 says:

    But who is consistent on this team?

    Besides Lupul-Bozak-Kessel…Their is zero consistency on this team. Including Phaneuf and Grabovski.

  12. toronto77 says:

    as far as d-men i think liles and franson are more consistent then phaneuf and quietly one of our better d-men

  13. blaze says:

    See, stats as usual blind you. I explained to you what Bozak does. I'm not knocking him but to imply he is superior to Grabovski is pretty rediculous.

    Bozak because he wants to stay in the NHL as he is a fringe top 6 center, does what he has to stay. He realized he got pushed down in the depth chart in the off-season, and kudos to him he's doing what he has to be successful.

    Because Bozak bumps guys along the boards when chasing the puck does not make him gritty. He produces almost every night, even being paired with Lombardi? But let's exclude being paire with two of the most productive players in the NHL. Bozak is complimentary to his linemates. Grabovski is always the key to his line. His wingers are complimentary to him.

  14. blaze says:

    Name me a team with consistency top to bottom.

  15. blaze says:

    Well you're going to be dissapointed.

  16. TheLeafNation91 says:


  17. blaze says:

    There ya go, so Toronto is not up to elite level defending Stanley Cup champs. Shocking.

  18. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I said skill wise, Grabovski is superior…And for that he will be named the superior player. I like complete packages, and I believe Bozak brings that more.

    But don't forget Grabovski has been paried with Kessel multiple times, but it's always been switched back to Bozak because theirs zero chemistry with the two. Connolly, as well, has not looked good with Kessel like everyone believes.

    Bozak does compliment Kessel…but he's the only C on this team that has complimented him, that's gone a long way for both players.

    He's not gritty, but he's byfar gritter then Grabovski and Connolly.

  19. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Nashville, no star forwards, but all their forwards perform consitently enough to be a contender.

  20. TheLeafNation91 says:

    St. Louis

    Philadelphia…Schenn and Couturier will haunt for years to come.

  21. blaze says:

    Grabovski has been paired with Kessel multiple times?? Another bogus line that question whether you watch the games or not. Last year they tried Grabo and Kessel sparingly and no the chemistry is not there. When Bozak isn't between them it's Connolly or occasionally Lombardi.

    Grabovski is the key to his line, he is the main puck carrier and the high volume shooter. Doesn't exactly mesh well with Kessel which is not an issue, give Grabo his own line.

    Kessel has produced with and without Bozak, Kessel hardly needs Bozak. Connolly at times has looked good with Kessel and Lupul with his fantastic vision but his lack of speed doesn't fit well. The Kessel line is most dangerous when they're flying backing defenders off.

    To say Bozak is far grittier than Grabovski is completely baseless, I'm sure you'll argue some logical fallacy with stats as your evidence. When the games get tough and physical Grabo still plays well, Bozak bumping guys along the board proves nothing.

  22. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Not getting in this argument since the other 3 lines did diddly squat tonight and I need to pack for Florida tommorow.

    Did you like Joey Crabb over Kulemin on that line btw?

  23. blaze says:

    Right once again you're just spitting out things that arn't even sensible. Clearly you don't watch these teams play enough to make this kind of statement.

    The Blues have Jason Arnott on a 7 game pointless streak, Chris Stewart has 2pts in his last 12, Oshie has 1pt in his last 5, take out his one 4 point outburst Backes has 3pts in his last 11.

    I don't understand how you can say teams are consistent top to bottom. Every team has different guys contribute on different night, including Boston.

  24. TheLeafNation91 says:

    It's tea, efforts with these teams…You don't think Toronto has better forwards then St. Louis?

  25. lafleur10 says:

    why would i be disappointed? i'm not a leafs fan! i hope they do lose him! but i'm just staying what it will cost to re=resign him!

  26. hockey_lover says:

    Sure sure. Admit it .. you posted it a 2nd time 😛

    I kid, I kid 🙂

  27. reinjosh says:

    Not that was Mojo's job 😛

    I have the third time, and Dumbass has the fourth time 😛
  28. reinjosh says:

    Our top two lines don't have to score every night. If one of them is scoring, it's doing its job. That's why you have more than one scoring line. Defenders shut down lines sometimes, preventing one line from capitalizing. 

    Seriously, again, it's not that hard to track. We're young, inconsistency comes with that (even if you won't listen to the above). We're not competing for the cup right now so we can have games where we're off and we can one player that is struggling offensively. 
    And I'm sure Boston_Bruins can attest that the Bruins aren't perfectly consistent. It's nearly impossible to be perfect every game. And as for Philly? Have you seen them this year? They are not consistent at all. 
  29. reinjosh says:

    I would content the idea he's a fringe top 6 center. He was last year but he's proving this year that he has a shot at the top 6 in the NHL. But otherwise agree.

  30. reinjosh says:

    Hits don't prove that Bozak is grittier. Neither do blocks. He's not going around banging people down on those hits. And he's getting most of them in Toronto, a place notorious for labelling weak hits. He's not extremely soft but he's not a gritty player. He's not going into the boards with a Chara and fighting for the puck.

    And your production argument is moronic. I won't put out his linemates since Blaze already did that, but I'll put out that Grabovski has created his own offense this season, something that Bozak hasn't done. That alone makes him a better player. 
    We all know about your complaints about Kulemin and MacArthur struggles earlier in the year. And we all pretty much agreed that they were struggling. And yet Grabo was still producing. He was producing when they split up, and he's producing with them again (and now MacArthur who struggled without him, is now on pace for a 25 goal season but only 46 points). 
    And Grabo has 23 games where he hasn't scored a point, Bozak has 23 games as well. Both with season high pointless streak at 6 games. So no Bozak isn't more consistent. Not even playing with Kessel and Lupul.
    The only thing Bozak has on Grabo, is faceoffs. 
  31. reinjosh says:

    So how do you love Hartnell fighting Phaneuf last night? After the "suck it phaneuf" comment in the all star game, just awesome haha. 

  32. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Considering how Hartnell played and Phaneuf played…Hartnell is winning this war.

  33. hockey_lover says:

    lol nice

  34. hockey_lover says:

    "Suck it, Trebek."   LOL

    Hartnell, while still a douchenozzle, is a pretty funny dude man.

  35. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I'm in Florida right now too…

    And no, you can see way more chemistry when Kuli is on that line which gives grabo more confidence.

  36. reinjosh says:

    He seems like a funny guy. I don't know if he would be a douchenozzle. He doesn't actually strike me as that kind of guy. 

  37. dumbassdoorman says:


  38. mapleleafsfan says:


  39. toronto77 says:

    Do Phaneuf and Hartnell hate each other? or is it just business on the ice and friends off the ice. If Hartnell was just joking and having fun with the suck it comment than that's cool, but if they hate each other and hartnell said that, then that was pretty classless, at a "just for fun" all-star game no less.

  40. reinjosh says:

    Hartnell maintains it was all in good fun and I see no reason to not believe him .

  41. reinjosh says:

    Not even Bozak thinks he's better than Grabo…

    Bozak on Grabovski: "I don't think I can do half the stuff he does". Beyond his offensive skill, which has always been clear, Grabbo has become one of the best second line centres in the league. Grabovski trains with Datsyuk in the off-season and models his game off of the Red Wings star. Obviously he'll never reach Pavel Datsyuk levels, but his production has increased every year, he's suddenly our best shutdown centreman, and he wants to raise his family in Toronto. Sign him to something Plekanec-esque as soon as possible. He's worth it.
  42. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yep I mean top to bottom Philly is consistent. I mean Bryzgalov has been putting up consistent numbers every game he plays. Without a doubt they are consistent top to bottom.

  43. MystifoLeafs says:

    Hartnell is just playing like he does. I mean his job is to get under peoples skin and make it tough for other teams star players. I can see it being just apart of the game.

  44. MystifoLeafs says:

    Honestly I say give Grabovski something similar to Plecks. Offer Kuli something similar to what MacArthur got this year and give the line another chance next year. That way Kuli gets a nice pay increase and where its a two year contract it gives him the option to try and get a nice one on UFA market if he so chooses in a few years. As with Grabovski we get to lock in one of the better 2nd line centers in the league to a manageable contract.

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