What is Mikhail Grabovski worth?

If there’s a Toronto Maple Leafs player who’s a little underappreciated around the league, it’s probably Mikhail Grabovski.

Although you can make an argument for Carl Gunnarsson, too.

But when some of those trade rumours began to start up last month with Grabovski’s name included, it appeared perhaps he was underappreciated by Leafs management as well.

The issue is going to be defining what some of those intangible qualities are worth and putting a dollar figure on Grabovski’s value, even as it appears to rise with every strong game he has.

The No. 1 comparable I’ve seen referenced these days is Tomas Plekanec of the Montreal Canadiens, who is making $5-million a season on a six-year deal that started last season.

(A few other names are those of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron, both with the Bruins and both making relatively similar money to Plekanec.)

That puts Grabovski in the $4.5-million to $5.5-million range and likely means Burke will have to move out another body to free up that kind of raise.

Grabovski’s agent, Gary Greenstin, has been in Toronto of late, but he has kept negotiations relatively quiet. What’s clear is that Grabovski would like to stay, as his partner is from the GTA and they have two infants at home.

So my sense is they’re going to get a deal done before he becomes a free agent in July, but then again, there’s always the chance he asks for more than management considers reasonable.