What is sundins true potential?

Mats sundin has been stuck with second line linemates most of his career. The two best linemates he ever had were Gary Roberts and Alexander Mogilny with both of them past their prime.

Sundin is an nhl superstar who has been consistent through out his career being a more than point per game player. He is 29th in all time goals, 42nd in assists and 34th in points.

But could you imagine sundin playing with two skilled wingers? Could you imagine the potential for the 36 year old.

Last season sundin potted 76 points. Which is only two less than the previous season and two more then the season prior.

Could you picture -kariya-sundin-smyth
How about Blake-sundin-nylander
this would be good wellwood-sundin- briere

Yes i doubt briere would want to come to toronto.
Your probably saying ” this is impossible ” but it’s not.

Would you like to know how?

The leafs cap hit right now is $43, 888, 100

The cap is $50, 300, 000

That gives us $6, 411, 900

Yes i know that is not enough for even Briere but there is apparently interest in kubina from teams. If we can dump kubina for picks or prospects then that gives us an extra 5 million and now were on a new playing fied.

This gives us over 11 million dollars!

With an extra 11 million dollars we would could have these lines.

Bell- Antropov- Poni
Pohl- Devereaux- Kilger

A combination of any of those players would nicely accent sundins wings.
Yes i expect to get bashed on some of this