What JFJ should do!

First of all, dont count the Leafs out of the playoffs yet. They need to trim the fat. Ship players to playoff bound teams looking for depth. Move Allison, Berg, Belak, Khavanov, Klee, Czerkawski, all for draft picks before they go as free agents next season. Trade Antropov and Stajan to Chicago for Arnason and Bell. Bring up the youngsters on defence (they cant do any worse than the veterans). Sink or swim with this team until next season.

Bell – Sundin – O’neill

Steen – Lindros – Tucker

Arnason – Wellwood – Poni

Kilger – Wilm – Domi

Kaberle – McCabe

Colaiacovo – Harrison

Kronwall – Wozniewski



In the offseason grab some of the many available free agents. Someone to play with Mats like Elias or Selanne, and a 4th line centre. Calder may come fom the Hawks because of Bell and Arnason. Grab a top 4 defenceman, theres tons available-Jovanovski, Redden, Zidlicky to name a few (assuming these players dont sign). Theres a lot of goalies available-Luongo, Joseph, Gerber. Buy out Belfour and pick up one of the still available goalies.

The team could look like this

Elias – Sundin – O’neill

Steen – Lindros – Tucker

Arnason – Wellwood – Bell

Kilger – Calder – Poni




Kaberle – McCabe

Colaiacovo – Jovanovski

Harrison – Kronwall





Fire Quinn and bring Maurice up from the Farm.

Players like O’neill might benefit fom regular linemates. Sundin would be happy without Quinn(I dont think they see eye to eye) so he would play better and could finally enjoy a good linemate.

A rebuilt team with an average age of 27 or so, and a pile of draft picks for the future. If everything went to plan you’re looking at a contender now, and years to come.

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  1. The-President says:

    Here is what the Leafs should do for this season and next:

    1st off here is a blockbuster trade:





    2nd rounder


    Florida for:




    These players no longer want to play for Florida, and Mike Keenan is a retard so both go hand in hand… This trade would provide Florida with some proven veterans, and Leadership, something they have been missing for the past oh I dont know 5 years.



    Antropov, Stajan, Kronwall, Wozienewski, 3rd rounder for:

    Bell, Arnoson, and Vandermeer.


    Trade Allison, Wellwood, and a 1st rounder to Minnesota for Gaborik.

    Trade Klee, Lindros, Berg, to what ever teams would be interested in them, but if thats not possible just let them walk next summer. Along with Belak get him the hell out of here!

    Before all of you people bash this post, We need a cup not a pretender, we need to get serious, we need to be able to compete with the elite teams and not get shut out 8-0 to Ottawa, Wow we beat Atalanta in a blow out, well guess what Atlanta is just what we are as of now, a PRETENDER!

    JFJ needs to get off his lazy ass and turn this team into a serious contender and he needs to make drastic changes, not just tinker around with the line up and trade for guys like Fedoruk, thats not going to please Leaf Fans, and thats certainly not going to bring us closer to the Cup. For Once I want to hear a sports commentater say the Leafs are Favorites to Win the Cup! It must feel good to Be a Canes, Sens, Wings, Canucks Fan.

    Here would be the Leafs Cup Contender Lineup:










  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I don’t like the hole “tear the team apart” idea.

    What we need. A depth defenseman, a top six forward, a top 2 defenseman, and possibley a goalie.

    Top six forward… we’ll need two if we trade Allison. We need an actual top six. Tucker, Lindros, Sundin, Allison, and O’neill when healthy can be deadly, but we need one more guy, preferably a scorer.

    Tkachuck would be nice, not alot of cap space would be taken, because they average the money left, and his option year is 3.5 million, so it’s five million both years, this year is $1.25 though if he is acquired on deadline day.

    I know this makes the team a little older, but let me take a crack at it.

    To Boston: Jason Allison, 1st Round Draft Pick (Not a deep draft at all, next yer, keep the pick though), and a 5th Rounder

    To Toronto: Glenn Murray, Brian Leetch

    Apparently the Bruins are desperate to get rid of Murray, because of his high salary, and Leetch is a rent a player.

    The next deal, again just throwing names out…

    To St Louis: Racine, Bell, 2nd Rounder in 2007

    To Toronto: Tkachuck, Jackman

    They really wanna dump Tkachuck, and we have enough goaltending prospects to trade one, St Louis could use a young goalie. Bell could help the Blues alot, but he’s behind Harrison, Kronwall, Wozniewsky, and White wating for a spot here.












    If their name ain’t up there, waive them.

    Obviously all my deals need work, just throwing names out, trying to start some conversation.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Somehow I forgot Jackman.












    We have some stuff to throw in, Klee is tradable, as is Khavanov, and if anyone’s dumb enough to take Berg, Belak, Chokekawski, or Antropov, go for it.

  4. lukeleim says:

    way over salary cap for the leafs

  5. The-President says:

    You have Barret Jackman behind, Coliacovo and Klee???

    Tkackuk will not come that easy, and the Leafs will not get him, he needs to waive his no trade clause and I dont believe he would want to come to Toronto with the state of the team. Throwing in Jackman is obsurd, that is a great Dream though! Racine will never be a #1 and Bell will never be an effective blueliner. Saying that Kronwall, Wozienewski, and White are ahead of him isnt saying much considering all they will pan out to be are #5 or #6 Dmen… Your trades are bizarre, sorry.

  6. tmltpc says:

    i dont know if i am the only one who is getting annoyed by these posts “what JFJ should do”, “what the leafs should do” most of them are rediculous… please, for the love of god, post rumors ONLY, not these wishful thinking scenarios…

    am i the only on that feels this way???

  7. toronto77 says:

    i agree, even before i posted my article “what the leafs should whether JFJ likes it or not” i knew that people would get annoyed. Even though the fans would do a better job as GM than JFJ is right now, it’s not like he’s gonna take are advice so wat’s the point.

  8. toronto77 says:

    i don’t like giving up any youth for calder, i really stajan we can find another way to get calder.

    bye the way has anyone figured out how were gonna get brad boyes, he doesn’t have to be a centreman, he plays wing too. I guess we should just wait till the off season.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    holly smokes why does everyone love paul maurice. quinn has oe of the best coaching records in the league, but u suggest that we dump him after one bad season. get real, we dont want to be an inconsistent team like the canadians or hurricanes

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i honestly dont care, let people write what they like, if you dont like it dont respond

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