What needs to be done to make the game Better?

Alright The lockout will be over soon. They just want to make a big deal and make it look like there is no deal now so all the hockey fans can get excited. We all know new rules will be added to the game and all types of changes. This is what I think should be done without going crazy. Tell me what you think. Or tell me what you rather see done.Yup, I’m back. Almost summer and not even close to hockey season….. but I’m back. For the few left that remember me, what’s up people! And for the new people I never met…. spelling corrections are welcome.

Alright well first and foremost. What’s up again. Hope everyone has been doing good, and I miss the game of hockey like a fat kid miss’s cake.

So this is what I think needs to be done to make the game better to watch and fun for the fans and the players.

1. The obvious first…. Goalie pads make smaller… but nothing crazy.

2. Nets a little bigger… but nothing stupid like the new nets you might have seen. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Maybe an inch bigger on each post side and an inch taller. That’s all for now.

3.Pull the nets back to where they used to be. No more fcuking 5 man party’s behind the net.

4. Zero tolerance on clutching and grabbing.

You grab…. you go to the box. That’s all no questions asked.

5. Tag up offside’s. The redline we won’t move BUT No more 2 line passing, take 2 line passing out of the game. Keep the Redline for the icings and forget about “no touch icings”…… Let the players race for the puck to try and beat out the icing.

6.The most important thing I want to do is the Win, Loss, overtime loss, and tie situation. This is what should be done. 2 points for winning a game.. 0 for losing…for overtime 4 on 4 for 5 minutes… yeah keeping all that stuff the same obviously. Now if you loss in overtime you get one point. if overtime ends and there is no winner…. 5 man shootout. The loser of that gets a point for overtime loss the winner gets the 2 points from the win. If no one wins after the shootout THEN IT’S A TIE.

And that’s all People. This doesn’t get crazy on changing the game but opens the ice up and makes the game fun to watch. We gotta remember that you have to keep the game of hockey somewhat the same or else it isn’t the hockey that we all grew to love.