What needs to be done to solidify our Playoff chances.

Brian Burke has made some great moves for the Leafs going forward. Although he has tweaked the lineup in a major way, there are still some moves to be made over the summer. These moves would be cost effective, and at the same time give us the contender tag. Here goes:
The First and primary move would have to be moving Kaberle to a team in which we are going to get a great player in return. With the news coming out that he is now unhappy with Ron Wilson, the writing is on the wall. Its only a matter of time when he gets moved. It’s time for him to go, he has worn out his welcome to me, and especially with those most recent comments. This guy is supposed to be a leader, and hes had multiple chances to be dealt, and then he comes out crying wolf, See you later Kaberle! So heres the deal:

To Columbus For:
1st Rounder

Filatov is finished in Columbus, he doesn’t want anything to do with the organization, and they really don’t want him either. The 1st rounder is well worth what they are getting in return, a top pairing defenseman, as well as a top 6 forward, potential 1st liner. This deal would give us a surefire sniper, and while its up in the air, maybe even a franchise player, he hasn’t lived up to the expectations in Columbus. But keep in mind he is young, very talented, and possesses all the tools to be an impact player.

Secondly, demote Finger to the Minors, and buy him out, I think we all know the reasoning behind this, 3.5 mil for this guy, Really!

Third, We may want to trade Beachemin, Mitchell, and a mid round pick to the Kings for Jack Johnson. Johnson doesn’t get along with the GM of the Kings, having being called out multiple times, even requesting he’d rather play somewhere else, prompts this trade. Beauchemin is expendable, he needs a change of scenery, and can still be a serviceable top 4 dman on any team. The Kings are in need of veteran leadership, and presence, especially on the blueline, which Beauchemin brings.

After these trades have taken place, onto free agency.
Sign Nik Zherdev
Thats it!




These simple moves will put the Leafs over the top, A great top 6 of forwards, and a good bottom six of role players. The Defense will be solid, A good balance between offense and defense on the back end. Getting rid of the minus play of Kaberle and Beauchemin will only improve our team. Every player on our top 6 on offense would be capable of 20 goals, and some 30, 40, maybe even more. Goal-tending will improve with the Monster coming into his own, and Giguere will come through when it matters most.

Filatov and Zherdev would bring a different, more dynamic offense to our game, it would take the focus off of Phil Kessel, and result in more chances for the team as a whole. Johnson will bring a well rounded game, and can chip in offensively as well and a sound defensive game. Overall, this is an improvement over where we are now, and would brighten the future even more.

On a final note, the departure of Kaberle and Beauchemin, opens up leadership roles with both of them being Alternates. Phaneuf will be made Captain, Komisarek already the other Alternate, I’m going to go with Kessel being the other Alternate. Need to put some leadership on the offensive side of the game as well, and although he may not be the most vocal, he is a positive influence in the Leafs room, and would be very good at leading by example, and he can be counted on when its crunch time.

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  1. LeafsLegacy says:

    switch first "and" to "or"

  2. cam7777 says:

    Wow, you're even dumber than usual today Lafleur. 

    First of all, that's great that Kaberle isn't as good as Niedermayer, Chara, Lidstrom, Green, Weber, and so on.  There's maybe five to ten guys who are in the same league as Kaberle offensively from the back end, but the fact of the matter is NONE OF THEM ARE AVAILABLE.  Are you getting that?  You offer up Nashville a package of Neal and a 1st for Weber, and see what they say.  THey would laugh in Neuwyndyk's face.  It would cost several first round picks, and a good roster player or two to land one of the elite calibre guys.  Nobody can afford that.

    Secondly, why do you not understand basic math?  Reinjosh just laid it all out for you pretty nicely, but I'll rehash – Neal and Benn produce at approximately the same clip, but Benn is signed for another two whole seasons at just 822K.  Are you getting that?  That's extremely affordable.  Conversely, Neal, who again, is producing at the same clip as the 822K, is looking for the exact same resign as Loui Eriksson (4 years, 17 million, or  4.25 million annually).  He's not affordable anymore you moron.  Christ we're talking about having to pay Kulemin nearly 3 million on a resign, and you think Neal's going to be a cheap rebuild option for a team that can't keep the lights on?  Chris you're dumb today.

    And I wasn't insulting Halak.  The facts are, that he has only had the reigns of a team for one year.  WHatever he did as a backup is irrelelvent.  If teams have the choice between signing Nabokov, or Turco, or Ellis, or Emery, for pretty cheap, and expending no assets, they are going to take that option over spending picks and prospects on Halak, and then having to pay him 3-5 million annually on top of that.  How are you not understanding this.  Your GM explained this to the fans, and you're still just in total denial about the situation.  Halak will be retained, not traded, because goalies are nearly worthless on the trade market. 

    Hey, how long has it been since Carey Price won a game? 

    Oh, and one more thing, what option are the Stars going to find that's cheaper than Kaberle.  I'd love to know.  And nice that you completely avoided the fact that Neuwyndyk (you know, the guy who actually makes the decisions in Dallas), WANTS Kaberle on his team.  Pull your head out of your ass lafleur.

  3. cam7777 says:

    Ha, he's only a puck moving defensemen?  Even if that were true, and you wanna ignore the fact that a great deal of Tomas's minuses came while the worst goalie in the league for the last two years was between the pipes (the almighty Vesa Losskala), then you're vastly under-rating the importance of puck-moving defensemen.  Look at what Anaheim gave up for Visnovsky, who is a great deal more expensive than Kaberle, and not nearly as talented as Kaberle in either end.  They gave up a top 2 defensemen, who is cheap, and will be in the league for 12 more years.  

    Talk to San Jose, who will still tell you that the Boyle trade was nearly as important to them as the Kaberle trade.  And for your info, Boyle is every bit as weak in his own end as Kaberle is.  Kaberle has had two minus seasons, and they both came while playing for a team that was pretty much designed to finish dead last.  This isn't Carlo Colaiaocovo we're talking about.  Kaberle's trade value will not be determined by three weeks of lacklustre play long after the season had any meaning, after returning from the Olympics, and dealing with the stress of the idiotic Toronto media that can't wait to trade him away.

    Managers don't look at a player and say "but he's not doing anything for the Leafs, so he must be useless".  That's just retarded crap that idiot fans think.  Managers look at a player's skill set, and imagine how it would fit in with their team.  Just think for a second about the team that Burke has built in Toronto.  How do we score goals?  Well, lately it's been off the rush, thanks entirely to the chemistry between Bozak/Kessel/Kulemin, but for the better part of the last two seasons, we've scored our goals by working a cycle, and grinding the puck into the net.  Where does Kaberle fit in that system?  He doesn't.  

    Conversely, imagine Kaberle playing with Ovechkin, Semin and Backstrom, or Thornton, Marleau and Heatley, or Richards, Eriksson, Morrow and Ribeiro.  Suddenly he's on a roster full of rushers who would actually benefit from his insane passes.  Managers know this, and understand a players's value, even if you don't.  Look at Mueller for instance.  The Coyotes traded a guy who put like 12 points, for a top line left winger.  How did they do this?  Because Colorado knew that Mueller would do well in their system, and they also knew Wolski was going to cost a bundle to resign.  Gee, that sounds an awful lot like the Dallas situation.  Kaberle would thrive in Dallas, and Nea's going to cost a bundle to resign. 

    My final point about Kaberle, is that he is just a rare, rare talent.  He's young enough that he'll play with whoever trades for him for at least 5 more years.  Contrary to popular belief, as long as the guy's career isn't immediately coming to an end, GM's don't care all that much about age.  The chances that most GMs will even be there when that player moves on are slim to none.  GMs are there to win now, not ensure that the next GM inherits a perfect crop of youngsters. 

    Don't talk nonsense and then tell me I'm not knowledgable. 

    And about Antropov, would you also agree that Jokinen was worth Lombardi a 1st and a prospect?  How about Stempniak, was he only worth a 4th?  Of course not.  Any GM will tell you now that Burke was raped on the Antropov deal, and the STempniak deal.  He gave in to media pressure and traded these guys without getting max value.  He knew what they were worth, and couldn't get it because idiots like you make it okay for idiots like Pierre McGuire to bash on the Leafs for hours on end.  Is there a teamin the league that wouldn't give up a late 1st for Antropov now?  Nope.  Is there a team in the league that would give up a 1st, player and prospect for Jokinen?  Nope.  Trades aren't always indicative of value, but Burke won't trade Kaberle unless the value is right.

  4. cam7777 says:

    EDIT: Boyle trade was nearly as important as the THORNTON trade.

  5. cam7777 says:

    I would laugh in the face of Columbus at a Filatov for Kaberle trade.  People so over-rate prospects, it's ridiculous.  Filatov has proven nothing, except that he's a whiney *****.  He does some dangles at the WJC a few years back, and he's suddenly the equivalent to a 50-60 point, all-star puck-moving defensemen whos' been in the league for 12 years?  How?

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    So explain your views on Kubina, McCabe, Stempniak, Antropov….Others…

  7. reinjosh says:

    i figured lol

  8. cam7777 says:

    Grabovski's really grown on me now that he can speak English.  I wouldn't mind keeping him at all.  He's speedy, and he makes his linemates better.  When he returned to our lineup, he instantly created a secondary threat, and took the pressure off Bozak and Kessel.  I would gladly keep this guy around.  Burke also said, when he first got here, that he and Bob Murray had pushed hard for Grabovski when he was made available by the Canadiens.  They lost out basically because Gainey owed the Leafs something after they handed over Sundin's rights for basically nothing.

    The only reason he is potentially expendable, is because Kadri is going to be an absolute gem, who should be able to man the second line next year.  If Burke can grab a couple proven NHL'ers (ie. James Neal, and a free agent) to play with Kadri on that second unit, I think he would prefer to move Grabovski for a cheaper, but established 3rd line center.  We lack a legitimate checking center.  There's a ton of them in the system (DiDomenico, Hanson, Mitchell, Champagne, and even Paradis), but none that will be NHL ready for another year or so. 

  9. TmLeafan says:

    Yea I would take neal over benn too for sure.  Benns in his 1st season, Neal's production has increased since his rookie season and is already a 25 goal scorer. I understand that benn would be cheaper but I think you have to go with the proven guy.  

  10. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, he has really grown on me too. I enjoy his shit disturbing antics.  I don't even think it would be bad to have him play on the third line. Place him with with Sjostrom and maybe he picks up a two way game.

  11. cam7777 says:

    He has a two way game already though.  The guy isn't a plus five by accident.  He back checks hard (usually), and is good at taking people out of the play.  What he lacks is the sense not to turn the puck over in the neutral zone with stupid passes.  I think this will come with a little more time though.

  12. cam7777 says:

    Benn's a 20 goal scorer in his first year though.  He's outproduced Neal's first year if you ask me.

  13. reinjosh says:

    true. well I say keep him.

  14. TmLeafan says:

    I know that but theres always a chance that he regresses after his rookie season. I was just pointing out that neal is more established which I think we could use right now with so many players on our roster that havent really established themselves in the league yet(slalberg, hanson,potentially irwin/kadri and you could even argue mitchell)

  15. TmLeafan says:

    So do I, everybody seems to hate on grabo but I think its important to realize that he is still a work in progress.  There is no question he has talent he just needs to get stronger so that he isnt pushed off the puck so easily.  If he does this he could be real useful/ or increase his value for a trade if it comes down to it.

  16. lafleur10 says:

    look here you *****ing numbnuts twit!don't worry about when price has won a game last his stats are still far superior to bustavsson's and giguere's! and will be!nieuwendyk might want kaberle on his team but if he relizes it's going to cost him 1 of neal or benn and he thinks neal is the better of the 2 you'll get benn! because if he gives up neal and can't re-sign kaberle that well really set his team back! i think neal is better than benn but not by much! i think that he'll keep neal if it comes right down too it!i don't care if our gm explained it to us he was saying that so the fans would worry about cheering for the team and not what we'd get in a trade for halak here's an option that the star might find that is cheaper than kaberle quincey out of colorado,suter out of nashville
    HEY HOW LONG has it been since the laffs made the playoffs anyways? what 5 years in a row! wow your gm is doing a fantastic job! didn't he open his big mouth and say you guys would be a playoff team? you were insulting halak the facts are yes he's only been the starter on our team for this season,but only in our blind eyes what he did last season was irrelevant! his stast last season are pretty much consistant with this season he was better than both of your goalies last season as well all indications are he's going to continue like this too!if teams have a choice between nabokov ,or turco or coke sniffer emery  i think teams would rather take a chance on a younger and cheaper halak than and over priced washed up turco or nabokov!and if they only have to give up a 2nd rd pick as you claim then most teams would jump at that opprotunity to get halak!

    pull your head out of your ass cam take off the leafs colored glasses get a grip on reality and quit making up these assinine trade proposals about the leafs getting a kings ransom for kaberle  it won't happpen! if that was the case it would've happend already at the deadline because apparently he would've waived his ntc!how's the 1st rd pick working out for you? oh that's right you don't have it! enjoy watchin either hall or seguin as a bruin! i thought the laffs were going to climb out of the top 2- or 3 picks as you kept claiming all year to bbruins! well i guess that was a pipe dream eh?how's your guys savior burke looking now? boy am i glad he's not our gm!

  17. zackman13 says:

    nice, i like it, but chicago will probably whine and ask for a 3rd rounder from someone….

  18. KingVilly91 says:

    I'll give you my pocket change and maybe some nut lint for halak

  19. zackman13 says:

    there shoud be a third going your way also….

  20. KingVilly91 says:

    i'm thinking a first or second my nut lint has supreme value lol

  21. cam7777 says:

    absolutely, i agree, but from dallas's point of view, benn is everything neal was a year and a half ago, if not more, and costs probably a quarter, or a fifth of what neal is about to cost.  i think it makes sense for both teams to do a kaberle + for neal + swap.

  22. cam7777 says:

    actually, how about this:

    to chi: beauchemin, rosehill, 3rd in 2010
    to tor: campbell, byfuglien, 1st in 2010

    clearly the hawks win the first part of the trade based on salary and contract in an enormous way, so we have to win the next two parts in an enormous way – and we do.  everyone should be happy.  i guess a lot depends on how much you think taking campbell's contract is worth.

    to dal: kaberle
    to tor: neal, 2nd in 2010

    wow, the leafs have a 1st and a 2nd this year, and have replaced kaberle with a top six forward who is young.  things are looking on the up and up.  newyndyk gets his man in kaberle, and benn slides in to neal's old spot.  again, everyone should be happy.  i think kaberle's worth more, but this should satisfy the leaf haters.  i doubt anyone thinks kaberle isn't worth neal straight up, so take the pick out if it makes you happy.  i could care less about picks – burke will just sign whoever he wants anyways.

    to ana: byfuglien, grabovski*, stefanovich, 2nd in 2011 (TOR)
    to tor: b.ryan

    that's two roster players, and a nearly ready prospect, plus a high 2nd round pick, for the rights to a restricted free agent.  given selanne and koivu are leaving this summer, depth could be key to the ducks.  on top of that, byfuglien can play both the wing, and defense if need be, which further helps their depth.  it's possible ryan's rights are worth less than this, but i'm sure leaf haters will claim otherwise.  even if he costs more, we have more to give,s o it's not a problem.  the key is nailing down that chicago trade.

    *see my defense of grabovski under 24_cups post before you even start with a "grabovski is worthless tirade".


    neal – 4 years, 14 million (3.5 cap hit)
    ryan – 4 years, 20 million (5.0 cap hit)
    kulemin – 3 years, 7.5 million (2.5 cap hit)
    gustavsson – 2 years, 3.6 million (1.8 cap hit)
    hanson – 3 years, 3 million (1.0 cap hit)
    primeau – 2 years, 1.7 million (0.85 cap hit)
    mitchell – 2 years, 1.5 million (0.75 cap hit)
    free agents:

    mats zucarello-aasen – 2 years, entry level contrac (0.9 cap hit)
    ben scrivens – 2 years, entry-level contract (0.9 cap hit)

    james neal – nazem kadri – phil kessel
    nikolai kulemin – tyler bozak – bobby ryan
    viktor stalberg – chris hanson – fred sjostrom
    wayne primeau – john mitchell – colton orr

    dion phaneuf – brian campbell
    carl gunnarsson – luke schenn
    mike komisarek – jesse blacker

    jonas gustavsson – j.s. giguere

    cap hit – 58.45 million

    even if neal ends up costing a little more, the bonus cushion covers us for about 1.5 extra in spending.  acquiring campbell looks bad, but basically this is our back-end movement:


    kaberle – 4.25
    beauchemin – 3.8
    finger – 3.5


    campbell – 7.14
    komisarek – 4.5
    blacker – 0.68

    it's possible that spot of blacker's is filled by a cheap, veteran free agent.  burke might even give exelby or vanryn another shot at the job.  both will be ultra cheap.

    i love that top six scoring unit.  they are all affordable enough to retain for a looong time.  by the time kadri needs an extension, the cap will likely be 65 million dollars (not to mention, komisarek will be tradeable).  they start next season at an average age of 22.8 in that group.  then you have a ton of guys in the marlies fighting for time all over the roster – didomenico, caputi, MZA, Irwin, Aulie, and so on…

  23. mojo19 says:

    Why are you bringing Muellers points to my attention? When did I ever mention anything about Mueller?

  24. mojo19 says:

    Trade Beaucehim for a 3rd/4th round pick, or ….. buy him out!??? Ummm…. Beauchemin is not Jeff Finger, he's a huge minute guy, and a pretty damn good player.

  25. mojo19 says:

    Kramer, did you hear Eric Staal is available? He's having some kind of dispute with Rutherford, I heard he wants to go to a Canadian team…. Leafs?

  26. mojo19 says:

    Kaberle and Grabovski for Frolov??? LeafsLegacy, do you think that's fair? Are you talking about the same Frolov who was a healthy scratch this year, who has struggled all year long, and who is a UFA this summer? You would move Kaberle for the rights to a player who you could sign as a UFA? And Burke probably wouldn't be interested in a flake like Frolov anyways.

    Wake up… Unless you were being sarcastic its hard to tell.

  27. bbruins37 says:

    lol I love calling him bustavsson. It's just too perfectly set up not to. another failed leafs savior, who would've thought?

  28. mojo19 says:

    1) He'll be a plus next year. Kaberle got off to a terrible start in plus/minus when the leafs were losing and letting in so many goals. Even though he was on fire points wise (most of his pts were on the PP). Kaberle is actually playing really good hockey and he's pretty much irreplaceable on the back end. I don't think we should trade him, he's great.

    2) ya

    3) sure

    4) ok…. take a look at the UFA's and tell me which guy you like. Tallinder? I guess you can spend $7 million on Gonchar…. didn't think so.

    5) if you can fit it within the cap and it makes sense I think Burke will do something like this.

  29. cam7777 says:

    man, the playoffs are irrelevent when you can't get past the first round.  the habs are a joke right now.  they have price and halak, and if they're dumb enough to trade one of them, they will miss the playoffs next year.  the leafs may be out of the playoffs, but they are closer to the cup than the habs.  and apparently you understand english as well as you type it – burke never said the leafs were a playoff team.  he said he expected his team to be competitive for a playoff spot (like atlanta or new york).  that being said, he couldn't have predicted that vesa losskala would lose on purpose and fake injuries to spite the team.

    your gm was explaining this because he wanted the fans to understand why he is going to try and keep both goalies.  halak isn't worth anything significant because given what his salary demands after a trade, it wouldn't be worth what they gave up.  for everyone who would be worried about signing a huet in free agency this year, others would be enticed by landing a roloson.  you can get solid goaltending without giving up your best picks/prospects and players for halak.

    and with your mentioning of quincey and suter, i thank you for proving my point further.  neither of these guys are going anywhere.  why would colorado give up they're PP quarterback for a forward they don't need.  they have stastny, duchene, stewart, mueller, and hejduk operating at full speed.  they have so much room left over, they could add kovalchuk for free, and not worry about dealing quincey.  likewise, nashville is a team with a self imposed cap.  they can't even afford to keep hamhuis, much less trade one of the most cost-efficient d-men in the league for an expensive forward they don't really need.

    for your info, reports in washington claimed that George McPhee offered Burke Fleischmann, Alzner and a 1st for Kaberle, but Kaberle waived his NTC.  Thank you for once again illustrating your stupdity on the matter.  Kaberle was willing to waive for THREE TEAMS ONLY.  Washington wasn't one of them.  Since then, Burke and Nonis have suggested that fans would "be surprized where the leafs draft".  To me, that implies that Burke already has an agreement in place with one of Kaberle's suitors for the draft, and that it will involve a 1st round pick.  And like Burke has said MULTIPLE times, he will not trade Kaberle unless the return is optimal. 

    and finally, the leafs can STILL climb out of that spot, and with a massive Lightning loss tonight, they are just two wins away from achieving that goal.  if you haven't heard, the leafs are the hottest team in the league since the Phaneuf trade, so I'm just fine with Burkie right now.  How's Dominic Moore doing?  God you're a moron.  You have an absolute moron for a GM.  The only reason your team isn't in shambles is because of Halak and Price.  Ha.  and really, what goalies have ever held a team together for multiple years.  Oh how sweet it will be 3 years from now when the Leafs are Cup competitve, and the Habs are paying Gomez 7.5 million to put up 31 points.  when the bruins are watching Fowler man their PP, I'll be just fine watching Kessel put up 40 goals (and 50 in a good year).

    And for Godsake, learn how to speak english man.

  30. mojo19 says:

    Not a Grabovski fan. But he does draw a lot of penalities because he falls all the time. On the other hand, he falls a lot leading to turnovers so you take the good with the bad. He is knocked down so easily its pathetic.

  31. mojo19 says:

    No one questions Zherdev's talent, the problem is that he's a flake and a headache. He was a contract holdout as an RFA in both Columbus and New York, I think he's happier in Russia where he gets to be a superstar.

  32. bbruins37 says:

    I thought the 1st rounder joke was pretty good actually.

  33. cam7777 says:

    Hmm, 8 straight wins and a 947 save percentage says otherwise.  You should just wait until next year to make sure that Rask isn't this year's Mason.  You're setting yourself up too perfectly for a let down.  Kind of like you did this year.  As I recall, it was this time last year that the Bruins offense was the best and deepest in the league.  Now of course, they are dead last.  I wouldn't want that same karma coming to bite them in the ass in goaltending next year…

  34. cam7777 says:

    Yea, he was a minus 12 coming out of that enormously bad streak at the start of the year.  So since then, he's a minus 3.  People think that because Wilson accused him of being a minus 2 one night, that he means that Kaberle has been shit all year.  The reality is that Kaberle is an even most nights, and perfectly reliable in his own end.  He puts up most of his points on the PP, and so he doesn't get a whole lot of plusses from a team that just learned how to rush the puck with one line.  It's actually miraculous that he's only a minus 3 since then, given his style of play vs. the teams….

  35. bbruins37 says:

    "and finally, the leafs can STILL climb out of that spot, and with a massive Lightning loss tonight, they are just two wins away from achieving that goal."


    If we get Hall or Seguin it would be ridiculously amazing. If we get Fowler or Gudbranson I'm still ecstatic.

    And I think Larsson would look pretty good manning their PP, don't you? Oh wait, I forgot that it's impossible for the Leafs to finish that low, just like this year…

  36. bbruins37 says:

    haha Bustavsson getting it done when it no longer matters.

    Rask is the man. Hey, did you know that he was originally drafted by Toronto?

  37. cam7777 says:

    The Lightning could easily lose every game from here on out.  They are horrible, and their new ownership is whispering about massive changes.  I think the Leafs can still catch at least one team, with any kind of luck.  They can't win much more then they already are.  They just need one of those other teams to stop winning.  It would help if the so called playoff teams could win a game every now and then.  But since Boston, Montreal and Philly absolutely suck balls…. 

  38. cam7777 says:

    Ohh, keep it up, I can't wait for next year's Rask.  Hey, didn't people used to say that Carey Price was "unflappable".  Seems to me they're saying the same thing about Rask.  Let's just wait and see.

    Gustavsson was never terrible this year.  I'd say he's doing pretty good for two heart operations, being saddled next ot Losskala, and playing his first year on smaller rinks.  Time will tell though.  It's pretty absurd to criticize a rookie who's done pretty damn well though on the grounds that Rask has had a better year behind the best defense in the league, after a liftime of playing on smaller rinks, and having been faced with no adversity whatsoever.

  39. bbruins37 says:

    If the Leafs go 2-2 FLA and NYI could get by going 0-4-1. Only Tampa would need to win one and go 1-3.

    If the Leafs go 4-0, CAR could go 1-2-1, NYI could go 1-1-3, FLA could go 2-2-1, and Tampa could go 3-1.

  40. bbruins37 says:

    I love arguing about Rask. It's impossible to lose. The dude's perfect.

  41. reinjosh says:

    you have far to much time on your hands

  42. bbruins37 says:

    Easy to do quick math with a brain like this.

  43. reinjosh says:

    really? like i dont care. ive already accepted the fact we gave them up.

    but like, there isn't any creativity to them. they have been done to death. now if people could come up with clever first round jokes it would be funny. but no one can. saying"ha the leafs will probably trade their picks for the next ten years" or "well they don't have Burke as a GM to trade away their picks" isn't clever at all.

    The jokes at the start of the year when the leafs were losing terrible were hilarious. Like the titantic one or the triangle one.

  44. reinjosh says:

    Its all what makes sense to Dallas.

    Do they want to give up the more seasoned player, but the one who will be more expensive or do they want to give up the younger, cheaper version, who might regress next season.

  45. bbruins37 says:

    "ha the leafs will probably trade their picks for the next ten years"

    That one just falls into the "funny because it's true category.

    I guess you just can't be a fan of the Leafs to really appreciate them. You're missing out man.

  46. reinjosh says:

    see that was kind of clever. i actually chuckled at the last line

  47. reinjosh says:

    how long did that take you?

    5 minutes in bbruins time? which is like 45 in normal human standards

  48. bbruins37 says:

    lol nah it was like 30 seconds. I have a crazy memory. I just have all the points, wins, head-to-head records locked into my brain already. But yeah, 45 minutes in normal human standards sounds about right.

  49. TmLeafan says:

    wow you are a loser. You are pumping your own tires on a hockey trade forum.

  50. TmLeafan says:

    Yea its true, he has to be right up there with spezza when you talk about the giveaway king of the whole league. Oh well maybe he can work on it.

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