What needs to be done

This is how Leafs can contend for stanley cup.

First we got to see where is our strength, surprisingly its our defense , where we have so many young talented uprising defenseman ( COLAIACOVO, KRONWALL, WHITE, HARRISON, STRALMAN, and WOZNEWSKI,) so we have to trade KUBINA and MACCABE to free up $10,750,000 salary cap.

Toskala is a good goalie but he is not worth $4,000,000.

Now the leafs need to trade or send down Raycroft to free up another $2,000,000.

Bring up clemenson or poggie.

we have to get rid of our 4th liners as they are not in current NHL level.

Bates battaglia $650,000, and kris Newbery.

JFJ should get Fired right away bring in bowman or muckler with $13,500,00 of salary cap and see what they can do.

DO not give away our future like draft picks and young players like brendon bell that where easily traded for nothing.

Im sure with $13,500,000 we can get 2 or 3 decent goal scorers. which will help the club to compete for stanley cup.