What needs to Change? Take Over the NHL Yourself.

What needs to change in order for the league to move forward and get a deal done for next season? There are also many other questions in need of the answer for the game of Hockey.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what we should do from here on out.1st and foremost. Bettman and Goodnow need to be fired. I mean it’s getting us all sick that they are in office for there sides still. They suck.

2nd The fact that almost half of the NHL teams do not make the playoffs has hurt the game horribly. So at least 4-5 teams need to fold and close shop.

3rd A DEAL NEEDED AND HAD TO BE AT 45 MILLION! The fact that Bettman said “42.5 million was a stretch” is disgusting. 45 million is more then fair and on WFAN 660 in NY mike and the mad dog asked Bettman if he would have taken a 45 million dollar deal, and he said.. “oh uhhh no, but I might have worked around it.” So why did he not try and make that deal?

4th No Draft this year, no way can you give everyone an equal shot at Crosby. some teams have always been better then others. maybe take the bottom 10 teams and give them all 10% chance at a lottery draw for the first pick and all the others to follow. But I can’t feel good about doing any of that. Crosby means a lot. And if Ovichankin and Crosby were on the same teams that’s just disgusting and stupid and will only hurt the NHL. So no draft.

5th Fix the game. Make it real fun to watch. No more 2 line pass rule. Goalie pad’s shortened. net’s put back in there spots. no more clutching and grabbing in the game. and no more overtimes in the regular season, a 5 man shootout, if that ends up being a tie then the game is tied, at least make it fun. No more 1 point to teams who lose in overtime type games either.

6th have this deal that is put together last only 4-5 years… that way if people are really unhappy they can work on something new.

Bettman should not have canceled the season. He should have made one last offer before the press conference. one more deal at 45 million. That way the players have to say yes or no to a season. To say that 45 million is to high has made me sick. If the players would have said no to it. They would have been seen as the most retarded Union in all of sports. and the league could have lived at that. But the fact that Bettman didn’t even try all day Wednesday, show’s he has hurt the sport forever.

What would you do now?

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  1. ericthered1961 says:

    he’s talking about you Gary….find yourself another fricken sport to ruin!!

  2. Tops04 says:

    What’s the difference if he posts stuff that is old (10 minutes old) news or not? You don’t have to read or believ anything he said or says in the future.

    The reason people went there was for optimism, and since wht he said sounded reasonable, they took stock in it.

    Personally, I believe you are being a bit unfair with regard to Eklund. Though a deal didn’t get done. one very nearly did, and back in January he was the only one who thought a deal could even be close (though he did guarantee one). I think guarantees aside he was pretty much on target, but then guarantees are hard no matter what.

    More than taking offense by Eklund’s positive spin on hearsay, why shouldn’t we be angry at the mainstream media, who for the sake of wanting to be right, never posted a positive story up until the day before. Surely they must have known something was going down.

    One thing I have learned from all this is that we should not take any public announcement from these people at face value. Most of the announcements have been ploys on the part of one side or another. Does that mean the announcement yesterday was a ploy. I believe it was played as one right up until the end. The NHLPA called the bluff, and there was no bluff.

    But who knows if this is how they intended to rip the union in two in the first place.

    The way I see it there is still room to surprise me here. I mean if they hammered out a deal within the next two weeks, would they play a season? I shouldn’t think so, but what would be the reasoning?

    I really do think that some players think that their best negotiating position is now, when they have something to give…a season. Plus they must know that they would be viewed as the heroes of this whole affair.

    Who knows what will happen. Eklund? Maybe, maybe not?

  3. ericthered1961 says:

    contraction please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aetherial says:

    Gee that’s funny… now it is HIS fault…

    when pretty much everyone from the owners, to the fans, the media, the NHLPA… ALL told him to set a date and cancel the season.

    Now, it is his fault.

    He is an agent of the owners.

    The players just made a HUGE mistake.

  5. kicksave856 says:

    Hey, I’m not saying anything terrible about the guy. I haven’t been one to bash him through this whole thing, and I’m not full-on “bashing” him now.

    I’m just saying enough might be enough. If it turns out that he’s full of it, then I wish he’d just stop now. I can’t really take another blow like the one we took at that podium. We can’t get our hopes up just to go through that again, and I think I might be speaking for more than a few people when I say this.

    In regards to what he’s doing, it did give people hope, and a good portion of it was accurate. We just don’t know if he’s getting inside information, or just reporting information. I said in my post that I still check out the blog from time to time to see any updates. The difference is that before, I was checking it every time I looked at my computer and now I just look at it while roaming around other hockey blogs and websites. You can’t really take it too seriously.

    Hey, I still hope the guy’s right. And I hope he’s Pelle Eklund!!

  6. nocuphere says:

    You got my vote man, where do I sign?

  7. Oilerz says:

    Tsn and fox sports both reporting talks still going on. Deal possible in 24-48 hours.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ok three things here.

    1. I still have some faith on the season with the TSN and Eklund rumors.

    2. I would have the following teams in the league.

    1. Toronto Maple Leafs

    2. Montreal Canadiens

    3. Ottawa Senaturds… I mean Senators

    4. Boston Bruins

    5. Buffallo Sabers

    6. Atlanta Thrashers*

    7. Philidelphia Flyers

    8. New York Rangers

    9. New York Islanders

    10. Colorado Avalanche

    11. Minnesota Wild

    12. Edmonton Oilers

    13. Calgary Flames

    15. Vancouver Canucks

    16. Detroit Red Wings

    17. Columbus Blue Jackets**

    18. St. Louis Blues

    19. Los Angelas Kings

    20. Dallas Stars

    21. Hartford Whalers

    22. Quebec Nordiques

    23. Portland Mediknights

    24. Winnipeg Jets

    25. Seattle Nirvana

    26. Hamilton Bulldogs

    27. St. Johns Irish Drunks

    28. Halifax Scottish Drunks

    29. Chicago Black Hawks***

    30. Houston Aeros****

    *The Atlanta Thrashers sell more tickets then the Atlanta Hawks, and are rising every year.

    **The Columbus Blue Jackets are another team raising in ticket sales every year.

    ***The Chicago Black Hawks for no other reason that they are an original six team.

    ****Despite being southern, Dallas is succeeding, and people would pay to see another Dallas vs Houston rivalry.

    Third of all, next summer my mom says because the studio is near by, I might be able to get an internship at TSN, that means I can talk to Bob McKenzie and find things out faster. Also I can get a ton of autographs from people being interviewed. Just something interesting I thought I might mention.

  9. Freeze says:

    Gee, your list is really slanted toward those 19 USA cities. You’ve completely overlooked worthy cities like Windsor, London, Kingston, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Sault Ste. Marie, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Kamloops and Sarnia. How could you!! 😉

  10. samcal17 says:

    Which goes to show that spending parity does not make for an equal league.

  11. Rico420 says:

    First off Gary Bettman (much to my earlier dismay) keeps his job as NHL President, I actually have a level of Respect for the man after yesterday’s press conference, he’s what everyone should want in a leader, he’s doing what he said he was going to do, bring a level of cost certainty to the league.

    Seriously within the first 2 years of an agreement we would not see much of a change in the on ice product, but come July 1st we’d see a lot more teams dabbling in the UFA market then Dallas, Philly, Detroit and Toronto.

    I’d be interested in some of the rule changes that the league was proposing I’m sure they include the dreamy ones I love

    -no touch icing

    -removal of the red line

    -wider blue lines

    -the dreaded shootout (only in regular season play)

    -Bob Goodenow burned in effogy in every arena

    -Bill Guerin tossed out of the NHL

    -Sean Avery tossed out of the NHL

    -Tyson Nash tossing Sean Avery out of the NHL

    -Saskin as head of the NHLPA

    -relocation of some struggling southern franchises

    -an NHL team in Winnepeg and Quebec

    -one referee

    -Mike Bossy ANYWHERE in the public eye

    -Mike Milbury making trade deadline deals

    R.I.P NHL..we’re gonna miss you here in Centreville Ontario.

  12. Rico420 says:

    Belleville also needs a franchise

    It’d be sweet the 401 Feud! it’s be bigger then the battle of Ontario.

  13. Rico420 says:

    I forgot some of the more important things that I’d impliment

    I’d have Jeremy Roenick doing commercials with Matt Barnaby and Marc Bergevin.

    Microphones on coaches and some players would be entertaining as well, they took the right step with the Goalie cam.

  14. hockeyhead says:

    he said regina. uuuhhh ah hahahaha

  15. rojoke says:

    Yeah, it’s sitting right next to the Holy Grail, near the Fountain of Youth, on the tip of Atlantis.

  16. Aetherial says:

    I have often alluded to some *connections* I have on this site.

    One of those connections is, in fact, an employee of TSN. The other is a lose connection to a few hockey players. Ever been to a stag for an NHL player… it is, uh, interesting.

    I can assure you, working at TSN will get you no more inside information. Yes, you do get to meet some of the TSN *celebrities*, and they are a pretty cool bunch of guys… but ultimately they are not more informed, and if they are, don’t share the information around beyond what they say publicly anyway.

    And no, don’t ask, I will not put you in touch with someone at TSN. I don’t know you and honestly, believe that my opinions, expressed publicly here, and my association with a TSN staff member makes me very cautious about revealing more than that.

    For the record… my friend worked in sports for MANY years, mostly doing volunteer stuff, minor league stuff etc. before they got a break and got a job at TSN.

    Sorry to burst your bubble (honestly I am sorry) but it not easy to get to work there. There are a TON of people who would love to be in that environment…. myself among them, except it does not pay all that well 🙁

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well when did I mention you? I can get at least a small internship their myself. I don’t remember you mentioning connections. Besides, just think, I get articles posted here quite often at least compared to the amount I write, and I’m only twelve, that’s pretty good. Also I’ve never taken more then ten minutes on an article. Sports journalism is my field of choice and am going to go to university studying for that.

  18. Aetherial says:

    Then I wish you the best of luck.

    You are very well spoken for a person of any age, nevermind 12.

    My only advice is to stick to it. Sports journalism is a long and difficult road. Judging by your age, and your writing, you seem well on your way.

  19. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Thanks Aethy. The only problem is, is that I am a very right wing person, so no matter what I’m calling I’ll just be made a joke of. (Which is what the Liberals did to Preston Manning, Stockwell Day (funny names so far) and Steven Harper.)

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