What needs to Change? Take Over the NHL Yourself.

What needs to change in order for the league to move forward and get a deal done for next season? There are also many other questions in need of the answer for the game of Hockey.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what we should do from here on out.1st and foremost. Bettman and Goodnow need to be fired. I mean it’s getting us all sick that they are in office for there sides still. They suck.

2nd The fact that almost half of the NHL teams do not make the playoffs has hurt the game horribly. So at least 4-5 teams need to fold and close shop.

3rd A DEAL NEEDED AND HAD TO BE AT 45 MILLION! The fact that Bettman said “42.5 million was a stretch” is disgusting. 45 million is more then fair and on WFAN 660 in NY mike and the mad dog asked Bettman if he would have taken a 45 million dollar deal, and he said.. “oh uhhh no, but I might have worked around it.” So why did he not try and make that deal?

4th No Draft this year, no way can you give everyone an equal shot at Crosby. some teams have always been better then others. maybe take the bottom 10 teams and give them all 10% chance at a lottery draw for the first pick and all the others to follow. But I can’t feel good about doing any of that. Crosby means a lot. And if Ovichankin and Crosby were on the same teams that’s just disgusting and stupid and will only hurt the NHL. So no draft.

5th Fix the game. Make it real fun to watch. No more 2 line pass rule. Goalie pad’s shortened. net’s put back in there spots. no more clutching and grabbing in the game. and no more overtimes in the regular season, a 5 man shootout, if that ends up being a tie then the game is tied, at least make it fun. No more 1 point to teams who lose in overtime type games either.

6th have this deal that is put together last only 4-5 years… that way if people are really unhappy they can work on something new.

Bettman should not have canceled the season. He should have made one last offer before the press conference. one more deal at 45 million. That way the players have to say yes or no to a season. To say that 45 million is to high has made me sick. If the players would have said no to it. They would have been seen as the most retarded Union in all of sports. and the league could have lived at that. But the fact that Bettman didn’t even try all day Wednesday, show’s he has hurt the sport forever.

What would you do now?