What nucks need to do to stay on top of Northwest

Trades Nonis should make to stay on top of Northwest.
1st) the nucks should trade Cooke to the to the leafs for Tucker.The nucks would also part ways with a prospect or a few mid round picks.This trade would help out both teams,both players earn around 1.5mil,the leafs wouldnt have to sign tucker for a shit load next year and they could focuse on signing Sundin + they could sign cooke for a multi year deal.Now tucker would be great for the nucks he plays the same game as cooke but hes a lot better at putting pucks in the net,note if we got tucker the nucks would most likely lose him to the free agency.
2nd) thing the nucks should do is sign jason allison sure hes old but he can probably be a 20 goal scorer,hed be put on the 3rd line and the nucks would get him for under 2mil.
3rd) I like Naslund but hes in a major slump and i think he needs a change,and the best place for the nucks to trade him to is the coyotes,just like naslund, doan nagy and comrie need some changes so a great trade nonis could make is getting nagy and doan for naslund picks and prospects could be involved in the trade to, or the trade could go like morrison naslund for doan nagy and perreault.This is another change that would help both clubs morrison and naslund can get lots of ice time again and be on the number 1 line.Nagy would be a great goal scorer for the nucks and doan fits the canucks style of play perfectly grit defense and he can pop in goals.
4th) if the nucks are in need of a veteran playoff goalie Ed Belfour hes only making around 0.750 ,Sabourin makes 0.450 a year so i say sabourin+ a 2nd or 3rd round pick would get the eagle on our team.This again helps both clubs Belfour is doing horrible this frees up a small bit of space for the panthers which they could use to make a trade at the deadline.For the nucks it helps them with getting a solid backup mainly for the playoffs he would be good if luongo freezs in the playoffs or gets injury.
5th) this is a deal iam no so sure should happen but if it does it would be great a trade would go something like this bulis + chouinard and a late draft pick for Anson Carter and a 4th round pick cater has around the same salary as the 2 of them combined, this trade would probably be great for Vancouver while a decent move for Columbus bulis’s numbers could go up if he were to play with Fed and Nash and chouinard would be decent on the 2nd PP unit and chouinard is a great faceoff man.While the nucks get carter to play with the twins again.
just another trade i would of made if i didnt already deal morrison the trade would be somthing like morrison+2nd round pick to the leafs for Peca and one of the leafs good prospects like (steen,wellwood).the only reason i didnt do this is because peca is suppose to be out the rest of the season.The leafs would do good with getting morrison he would be a great 2nd line centre for the leafs.The nucks would do great with this trade because peca owns the draw and is great on the pk and he fits the nuck system well.

the nuck lineup would go somthing like this


Krajicek/Fitzpatrick(tremblay as a spare/7th D-man)


also a good free agent signing would be Todd Bertuzzi because the nucks would be able to get him,because Bert will have a big cuy in his salary i say it will be about 1.7mil

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  1. YOURANIDIOT says:

    it is obvious that you do not know much about hockey.

    1st) The leafs would never give Tucker up for Cooke.

    2nd) Allsion is 31, which isn't very old.

    3rd) Naslund has a no trade clause

    4th) Belfour? are you drunk.

    5th) Your an Idiot

  2. i_am_canukian says:

    Your not that bright when it comes to hockey…

    Toronto wouldnt want cooke…because tucker is the leading powerplay scorer (I think)  and we wouldnt be able to get him because hes injured right now and Cooke is nothing compared to Tucker in scoring wise….

    Belfour wouldnt want to be the backup for luongo and he wouldnt want to play only 12 games every season…Hes always had problems with the other goalies on his team

    But your right about bertuzzi, we would be able to sign him, if florida doesnt, because after his surgery he would be worth less then 2 million maybe even only 1 million…but the question is would we want him back…and would he regan his 80+ point season like he used to have…and i dont see any other team going after Bertuzzi, so why not Nonis…you might as well try it

    Naslund has had a slump for 12 or 14 games? that doesnt meen we would have to trade him…maybe if we where last in the whole league…and he loves playing in Vancouver, or maybe he just needs a new ligne mate…but if he continues i'm afraid he will only have 40 point season

    Morrison has played pretty well in his last 5 games…but i do agree he should be traded because of his cap 3.2 million…maybe nonis should keep him if he steps up now…and finishes the season with a 70+ point season…If not maybe an offseason trade

    Its carter not cater but anyways….I think we should get carter back…but would he play good with the sedins again? Was he affected by the play in columbus, we can get allot better player and younger ones out there to play with the sedins (only if there was a third sedin)…I also wouldnt mind having tootoo with the sedins…hes a power forward and the sedins could turn him into a 30+ goal scorer..

    Bulis, well i have nothing to say about him…just that he should be traded…or we can call up a prospect from the farm who will score 25+ goals (possibly)

    As for Sabourin, yes he has no NHL wins, but just give him time…If not maybe Schneider, but i think hes to good to play 12 games a season, maybe for his first season…

  3. CanucksforPM87 says:

    Just because those trades work in EA Sports doesn't mean they're going to work in real life (I've always wondered why it's called real life.. is there a fake life).. anyways point is maybe before you post next time don't just think about what the Canucks need but what the other teams are going to have to give up to get our goods

  4. Gabe1089 says:

    That would be taking a step back genious.


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