What players do you find most entertaining?

Hockey is entertainment. You go to games hoping to leave with a smile on your face. You smile when your team scores, when your goalie makes a great save, and you smile when something out of the ordinary happens, say for instance your favorite player attacks a mascot.
As much as some of us don’t want to admit it, we all get up and cheer when there’s a fight on the ice. Two guys beating each other senceless appeals to our more base instincts.

But I like it when a player goes out of his way to make the game more fun, even if it’s not his intention to do so. Going a few rounds with a mascot (Fleury) Making chicken gestures (Fleury again) or beating a fat guy who dives into the penalty box senceless (Domi).

Who are those guys who make the game more enjoyable for you. Not necessaraly with great plays, but they none the less give you the same feeling walking to your car.

Here’s my top five most entertaining players…

5. Tie Domi (love him or hate him when he’s on the ice something / anything is always about to happen)

4. Mathew Barnaby (as big a douchebag as he is, he makes you laugh with the way he makes an ass out of himself)

3. Garth Snow (yea I know he’s just a backup goalie, but he always seems ready to explode, learned how to be a lunatic from the best Ron Hextall)

2. P.J. Stock (Guys always fun to watch fight, will drop the gloves with anyone no matter how much they tower over him, and is such a smart ass too)

1. Theo Fleury (Wether he’s beating a mascot, doing the chicken dance, or agitating opponents, hew always brings a smile to my face)

So who are your most entertaining / goofy players. And give any instances where a player did something to make you laugh your head off.