What Sabres might be on the move, and why is Lindy Ruff Still coaching?

Some info on two players that might be on their way out of Buffalo and the reason why Lindy Ruff will not be fired…for now at least.

Miroslav Satan and my main man Vaclav Varada are two players that might be on the move out of Buffalo. The Buffalo News recently asked Miro Satan if he wants to stay in Buffalo for the long haul and his reply was, “Those are the questions I don’t like to answer. I don’t know what to tell you.” He certainly has been playing like someone who has his foot in the door. Last year he was the team leader in goals with 37 and had a career high point total of 73. So far this year he has been horrible. He has 5 goals and 16 points in 21 games. When Satan wants to play he certainly can, but he has always been a streaky player in Buffalo. There has been no word as to where Satan might go.

Vaclav Varada, on the other hand, has voiced that he is unhappy with the amount of playing time he has gotten in Buffalo. He hasn’t asked for a trade, but he has hinted at the idea of “play me or trade me.” He said he would be more than happy to play with the New York Rangers, but if he is shipped it will probably be to a Western Conference team.

So everyone knows that Lindy Ruff is a terrible coach and needs to be fired. His glory days in Buffalo are over and his team owns the worst record in the NHL. So, one may ask, why have two coaches that had a better record than the Sabres get fired? Well, because those teams have enough money to hire a new coach. If the Sabres were to fire Lindy Ruff, they would need to pay him the remainder of his salary which is $600,000. This is not a team that can pay for two coaches at once. Maybe after the new owner steps in we will see a coaching change, and of course a name that we keep hearing is Ted Nolan. The media is mixed about Nolan coming back, but the fans would sure love to see him back. This year is over for the Sabres already. All we are playing for now is the first overall pick. (But they’ll find a way to screw that up too.)