What Should Be Done With Raycroft And Why

There has been a lot of articles posted as to what the Leafs should do (sorry to all you non Leaf fans who get very angry at the number of Leaf postings that appear) and without any further adu here is my 2 cents.

Raycroft needs to be moved asap with less consideration given to what they will get in return then usually would apply. The Leafs missed the playoffs by a single point last season. This illustrates how vital it is to put the best team possible on the ice from game one. The notion the hanging on to Raycroft might result, via his play, in an elevation of his value is risky. He might play like he did last year and further decrease his trade value.

Regarding what the Leafs should get for him……. how about a bag of pucks and some pylons. Moving Raycroft isn’t about upgrading the Leafs via the trade, it’s about dumping salary so that they can pick up either Peca or make another trade and pick up some other teams unwanted salary. Long story short, it doesn’t really matter what we get for him because the main objective of moving him is simply to get his salary of the books.

With absence of Raycroft’s salary and the addition of what would hopefully be a healthy Peca the Leaf’s would be in a far better position to get into the playoffs and then make some kind of a run. This wouldn’t be end of all the problems in Leaf land but it would definately be a step in the right direction.

In closing: trade Raycroft and get rid of his salary, sign Peca and therefore improve a horrible PK, hope Toskala plays at the level that is expected of him.

You may all now commence telling me why I am an idiot and completely wrong. lol