What Should Be Done With Raycroft And Why

There has been a lot of articles posted as to what the Leafs should do (sorry to all you non Leaf fans who get very angry at the number of Leaf postings that appear) and without any further adu here is my 2 cents.

Raycroft needs to be moved asap with less consideration given to what they will get in return then usually would apply. The Leafs missed the playoffs by a single point last season. This illustrates how vital it is to put the best team possible on the ice from game one. The notion the hanging on to Raycroft might result, via his play, in an elevation of his value is risky. He might play like he did last year and further decrease his trade value.

Regarding what the Leafs should get for him……. how about a bag of pucks and some pylons. Moving Raycroft isn’t about upgrading the Leafs via the trade, it’s about dumping salary so that they can pick up either Peca or make another trade and pick up some other teams unwanted salary. Long story short, it doesn’t really matter what we get for him because the main objective of moving him is simply to get his salary of the books.

With absence of Raycroft’s salary and the addition of what would hopefully be a healthy Peca the Leaf’s would be in a far better position to get into the playoffs and then make some kind of a run. This wouldn’t be end of all the problems in Leaf land but it would definately be a step in the right direction.

In closing: trade Raycroft and get rid of his salary, sign Peca and therefore improve a horrible PK, hope Toskala plays at the level that is expected of him.

You may all now commence telling me why I am an idiot and completely wrong. lol

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  1. FarFromFreedom says:

    The last thing the Leafs need is just dumping Raycroft .. if teams actually want him JFJ is going to ask for something for a decent prospect .. if he doesnt then the Rask for Raycroft deal is going to look like an absolute steal. In my opinion down the road Rask will be much better then our future Justin Pogge.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Raycroft for Tellqvist

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    My suggestion would be to trade at the position that you have depth.  That position would be defense.  Keep Raycroft for a portion of the season (maybe he upends Toskala for the starting job, you never know).  Trade Kubina, or McCabe for the extra cap room.

  4. nikola133 says:

    ok the leafs should keep raycroft for a portion of the season is a very good point. Teams will only get more desperate for goaltending as the season goes on and the busts "bust" out. We will get lots of value for raycroft midway throught the season and could get something that can actually help our team in the future rather then signing peca right now for this season. The leafs will make the playoffs and go out 1st 2 rounds and it wont make a difference if we have peca or not cuz we re not winning a cup this year. To sum up trade raycroft if he continues his sub par play halfway through the season and if peca wants to come cheap id love to have him back,but hes not the diff between 1st 2 rounds and last 2 rounds.

  5. nikola133 says:

    ok the leafs should keep raycroft for a portion of the season is a very good point. Teams will only get more desperate for goaltending as the season goes on and the busts "bust" out. We will get lots of value for raycroft midway throught the season and could get something that can actually help our team in the future rather then signing peca right now for this season. The leafs will make the playoffs and go out 1st 2 rounds and it wont make a difference if we have peca or not cuz we re not winning a cup this year. To sum up trade raycroft if he continues his sub par play halfway through the season and if peca wants to come cheap id love to have him back,but hes not the diff between 1st 2 rounds and last 2 rounds.

  6. powers42 says:

    Move Raycroft? This issues up for debate. On one hand you could keep him to keep heat on the goalies, and let them fight it out on the ice to see who will be the number one. Then of course move him. Sure he had a sub par season last year and that I will admit. But the defense that played in front of him also left him out to dry in alot of games. This is a former rookie of the year, what hapened. A bad work ethic a short memory < which isn't a bad thing playing in this position all leads to the conclusion that it's time to leave. Part of me says keep him to keep heat on the pair and the other says send him out. Lets face it not everyone can survive the lime light of Hogtown. Now to find a team who is looking for a goalie is starting to get tight. I say pick up another defensemen because this is the region where the Leafs will be lacking in the upcoming season. Ditch Kubina cause lets face it can't get rid of McCabe even though he is a defensive liability. Toronto just can't give Kubina the ice time he needs.

  7. RealisticLeaf says:

    Here is a top 10 list of what i would trade Raycrap for:

    10- I would trade him for some used road hockey gear.

    9- I would trade him for my ex wife AND her mother.(ewwww…my boys just crawled up inside me…ya maybe not that….but i would if it meant makin the playoffs….2nd round)

    8- I would trade him for an Al MacInnis slapshot to the cup.

    7- I would trade him for the excitement of a WNBA game or watching paint dry…both the same.

    6- I would trade him for the toothbrush i dropped in the toilet the other day.(by the way if you find it don't use it…it just looks like it can be used again)

    5- I would trade him for Aki Berg. Then flip Aki Berg for Crosby,Stall, and Malkin. Then I would trade our second round pick for our fist round pick. Oh….hold it…..My NHL 2007 froze up. MOM come fix my NHL 2007 it just laughed at me for trading to get Raycroft.

    4- I would trade him for the hole in his glove.

    3- I would trade him for a ride on a zamboni.

    2- I would trade him for Tuukka Rask. (thought i would ask the Bruins anyway…it did work once…maybe we just borrowed him)

    and the number one thing i would trade Raycrap for is…..

    1- I would trade him for $5 in Tim Hortons Gift Certificates.

    Too high?….ok…how bout a buck in
    Tim Hortons Gift Certificates so i can get a Timbit for my dog?

  8. glimmo says:

    It seems teams with solid foundations are built from the goaltender out. I believe Raycroft is better then most back up goalies in the league and is decent insurance if Toskala goes down. I rather waive or trade a forward to free up cap space for Peca, since we will have to many forwards. If possible it would be awesome to have Joseph around as a 3rd goalie and to challenge the other two. I rather have Joseph and Peca instead of Belak and Antropov. (and/or) Trade McCabe for Witt. If Markov is not signed yet, I would love to see him playing for the Leafs. Defenceman that can hit and play defence. Until we have those type of defencemen, there won't be any glory for the blue and white. Wishful thinking.

  9. m4gician says:

    All of of  you are ignorant to the fact that A) JFJ traded RASK for him. B) He still won a record game for us last year, and C) YOU NEVER GIVE UP ON A KID LIKE THIS after only 1 year. A tandem with him and Toskala would be great. Raycroft won't be as tired, I mean he's not built like Broduer is so cut him A LOT OF SLACK.

    Toskala, although is a great starter, and I was excited when we got him, has yet to play 70 games. So 50 – 55 Toskala, 25-30ish for Raycroft, it'll work.

    ANd if you WANT to get rid of him, BUILD UP HIS VALUE first, it's not about FAs right now, we got our FAs and we've made our moves. Any tweaking from there can be done later on via trade.

    Raycroft is a good prescence in the locker room too, he has a good bond with a lot of the guys. Why would you treat him so harshly? WHy don't you get mad at Belfour for all those cheap goals he let in? JFJ is not about to dump his investment for nothing and watch him be a stellar goalie, all you hicks with computers will be jumping fence if that happens and say "JFJ is stupid for trading Raycroft"

    ***** Edklund, and Steve Simmons, we probably haven't talked about Yashin or with the Avs for Hedyuk. Seriously those guys are almost never right AHEAD of time. The Leafs WILL make a good offer or two to Mike Peca, if he wants to accept to play with us that's fine. If not, best of luck to him.

    Now shut up, I actually see Toskala game 1 vs. Ott, and Raycroft game 2 vs. Ott. While Ottawa plays Ray Emery both nights.

  10. m4gician says:

    Exactly! Exactly! Raycroft is better than let's say… Scott Clemmensen (we all saw that, that black sunday vs. NYI). Also,

  11. Scottman75 says:

    Doubt it.

    Pogge will be better in time.

  12. gregpb says:

    I agree with you that we should give Raycroft another shot as the backup. However, we will need to make a depth move at the deadline if we are still in the hunt. The season should start with Toskala playing both games against Ottawa to get his feet wet and to see what he can do in two very intense games to start he year. I have no problem with Raycroft playing 20-25 games, but they should be against teams like Washington, Carolina, Tampa Bay, New York Islanders and any other crap teams we face out west. Play him against he weakest teams possible to increase his trade value for the deadline or half way through the year when other teams come calling.

  13. jpmac says:

    Please explain why you think this? Is it because he is Canadian? Because the leafs kept him over Rask? Honestly you don't know and neither do I, but when Rask is always rated in the top two or three goalie prospects and pogge finds it difficult to break the top ten, maybe it should be time to concede that you gave up the better of the two

  14. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Here is my solution to this situation:

    I'll begin by declaring my opinion of Raycroft. I see NO, absolutely NO potential in this kid whatsoever, as he has reached his peak, and will be nothing but an average back-up goaltender. His one claim to fame is that he was rookie of the year when he played for the Boston Bruins in 2003-2004 (the "old" NHL), which saw a slower game with less shots and less goals, along with a Boston team which was one of the elite teams in the NHL (stiffling defense, and the offense of Joe Thornton). However, what people don't talk about is his sub-par playoff performance which saw him fail in clutch situations. Remember, it's not how many saves you make, but, rather, WHEN you make them. So that year the Boston Bruins (2nd place in the Eastern Conference, 3rd in the entire NHL) were taken out by a less than spectacular Montreal Canadiens team, but nonetheless, leaving Raycroft with praise for his 29 wins in 57 games (yes, just over .500 – must've been a crappy rookie lot). This is a record quite similar to his play in Toronto which saw him win 37 wins (which tied a record) in 72 games (barely over .500). He played more games, and had the advantage of overtime and shootout victories to assist him in tying Belfour's record (one which he achieved in 62 Games, without shootouts – leaving behind 5 tie games). This is all without mentioning his lackluster year in 2005-2006 in which he accomplished the feat of winning 8 games out of 30. So in reality, Raycroft is FAR from names like Belfour and I despise his name for being mentioned among these elite goaltenders.

    However, I am also of the opinion that you should not rush things, and end up getting nothing for a goaltender you acquired at the cost of Tukka Rask. Rather, wait until you get a half decent deal (decent prospect, etc.) when teams become desperate. The reality of the situation is that Mike Peca, as well as he played on the PK for us, is also supposed to be a forward, and needs to score. We picked up Jason Blake, who also plays on the penalty kill, but will also put up more goals and points than Peca. What most people don't realize is that defense was not the Leafs weakness last year. Rather, they were in the top 10 in the league in least shots allowed on goal per game, so I would, rather, place this blame on Raycroft's shoulders (not completely, but for the majority). All in all this team looks good as is, and instead of rushing to make a move, wait, perhaps until the trade deadline, and see where this team is going, and perhaps acquire someone through a trade who would help this team in a playoff run, if they are a contender at that time.

  15. Hoondog2 says:

    I hope Raycroft forces you all to eat crow.

  16. Norman28 says:

    Trade him to LA , they are in need of a goalie and get something desent in return. Than sign Peca and Cujo. 

  17. Norman28 says:

    The leafs should trade Raycroft to the Kings for a decent prospect or prospects than trade Kubina and two prospects to San Jose for Patrick Marleau. Than with the money they should sign Marleau to around a 4 Million multi year deal than sign Peca for 2 Million and Cujo for 1 million.

    That would look pretty good to me, What do you think?

  18. Scottman75 says:

    Goalies that spend more time in North America playing under North American or NHL rules tend to be better statistically in the long term my friend.  It has nothing to do with who is in a Leaf uniform. 

    We'll just have to wait and see who's right, that's all.  They may end up both really good, or really bad.

    I do agree that arguing over Prospects because that is really all they are.  Potential stars.  JFJ will only every eat crow when Rask appears to be a solid number one goalie and pogge is serving fries somewhere.

  19. FarFromFreedom says:

    lol it has nothing to do with Pogge being canadian? Pogge was on a VERY good hitman team which is why he put up great numbers .. he had a VERY strong 6 junior games winning gold but what happaned? Rask won best goaltender why you ask .. because Pogge had a much better team then Rask did but yet Rask still put up the exact same numbers only a better save % then Pogge .. also Pogge didnt look to great in the AHL .. sure it was his first year and put up decent numbers but he also let in MANY soft goals while playing for the marlies believe me .. i watched a good 50 games of the Marlies last year.

  20. FarFromFreedom says:

    I also never said it will be because Pogge is under a Leafs uniform .. im a major Leaf fan that supports them 100% all year around .. i watch 82 games a year but from what i have seen Rask looks like he will be the better goaltender in the future doesnt matter what time either are playing for Rask looks much quicker and has better reflexes then Pogge .. Justin just takes up alot of the net and has a nice glovehand. All in all like i said before it has nothing to do about teams involved and thats just my opinion.

  21. toomanymistakes says:

    Just wait and see how this platoon works out 

    don't worry Razor is gone by next season there is no way we are spending 6m
    on goaltending. Just get his let him play and hopefully he does really 
    really well and then trade himto the highest bidder at the trade deadline 
    I could see tampa in need for a goaltender sometime this season get some 
    picks from them JfJ but wait untill hopefully Razor's stock rises
    which should with this tandem
  22. uniackesquare says:

    Trade him to LA for Richard Petiot. Hes a strong mobile defenseman with great size and mobility. Exactly the kind of defenseman the Leafs need.

  23. uniackesquare says:

    EDIT: Trade him for Joe Ryan. (Another defense prospect on the LA kings)

  24. brianc689 says:

    lol…even though im one of the guys that wants to keep raycroft, that was jokez

  25. brianc689 says:

    first of all, san jose is going to want a lot for marleau, not just kubina and two prospects, especially considering toronto doesnt have any top prospects to give up….secondly, even if they accepted that deal for some reason, marleau is going to be asking for around 6 mil or higher, way above the four you are offering

  26. riseagainst says:

    if raycroft is traded for anything less then a 1st rounder or something of equal value then JFJ should lose his job

  27. DJTOKid says:

    Raycroft to L.A. for a 08 2nd round pick and a 09 fourth round pick.

    Kubina, Steen or Stajan, and Tlusty or Williams for Marleau and a 08 2nd round pick. I would guess Steen would have to go.

    Sign Peca 1yr 2million and Cujo 1yr 750K.

    Blake        Marleau        Welly
    Antro        Sundin           Poni
    Tuckers     Stajan           Bell
    Kilger        Peca             Devs
    ex:Battes, Pohl, Gamache
    McCabe        Kaberle
    Coli            Kronvall
    Gill             White
    ex:Belak, Harrison, Woznewski

    But all of that makes to much sense, so I don't seeing it happening. Sure would be a nice line up, of course the leafs would have to sign Marleau to a multi year deal. He would be a great fit to take over as the captain once Mats retires.

  28. MR40 says:

    If you guys get him, it's for another overpaid player. You'll probably have to take a bigger hit. Or get someone who you would have to waive, because there totally useless but didn't make much, and was still overpaid (yes I realize I made a very long sentence), like Marc Chouinard.

    Best case scenario, Raycrap and a high pick (2nd or 3rd round) get traded for a 4th, maybe 3rd line player, or a journeymen type of prospect.

    Honestly, it would hurt you more Cap wise to trade him, or you just get less then his value is if he's making, let's say 1.3 million. He's not that bad of a goalie, so you might as well keep him as a backup, and not give him AND decent prospect and/or a mid draft pick.

  29. leafy says:

    Hilarious! Letterman would be proud.

  30. leafy says:

    Why would LA trade a promising young defenseman for goalie that has been run out of town 2 times in the past 12 months?

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