What Stan Fischler Has to Say

Stan Fischler from MSGNetwork makes his points in Bluelines.Stan Fischler
Bluelines: What’s “the deal” in Buffalo?
August 13, 2002


Mark Hamister, touted by many as front-runner to buy the Sabres, may not be the top banana after all. We hear that he may not have enough dough to pass muster with the NHL owners. Plus, we hear that two potential Sabres-purchasing groups are around but haven’t yet surfaced. Meanwhile another report suggests that longtime minor league hockey exec, Sherry Bassin, has significant backing and could become the new front-runner.

By the way, there’s no minimizing the concern in Buffalo about the city losing its team after 2002-2003.

Unobtrusively, and with little fuss or fanfare, Bill Daly has come on strong at Bettman, Inc. Expect the league’s legal eagle to play a HUGE part in the CBA negotiations.

By the way, Daly told Bloomberg News’ Alan Kreda safety nets may not be installed in every arena before the start of the season. “There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. We want to make sure it’s done right,” Daly told Kreda.

Meanwhile Pitt’s Mellon Arena will remain net-less because of it’s dome-shaped, stainless steel roof.

The Blueshirts are counting on Leetch (center) to hold up the defensive end against clubs like Philly. (AP)
Igor Larionov on why he’s convinced that Dave Lewis is an able successor to Scott Bowman: “Everybody on the team knows Dave well and his relationship with the veterans is excellent. Plus, he’s a student of Scotty!”

Ken Hitchcock used the pressure forecheck in Dallas, reports our Ron Spence. The Stars did well against teams that couldn’t outlet pass. But teams such as St. Louis beat them because Dallas forwards would be up ice and caught out of position with the outlet. Hitch will be using this in Philly where the forwards aren’t as quick.

Rangers figure to match up well with Philly with Brian Leetch, Tom Poti, et. al. getting the puck out of their end.

The estrangement of Pat Quinn and Curtis Joseph may never be fully known. But the Leafs boss says Cujo’s refusal to shake hands with him was not the reason the goalie left Toronto.

“I know Curtis wanted to be the goaltender of record at the Salt Lake City Olympics,” says Quinn. “But I had to make a decision for the good of the team. I basically felt that I could have talked to him more. Yet, I don’t think that was a factor in his move to Detroit. We offered him a contract that would have made him the NHL’s highest-paid goalie. But he wanted to get his name on the Cup.”

The dirtiest word you’ll ever hear in the NHL office has nine letters — collusion.

Bettman, Inc. resents its use by writers who, it believes, fail to check back with league officials on labor decisions.

Running the Russian sports program, old pal Slava Fetisov claims poor coaching is the bane of hockey in and around Moscow.

“Americans have respect for the word ‘coach,'” says Fetisov. “In Russia they earn $100 a month and have to work other jobs to survive. We must make the coaching profession prestigious again.”

Isn’t it interesting, though, that Slava never was offered an NHL head-coaching job? He would come back if it was offered.

“Imagine how great it would be, me, Minister of Sport in Russia comes back to America as coach of the New York Rangers!”

Bobby Francis on his confidence: “I’ve never been fired in my life. I’m probably putting a bull’s eye on my forehead by saying that, but I do not expect to ever get fired.” You gotta like that dude’s attitude!

Canadian chauvinism rears its head when Cup hero Brett Hull appears north of the border. Emcees ignore his Detroit playoff heroics and introduce him as playing on the American team that was “runner-up” to Canada’s champs at Salt Lake.

“Great” things are expected from Amonte in Phoenix. (AP)
Tony Amonte’s four-year pact with Phoenix is back-ended to pay him more in years three and four for a reason. That’s when the Coyotes will be rid of their obsolete America West home and be skating in their new cash-cow Glendale rink. Wayne Gretzky is targeting from 35 to 40 goals from Amonte.

The Great One’s business deals are handled out of LA by former Devils’ PR head Rick Minch, who became Wayne’s pal when he played for the Kings and Minch handled the team’s publicity.

We hear very quietly that the Lightning are up for sale. We are also told that it could be a terrific investment.

Portland’s Paul Allen’s interest in the Sabres could actually keep them in Buffalo. This could happen if the tycoon chooses to add to his TV empire by taking over the Buffalo Sports Network and integrates it with his hockey club.

Penguins watchers tell us the chances of a new arena going up in Pitt are slim to none. The economy, among many factors, is the primary problem.

Penguins planners have to start wondering about life after Mario Lemieux retires as a player. Those close to Le Magnifique say he has no long range plans for staying on as an owner. One wonders how they will fill the igloo in 2003-2004 if Lemieux packs it in. And what happens after that if Mario gives up on the ownership? But, then again, can he afford that luxury?

Bob Boughner is one reason why you can expect a work stoppage in 2004. As Double B puts it, “The league will settle for nothing less than a salary cap.”

“The players are happy with the way things are. Both sides are willing to get into a fight. There’s going to be a lockout. If the gloves do come off, we’re in it for the long run. The players have a much stronger relationship with each other than the owners have with each other.”

Some insiders are whispering that his last point may be a telling one. This line of thinking suggests that owners of the “have” teams simply will not stand for anything close to a long lockout and, at some point, they just might break ranks.

Terry O’Reilly starred at an unusual Boston fund-raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Joey fund. Backed by broadcaster Eddie Andelman, the benefit — of which O’Reilly was co-grand marshall — featured 40,000 people eating 125,000 hot dogs and sausages at Suffolk Downs.

Possible new venues for Chris Gratton include Columbus and Anaheim

He brought up some good and interesting points, what do you think?

18 Responses to What Stan Fischler Has to Say

  1. YingYan says:

    About Pittsburgh…

    No net is false, there will be limited net due to the fact there is no high structure under the steel roof to hang a full net.

    PENGUINS will get their arena (with full net) but a year or two later than anticipated.

    Mario never said he would sell and he did save that team twice before.

    Mario got ownership shares he has to protect, a son he has to impress, fans he has to please: but it’s not all about him, there’s a plan down there too ya know? ;p

  2. big_booty says:

    Fischler? I could give a crap what that decrepit old turd has to say. He is of the Larry Brooks ilk, in that he believes that the hockey world revolves around every single thing that comes out of his mouth.

    His time has been up for a while now. The reaper should have scythed him in 1976.

  3. mikster says:

    Yeah, and you’re better than him lol…

  4. big_booty says:

    I know.

    I’m also alot younger, infinitely better looking, I get laid a helluva lot more, and don’t need some nurse with a bad attitude to wipe my ass on a regular basis.

    Like the extremely wise Sir Smoke-a-lot said: “It’s hard being black and gifted.”

  5. mikster says:

    hahaha, good one.

  6. titans says:

    Yea Peroni I gotta admit, save for Booty’s perpensty for big words, he’s far more entertaining to read than that old colonostomy bag Fischer.

  7. big_booty says:

    See, you have to know the words and how to use them first. Not to worry, I’m here for you.

    It’s colostomy bag. That’s what they attach to you when you have some of your intestines removed. A colonoscopy is when they stick that big metal hoobajoo up your butt.

  8. TheBricks says:

    Hey Peroni…I’m sorry but whatever Stan Fischler says….I don’t buy it! He has been and always will be a Ranger Hater in my eyes since his days on the Island.

    JD is the real guy to listen to about hockey. Not this fish stick reject.

  9. big_booty says:

    John Davidson ought to be thrown into the Amazon River to be devoured by piranhas. He’s the “real guy to listen to about hockey?” What a crock.

    He’s an overbearing, egotistical homer. Again, I would put him in the same category as Larry Brooks. To hear him spout off about anything and everything about the New York Rangers is one of the most nauseating things in broadcasting.

    He’s more famous for being Dan Blackburn’s landlord, for Christ’s sake.

  10. SabresFanB says:

    Who could the Sabres get in return for Gratton from either Columbus or Anaheim?

  11. Bodster says:

    I hear fischlers breath smells worse than dog shit

  12. cecilturtle says:

    Stan Fischler is the Hockey Maven! You are a maven want-to-be! The Hockey Maven has a cult-like following of suporters called The Little Mavens. You have a little following “gang” of angry Flyers fans who usually agree with your pessimistic Flyers comments. Yes your better looking, but I heard Stan was bulking up. Regardless of how one looks… You should respect your hockey elders.

    Cecil Turtle

  13. TheBricks says:

    He works for the Rangers, and he works for ABC. He gives credit where it is deserved. In all honesty, yes he may give the Rangers too much. But I’d take him over Joe Michelletti anyday!

  14. cecilturtle says:

    I don’t think JD should be thrown completely into the Amazon. Maybe just his toes or fingers. Hopfully this will piss him off – just enough – essentially giving him a little attitude so he could ask a interviewee a tough question or two!

    In no way shape or form is JD a homer, overbearing, or egotistical.

    Overbearing… JD sounds like the nicest guy in the world. Has anybody ever heard him even raise his voice in anger. Acually… has anyone ever seen him get angry? JD has worked with his partner Sam Rosen for ever it seams. Anyone else who has ever worked with JD has nothing bad to say about him and would most assuredly look forward to working with him in the future.

    Egotistical… JD is the most humble person in the business. He is always poking fun at himself – IE… Being a little over weight or balding ect… JD is very confident in his hockey knowledge as he should be! I do not see how you could find any thing egotistical about him?

    Homer… JD spends more time talking about the other team then he does the Rangers. Always!!! Also, JD has never cheered after a Rangers goal. He absoluty shows no favoratism. Can you say this about the flyers guys now? They NEVER talk about the other team and NO Flyer has ever commited a penalty. And if they actually admit the Flyer did? He always had good reason and the opponant had it coming to them. Every Flyers game I watch I always express how much I wish Harry Calis “?spelling” could talk quick enough to announce hockey.

    Cecil Turtle.

  15. mikster says:

    Well, i didn’t even bother pointing it out to him…but yeah, that was disrespectful of him. Fischler wrote many books on hockey and he is very respected. It’s when one thinks too high of himself that this happens. Fishcler has more knowledge than he does anyway. And, so far Fishcler’s analysis on the off-season has been great. Holik, Trottier, Kaspar…

  16. mikster says:

    You’re annoying…..

    You talk like you’re better than JD. JD is a Rangers analyst, he has to be supportive. How about you watch every Rangers game….JD sometimes is about to break his permanent marker on the screen for the many times the Rangers defense made mistakes.

    You make yourself sound like you’re intelligent, yet you’re just showing you’re a jack ass.

  17. mikster says:

    You know….this is why i can’t get HTR to be more popular. I have a good plan to make HTR better and more popular, probably increasing its members by at least 2,000. But, because of the disrespectful people on this site who bash too much, we can’t make this site any better.

    The articles are fine, the site is great, and many HTR members are awesome, but some of them are preventing this site from growing. It’s seriously pissing me off. You (the jack asses) make this site look just as good as any hockey forum around the internet. That’s not what we want, and it’s not what many HTR members want. If HTR shows it has good die hard hockey fans (titans will change) then my plan might actually work.

    I don’t care if you don’t like Stan Fischler or whoever. There’s no need to even show it, especially when disrespect is shown.

  18. titans says:

    HTR is fine the way it is! In fact HTR is great. People rarely step over the line here and you know it!! The BEST thing about this site is all the different people that feel comfortable enough to have fun with one an other. If a few people are too sensitive to actually allow something that some a-hole says about them over the internet bother them, then they’ll find something else to upset them once thats done with. Those people need therapy not censorship.

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