What the '03-'04 Leafs should look like.

Alot of self-proclaimed Leafs experts seem to think they know what they’re talking about.
The Leafs were never going to get Hatcher, and they’re not going to get their hands on Fedorov. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die heard Leafs fans but every year when Free Agent season rolls around leafs fans seem to think the Leafs are going to get every star on the market. You don’t have to get the superstars.

The Leafs didn’t get Hull 2 years ago, they didn’t get Blake last year, nor did they get Holik, Kasparaitis, etc. McCabe for Boughner? Re-signing Housley? That’s stupid. However, Tucker for Witt sounds good, but it wont happen.

This is what should happen:

– De Vries is never going to be a Leaf, forget about it.

– Lindros is on the block, who care? dont start with that crap again.

– Sign Nieuwendyk and if Gilmour’s knee heals, bring him back for one more year, re-unite Dougie, Joe and Roberts.

– Sign Arvedson

-Sign Simon

-Sign Yushkevich.

-Trade Green and Berg for Zhitnik.

Stick Captain swede between the russians. Put Roberts on the left of good friend, Nieuwendyk and Power house Owen Nolan on the right. Plant gritty Gilmour as the 3rd line centre and put checking Arvie on his left with a scorer in Renberg on the right. The fourth line would be a cancer to any opponent. Huge checking Simon on the left wing, aggitating Tucker back at centre and scrappy Domi on the right.

As for defense, put McCabe back with Kaberle and you got a checking/scoring duo. Put Marchment with Yushkie and anybody that gets across the blue line is gunna leave bloody. Put scrapper Bealk with hard nosed Zhitnik.

This is what the lines will look like:

Antropov – Sundin – Mogilny

Roberts – Nieuwendyk – Nolan

Arvedson – Gilmour – Renberg

Simon – Tucker – Domi

McCabe – Kaberle

Marchment – Yushkevich

Belak – Zhitnik

Thats a line up that makes sense, and the great thing about it is that its completely possible, we dont need Svehla.

Tell me what you think.

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  1. sluggo says:

    It was the year before last the he was the second highest scoring leaf.

  2. sluggo says:

    The Rangers will still miss the playoffs HAHA Rangers

  3. TML51 says:

    I heard something similar to that…the thing is Tverdosky is like Kaberle light…not a hitter and has not been known to clear the front of the net. (Marchment will…but how long will he be spending in the box on a nightly basis due to stupid penalties?) Arvedsson was a bit of a suprise when I heard the Leafs were interested. He’s replacing Hoglund, I guess. After loading up at the deadline, I was kind of expecting them to continue to build a half-decent team. Oh well….

  4. Tradedude says:

    yeah but gilmour is OLD. half the time he’s injured.

    but he still has my respect. and yes, tucker can’t score, he needs mats and alex to set him up.

  5. Tradedude says:

    Good idea.

  6. dlo44 says:

    antropov had a great year.

    untill nolan came and roberts returned he had nobody to play with untill he got on that line with mogilny.

    even though he got hurt in the playoffs, which he is prone to doing, as is nieuwendyke, he came back earlier than expected and played well.

    nieuwendyke is great face-off man but it is a better idea to have antropov develope further.

    would love to have nieuwendyke but i’d rather take a chance what antropov could be. maybe we are better off with out nieuwendyke. a winger would better suit t.o

  7. dlo44 says:

    just because the SUN wrote an article about brandon bell does mean he has a chance in hell at being the the leafs legitamit 6th defenceman, coliacovo is not even close to being a given for that spot to matter how bad the leafs defence is.

    you should be the last person to talk about giving in to the media.

    the leafs will probably try to aquire 1 or 2 journeymen or any cheap defenceman with more nhl experience as they do when holes need to be filled at forward.

  8. Freeze says:

    Where’s Daryl Sitler and Lanny MacDonald when you need them?

  9. Leaf_Expert says:

    Why would the Leafs pay 2million more for a guy like Arvedson when Fitzgerald plays with much more heart and is better defensivly. So Arvedson can put up 15 more points? I don’t think so,..

    As for Simon.. Hes washed up to the limit. He cant skate no r does he have good puck handling. I still take Reichel over him.

    Replace Reichel with Arvedson is a much better suggestion. But how the hell will we get a team to take him…

  10. gibson33 says:

    Not to bad. If they can get this svehla crap figured out it wont b too unreasonable. What about Ray Whitney? Where is he going? I dunno why the heck the leafs are holding back so much. They have money, right now is the perfect time noone else is signing stars.. aw man this offseason is pissing me off

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