What The Future Holds

“The New York Rangers have not made the playoffs in the last 7 years, and throughout these 7 years the Rangers were acquiring veterans that were past there prime, players like Lindros, Bure, Messier. And finally the Rangers have a new approach.Last march, Sather went on a trading purge, loaded up for the draft and the future. Acquired some NHL ready players, guys like Josef Balej, Giroux, and RJ Umberger, who they didn’t sign. They also got a number of picks, with there top pick, #6 overall they selected the top Goaltender in the draft, Montoya. This is going to give lots of competition for the #1 job for the years ahead of us.

Tyutin was given a chance and played great. He layed extremely solid, solidifying a roster spot for next season, whenever that is. They also signed Tomas Pock, who scored a goal in his first game. Pock is an offensive defensman, which the rangers will need since Leetch was traded to the leafs. And in that trade the rangers acquired the defensman Kondratiev, who has played with Tyutin before, and in a few years they will probaly play together again. In another trade the rangers acquired Karel Rachunek, he has already played a few years in the NHL, and is still fairly young.

So for the rangers defense they have many assets, and it isnt going to be much of a concern once there big defensman Jake Taylor turns pro. They don’t have a bunch of blue chip prospects, but they have enough guys to be able to play at the NHL level. They have Poti, Pock, Tyutin, Rachunek, Kasperitis, Puritan, and newly signed Strudwick.

The offense will definitely be a concern. As of right now the Rangers do have Jagr, Holik, Balej, Lundmark, Ortmeyer, Murray, Betts. But they also have a few kids that are expected to be good. Hugh Jessiman, drafted last season, is a huge kid. In 3-4 years he’ll be this teams #1 Rw, once jagr leaves. Josef Balej also have tons of talent, speedy, great shot, great skater, isnt big, but makes up for it with his skill. Garth Murray and Jed Ortmeyer are 2 hardworking, checking line type players, that take the body, pump up the team. I love both of these kids, just find a suitable center for them, i suggest Betts.

The fowards that have the best chance to be here next season are, of course Jagr and Holik, and Lundmark, Balej, Murray, Ortmeyer, Betts, M. Green. They’re going to have to sign a few players. I think Josh Green, Sandy McCarthy, and Rucinsky should be re-signed. If these guys were signed the lines would look something like this:


J. Green-Lundmark-Balej


_-M. Green-McCarthy






For the 4th line Lw, give it to a kid that works real hard in training camp, that or bring back Steve Mckenna. The Goaltending will be like that because Montoya is in college, Blackburn needs a year in Hartford, and Lundqvist is going to be in Sweden again.

any comments?”