What The Future Holds

“The New York Rangers have not made the playoffs in the last 7 years, and throughout these 7 years the Rangers were acquiring veterans that were past there prime, players like Lindros, Bure, Messier. And finally the Rangers have a new approach.Last march, Sather went on a trading purge, loaded up for the draft and the future. Acquired some NHL ready players, guys like Josef Balej, Giroux, and RJ Umberger, who they didn’t sign. They also got a number of picks, with there top pick, #6 overall they selected the top Goaltender in the draft, Montoya. This is going to give lots of competition for the #1 job for the years ahead of us.

Tyutin was given a chance and played great. He layed extremely solid, solidifying a roster spot for next season, whenever that is. They also signed Tomas Pock, who scored a goal in his first game. Pock is an offensive defensman, which the rangers will need since Leetch was traded to the leafs. And in that trade the rangers acquired the defensman Kondratiev, who has played with Tyutin before, and in a few years they will probaly play together again. In another trade the rangers acquired Karel Rachunek, he has already played a few years in the NHL, and is still fairly young.

So for the rangers defense they have many assets, and it isnt going to be much of a concern once there big defensman Jake Taylor turns pro. They don’t have a bunch of blue chip prospects, but they have enough guys to be able to play at the NHL level. They have Poti, Pock, Tyutin, Rachunek, Kasperitis, Puritan, and newly signed Strudwick.

The offense will definitely be a concern. As of right now the Rangers do have Jagr, Holik, Balej, Lundmark, Ortmeyer, Murray, Betts. But they also have a few kids that are expected to be good. Hugh Jessiman, drafted last season, is a huge kid. In 3-4 years he’ll be this teams #1 Rw, once jagr leaves. Josef Balej also have tons of talent, speedy, great shot, great skater, isnt big, but makes up for it with his skill. Garth Murray and Jed Ortmeyer are 2 hardworking, checking line type players, that take the body, pump up the team. I love both of these kids, just find a suitable center for them, i suggest Betts.

The fowards that have the best chance to be here next season are, of course Jagr and Holik, and Lundmark, Balej, Murray, Ortmeyer, Betts, M. Green. They’re going to have to sign a few players. I think Josh Green, Sandy McCarthy, and Rucinsky should be re-signed. If these guys were signed the lines would look something like this:


J. Green-Lundmark-Balej


_-M. Green-McCarthy






For the 4th line Lw, give it to a kid that works real hard in training camp, that or bring back Steve Mckenna. The Goaltending will be like that because Montoya is in college, Blackburn needs a year in Hartford, and Lundqvist is going to be in Sweden again.

any comments?”

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  1. raine_kalisz says:

    Kondartiev is great. I saw him in a few games with Toronto and he was very very steady. I think he’s already NHL ready. Someone else will have to be acquired for the second line because Green can’t cut it and both Lababera and Valiquette are not NHL calibre goalies. They’re great in the AHL but everytime they’re given a chance in the NHL they always crack. Personally i don’t think Dunham is very good starter either. I’d sign Weekes and let him and Dunham duke it out. I’m sure you’ll see Weekes win. Then dump them both or just Dunham next year and have one of the kids split time with a veteran.

  2. RangerSteve says:

    If you’ve watched Bobby Holik at all during his career, he is not a #1 line center. I understand this team is very weak, and he played well w/ Jaromir Jagr last season. IF Glen Sather/Tom Renney and Co. is serious about developing talent as far as getting a young #1 center in the system, then either Jamie Lundmark or Dominic Moore should be recalled to possibly fill this position. If not, then Sather should attempt to go the free agent route. The bottom line is Jamie Lundmark has to be a #2 center at least if we want to see him fulfill any form of potential that was once placed on him. There are no more excuses to where he fits in, and hwat position or line he’ll play at. If he doesn’t perform, then Sather will end up shipping him elsewhere.

    I do like hte idea of seeing Jed Ortmeyer and Garth Murray playing on the same line. Talk about two wingers that will grind it out on a nightly basis and take the body consistantly. Both showed last year they play each shift as if it were his last, especially Ortmeyer who was recalled and playe dthe majority of the year w/ NYR.

  3. Eric86 says:

    make it eight years without the playoffs for Rangers.

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    with the team the rangers have holik can easily be a #1 center, and with the money he is making he better be a top guy on this team. but if renney wants to give lundmark a chance with jagr than that will work also.

    i dont see dominic moore turning into a top guy, maybe a 2nd line center, the 3rd line will eventually have fardeleau.

  5. wheresthesoda says:

    i think kondratiev will play some time in hartford to get used to the rangers style of play, and your wrong about valiquette, he played a few games last season for the rnagers and was actually very solid, lababera proved that he is amazing in the ahl, but wasnt givin much of a chance to do good in the nhl. dunham can be good if the defense is decent, but remember that the rangers arent trying to be a playoff team for this next season, but with the team they have there isnt much of a chance for them to succeed, but they can get crosby whcih would be very valuable assett.

  6. pratt25 says:

    what’s your favourite team big fella or are you too scared to say?????

  7. Rancid says:

    Honestly..is josh green second line capable. Some Rangers fans are taking this rebuilding way too extreme and saying ” Sign NO vets”

    Examples of other teams who have experienced rebuilding…

    Look at Montreal……….

    in 2000 (rebuilding process)

    Vets: Linden, Koivu, Rucinsky, Brisebois, Dykhus, Savage, Brunet———— as u can see there were more than enough vets to lead the young players……

    Calgary “2000”


    Jerome Iginla

    Val Bure






    So as you can see these teams had a sufficient amount of vets or at least players that had played 5+ yrs in the NHL and are proven successful.

    Rangers on the other hand

    V- Vet

    S- Star that played 5+ years

    C- One dimensional semi vet

    D- Vet who does absolutely NOTHING

    K- Kid

    Holik V

    Jagr VS

    J. Green D

    Lundmark K

    Balej K

    Murray K

    Betts K

    Ortmeyer K

    M. Green K

    Moore K

    Scott K

    Tyutin K

    Kasperitis V

    Poti C

    Rachunek K

    Pock K

    Puritan C

    Strudwick D

    So if you look at this you can see that these kids have no leadership and the rebuilding process will fail unless they fill in the large roster gaps!!

    Montreal had Koivu.. Calgary had Conroy…Rangers have Bobby Holik!!!! Nothin against him but he is a 3rd line checker. The fact is the Rangers need to sign a #1 Centre who has leadership skills– Allison or Damphousse

    They need 2 LWs… to play the 1st and 2nd Line roles— Kariya (great leader) and maybe Rucinsky.

    They then need a veteran talented stay-at-home dman not strudwick…….(McGillis)

    Suggested Roster

    Kariya- Lundmark – Jagr

    Rucinsky- Damphousse- Balej

    Murray- Holik- Ortmeyer

    J. Green- M. Green- McCarthy (resign him)

    (May be able to dump Rucinsky by mid yr if a LW in the farm is ready)


    Tyutin- McGillis

    Kasparaitis- Pock

    Poti- Strudwick/ Rachunek/ Purinton/Kondratiev




    There you have it

    A team with enough leadership and potential to play the kids more than veterans……

    Vet Count

    Forwards- 5/ 12 (2 on top two lines)

    Defense 2/6 or potential 3/6, Two in the top 4 pairing

    Goalie: Dunham will eventually go in about a year.

    So there you go a team prepped for balanced rebuilding

  8. Rancid says:

    Its gonna happen but they will have a contender in about 3 years.

  9. Rancid says:

    crosby is virtually impossible

  10. Kraut182 says:

    Yeah, the Rangers need another goalie (and a younger one at that) to get in the way of their minor league goalie surplus.

  11. wheresthesoda says:

    your not understanding what i was saying in the article, what i wrote was facts, and what teh rangers roster will look like or similar too. sather is not going to go get kariya and damphouse.

    another thing..if the rangers did get weekes, that means blackburn and montoya and lundqvist are useless, unless u want them to rot in the minors, kinda like ken gernander

  12. RangerSteve says:

    Why would Paul Kariya want to play on a rebuliding team? Many of us NYR fans aren’t saying don’t sign the veterans, but we don’t want to see guys past their prime that make big dollars coming back. It hasn’t worked for 7 years and it sure as hell won’t work for an 8th.

  13. Amcan says:

    In 2000, it was Stillman not Conroy. Craig was in StLouis

  14. Rancid says:

    nah man, I checked a roster list- 2000-2001 season

  15. Rancid says:

    Kariya isn’t past his prime… but u may be right about him not wanting to play on a rebuilding team. Damphouuse would just be for leadership reasons.

  16. Rancid says:

    I don’t think they should get weekes… unless of course they trade dunham…. blackburn needs minors experience..maybe they can bring his prospect status back if he’s brought up right


    2004-2005- Minors

    2005-2006- Starter


    2004-2005- Minors

    2005- 2006- Minors

    2006- 2007- Backup

    2007-2008- Fight for role


    2004-2005- College

    2005-2006- Minors

    2006- 2007- Minors

    2007-2008- Backup/Fight for role

    in 2007/2008.. one goalie will likely be traded for prospects.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    umm no…

    with the coyotes supposedly on the verge of signing hull/numminen, the penguins signing recchi, the blackhawks having better goaltending and a healthy squad next year, and nikolai zherdev developing, the rangers and caps realistically have the best shots at crosby. the rangers have horrible goaltending in dunham, kolzig is a quality goaltender.

  18. adambuffalo says:

    “The New York Rangers have not made the playoffs in the last 7 years, and throughout these 7 years the Rangers were acquiring veterans that were past there prime, players like Lindros, Bure, MESSIER.”

    I can understand putting Lindros and Bure on this list, but wasn’t Messier the captain of the team the last time the Rangers won the cup. I agree that now he should retire, but when he came to the Rangers he had a lot left. Was Gretzky pass his prime when he came to New York too, and if so, who wouldn’t want someone still producing 90+ points a season? When they brought Messier in in 1991-92 he had 107 points and 2 years later they had the cup.

  19. wheresthesoda says:

    montoya isnt gonna spend 2 full seasons in the minors, that will be just a waste, give him a season at the most.

    and i dnt think they should get weekes either..they have dunham for this upcoming season then his contract is over, so thats when blackburn will be the #1, but if dunham gets injured during the season u call up blackburn aand he plays.

  20. Rancid says:

    Rangers do have star players….




    And what about boston….they have like three players.

  21. Rancid says:

    even bure…..they got him for virtually nothing..cept the first rounder.

    He played great when he was healthy…it was when his knees went bad…

    Worst Ranger Moves

    -Giving Lindros an contract with games played incentives

    -Paying Darius Kasparaitis 4 million

    – Paying Bobby Holik 9 million

    – Acquiring Kovalev— If they really wanted to acquire him, they should have traded him to another club for a goalie and defenseman

    maybe they could have done

    Poti (stock was up)


    2nd Round Pick


    Eric Desjardins

    Simon Gagne

    …now, of course that would never happen

    – Acquiring Anson Carter (too many goalscorers) The night before the trade Dvorak had 3 assists

    – Acquiring Dunham…There must have been a better goalie in the market.

    – Signing Fleury (Headcase)

    -Bring back Messier after he went to vancouver…

    They didn’t need him he was washed up at that point…they should have sought out a good #1 centre.

  22. DandoEagle says:

    sorry dude. face the facts. the rangers suck. you didnt need to waste so much time to right this stuff as you could have just said the rangers sucks. and nope tehy wont get crosby nope they wont. they have as gooder a chacne to get him as the pens did wtih ovetchinkin. the sens will get crosby because they have great assets to trade that teams will want like vermete, smolinski and white and pother pluse tones of grate prospects and draft picsk to move. all teams will want these cause they are gooder than most.

  23. wheresthesoda says:

    i wouldve put gretzky on the list but he brought the rangers to the playoffs

  24. wheresthesoda says:

    let me guess..your a senators fan?..by the way…it only took me 20 mins to write the article…and it was my first one

  25. Sands says:

    First straight to the topic of Holik, EVERYONE STOP PUTTING HIM ON THE FIRST LINE! He is going to be on the 3rd line center were he should be, I hear this all the time. END IT!

    Messier should have a spot behind the bench this year as they wait for his decision.

    Puritan better not be on this lineup and if he is.. it better be for 10 games total this season! HE SUCKS, they waste there money on this moron. He needs to be dropped out of the NHL.

    Lundmark needs the 1st line this year to work with Jagr… I truly believe he could become a big name in this league after one year of playing with Jagr.

    Lababera, SUCKS but whatever I’d play him to tell you the truth, if he is ever going to be ready now is the time, and hopefully he sucks and we drop to last and get Crosby…. But that’s all a long shot.

    Richter should have been one of the goaltending coaches and Graves could have signed to get on the coaching staff but turned it down. That would have had a nice look to it for the Ranger fans. .

  26. raine_kalisz says:

    Dunham lets in weak goals. I’ve seen so many five hole goals on this guy… He played good at the start of the year, the first two months or so, but after that he just got worse and worse.

  27. ALMO-TML says:

    More Playoff Absences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. wheresthesoda says:

    Puritan was re-signed so he is going to play.

    if you have holik playing teh 3rd line with murray and ortmeyer, then whos going to be the 2nd line center??..whos gonna be balejs center??..betts?..that wont work. then you have to to drop m. green or make him the 4th line winger, have betts play the 4th line center, and what have dominic moore play the 2nd line center..so u want the lines to look like this if they do re-sign j. green, mccarthy and rucinsky:


    j. green-moore-balej


    m. green-betts-mccarthy

    that might happen. but i dont want holik to be gettin paid 9 mil for being a 3rd line center.

  29. GretzNYR99 says:

    lmfao, kasparaitis, a star player?

    you’re kidding, right?

    the results from the ranger team after the firesale will be very similar to the ones this year. they won a handful of games. they realistically have the best shot at crosby.

    washington has a solid goaltender in olaf kolzig, and with a good season, he can get them out of the cellar. the same goes for mike dunham, but i’d bank on kolzig winning 25+ before i would on dunham.

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    holik is not a number one center, get over it. he was the lone center in the 02 ufa market, and the rangers won a very costly bidding war, that’s why he’s being paid 9 million. any other year and he’d never make that much.

    you’re wrong about moore, at best he’ll be a 2nd liner.

    watch out for billy ryan, he’s a real crafty and creative center who’s putting up great numbers in high school. his work ethic and game remind me a lot of mike york.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    i hope you’re kidding…

    the senators don’t have enough to trade for crosby. they have a good prospect core, but it’s not enough for crosby. they’re better off without him anyway. todd white isn’t anything special, vermette will be decent, and you’re on crack if you think smolinski has enough trade value to be put in a trade for crosby.

  32. Sands says:

    Thats what Holik is a 3rd line Checking Center. They paid him all that money to be a 3rd line Center… He is not a 1st line Center by an means, and he is not a 2nd line Center. He is and always will be a 3rd line Center, thats where he wants to play thats where he has always played thats where he shoudl play.

  33. GretzNYR99 says:

    He still doesn’t understand that Holik is getting paid 9 mill a year because of the fact that he was the only center worth a damn on the 02 ufa market. He was in the middle of a huge bidding war that the Rangers won at 9 million bucks. I’ve said this many times, but it seems that no one listens to me.

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