What the leafs need to do before Sunday

Assuming that the cap hits 48 million for next season, it gives the leafs about 6 million to spend on free agents. I dont think 6 million dollars would be enough to round out the forward units. Considering the amount of depth on defence, the leafs could possibly move one or two to free up cap space, to a team that needs defenceman. Keven Lowe of the Edmonton Oliers is looking for a puck moving defenceman. With a pending deal of Joni Pitkaien going to the canes and wade redden not likely going to Edmonton, Lowe could look at the leafs.

A deal could look like this

To Edmonton

To Toronto
Perhaps a prospect, try free up as much cap room as possible.

This deal would give the leafs around 12.5 million to spend.

They could target Paul Kariya for 5 million, and Shannahan for 3 million as well Kyle calder for 2.5 million.

Leafs Lines woud look like this

Kariya Sundin Shannan

Calder Wellwood Tucker

Poni Steen Bell

Kilger Stajan Pohl/Deveraux

McCabe Kaberle

Colaiacovo White

Gill Kornwall/Stralman


This would be a stanley cup contending team