What The Leafs Should Do Wheather JFJ Likes It Or Not?

Let’s be realistic the leafs are not going to win the cup, so why should they give up so much future for a player that will only get them into game 7 or round 1? Oneill, Lindros, Czerkawski are the only players on this team that if they are not playing with sundin do not fit anywhere else. Of all 3 czerkawski is the fastest, probably the only one with speed, he has the fastest slapshot of all 3 and more accurate. Lindros is the biggest and can through some pretty big hits that can change the momentum of a game. Oneill, no speed, no hard hits, and not that good along the boards, the only reason he has 15 goals is because he is playing with sundin, which is why sundin needs someone better.

I say we get rid of Oneill, he can still be pretty dangerous if he is with the right people, send him and Khavanov to vancouver for a 3rd pick.

Now for Czerkawski, this guy is one of our fastest players and dangerous shooters, why the hell does quinn not play him? Czerkawski would be good on the powerplay instead of allison , like this:



the goaltender has to watch out for 3 dangerous shooters, tucker, czer, mccabe, so bascially the same powerplay, czer can do aliison’s job and can shoot.

As for these Gaborik and Zetterberg rumors, I think i would rather take zetterberg, but why would detroit want to get rid of him? If it’s Gaborik the leafs should trade Allison and a 3rd pick, that is a dead on fare trade, i think we might be getting a tiny bit ripped off. If it’s Zetterberg we should trade Allison and a 2nd pick, now that’s reasonable.

Now we have someone to play with Sundin. Now we just need to touch up our defence. Since Phoenix is not going to make the playoffs why not send over Kronwall and a 2nd pick for Derek Morris.

Zetterberg or Gaborik-Sundin-Lindros









line 1:

skill players: zett or gab, sundin

tough players: lindros,sundin

line 2:

skill players: all of them

tough players: none, but all have great deking ability

line 3:

skill players: wellwood, poni

tough players: fedoruk

line 4:

skill players: Kilger, Ondrus

tough players: Domi

So we have toughness and skill on every line. So wheather JFJ likes it or not, this is what he should do, or atleast try to make one of these trades. I’m so sick of people offering up allison, wellwood and a 2nd pick for gaborik…..wat a rip off for us, why would leaf fans suggest that trade.

oh bye that way JFJ, the one thing I did different than you was that I actually took into consideration who would play with who, not just go out and sign just any random good players. Sure Oneill and Lindros are good players but if they are both not playing with sundin they do not fit on this team and as a result one of them had to be traded.

That’s a solid team. any questions, comments, complaints, beefs, *****es!!!!!