What the NHL player needs now is more heart sweet heart…

…may be not for some but for everyone.

Anyway sorry for the derivation of the Burt Backarack song, but I was watching Austin Powers in which he and/or Mike Myers song that song in all three of them. Although I personally don’t like it, the song just sticks in the head.

Anyways there is always some idea that someone has for creating more offense OR getting more fan support behind this sport… or just random ideas that would help the game.So after a little bit of brainstorming I think I have come up with a very good, and yet common idea amongst us fans.

Now there is a few ways that my idea could be implemented(… if I used that word correctly).

1. Shrink the number of games played in a regular season.

Here is the positives:

Less games means that each game is more important. There will be more time for resting thus giving the players more energy which makes for more exciting hockey!

WHY is it that rivalry games are more fun to watch? The players are more pumped for them and you can tell there is a lot more heart coming from the players.

And the cons:

Less games means less TV revenue and money from selling tickets. Less games means a much greater chance that (if this is still possible) of a player getting 50 goals. Its not happenning this year!

NOW that is a heck of a lot of negatives. So why doesn’t the NHL

2. Expand the legnth of a season? Why not instead of October 10 – April 5 (roughly) don’t they go September 25 – May 1? Then playoffs either get shrunk to best of 3, or 5 until the finals. or just make the entry draft july 1, and the FA the 7th of July. Then exhibition games start first week in September?

Also is it just me or is too much of something not necessarily a good thing? I got an ah ha moment when talking to a friend. I asked why not go to a shootout after a tied game?

He responded that a shootout/penalty shot would start to be like a “meh” its just another part of the game. It would not be as special because it would happen more often.

Could this also be true with players with a long schedule or playing the same team 6 times+ a year?

Anyways I’ll go back to laughing at Austin Powers, especially Goldmember. Am I the only one who caught…

Toronto the voted the best city in the world.

The Maple Leafs win the Stanly Cup.

…in the headlines after he caught Dr. Evil. Ah Mike Myers he is funny. Although the Leafs actually have one of the best chances at it with their aquisitions, and I have been to Toronto only twice, so I can’t judge.

Anyways, as always:

Your Thoughts:

3 Responses to What the NHL player needs now is more heart sweet heart…

  1. JeffBurnz09 says:

    You can’t make the season that long, its long enough as it is. I know I’m sick of the season already and I’m just looking forward to the playoffs. Unless your a fan of a team fighting for a spot right now, I dont think you want to wait until May to start playoffs. I think the season is fine the way it is, its long enough and they play enough games. There’s bigger problems they need to fix right now.

    As for the shoot out, I don’t think it would get old, and not having it because it would seem less special doesnt make sense. It doesnt happen enough for the NHL to want to make sure it remains a special occasion. There’s no promise of it happening so people don’t buy tickets on the chance of a penalty shot. They just need to do SOMETHING to get rid of this foolish win-loss-tie-OT loss thing because teams are ending up losing in over time, or hanging in for a tie and making the playoffs with a barely over .500 record. In any other sport you either win or lose and in hockey you can lose a game and still get a point. I think a shoot out after a 5 minute OT works because they can’t have a regular season game going all hours of the night and into 5 or 6 OT periods, so they need a quick, fair way to decide a game, that ensures someone will win. Shoot out does it..

  2. cgolding says:

    Actually, TV will have more a complaint regarding shrinking playoffs than the regular season. All of this is really moot though, what you really need are higher ratings for TV. If you can get a lot more people watching(not likely), then you can shrink the schedule some just because they would make more money off the advertising per game.

    As for the fact that rivalries are so much better… Personally I would like to see the NHL expand the rivalries in the schedule. I would suggest that they cut the East v. West games down to maybe each division having a series with another division in the opposite conference and that be it. So as a Flyer fan i’d see the Red Wings 1 in 3 years. You can then take those games and start adding them to the rest of the games in your own conference. Extra game against Toronto? bring it. More hate for the Devils.. bring it. One more chance to pound on JV Jersey(rangers)…. woohoo… I mean seriously, how much more fun would that be?

    Plus this would cut down on some travel time for players… also leading to more rest during the season.

    nevermind the bullox,


  3. beefer says:

    I agree that teams should not be rewarded for losing in overtime or even hanging on for a tie. The league should make a system that encourages teams to play harder throughout the game. I think they should award teams 3 points for a win in regulation, 2 points for a win in OT, and if the game is still tied after OT, go to a shootout. The winner of the shootout would get 1 point and the loser gets nothing. This should makes teams play balls out to win. The further they go without winning, the more points they give up. This should stop teams from sitting back to hold on to their guaranteed point and make for more exciting games.

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