What to do about Pat Quinn?

Over the last few days Toronto newspapers have been filled with articles calling for Pat Quinn’s head as GM. Its hard to find anyone in Toronto who is happy with the moves or lack there of that he has done this offseason. The question is does he need to be replaced?Anyway its spun sounds the same.

One article asks questions about Pat Quinn’s health and if he can do this for another season. Another just points to has lack of any activity, and another just says hey if Bob Gainey is out there and he was Drydens first choice 5 years ago why not go for it now? No matter how it is put it sounds like the media in Toronto want Pat Quinn to step down or be removed from his GM position. Are they right in questioning the team only 8 days into July?

I say yes, Leaf fans were thrilled to be four wins away from their first Cup final since 1967 and there was nothing but talk about how only a few key players needed to be added for this team to go over the top.

Well that time has come and the question Leaf fans are asking is where are those guys you promised us? The reality is that Pat Quinn has let the team fall apart. Letting Domi, Valk, Cross walk and having your former star player leave your team because he feels there isn’t much of a chance to win a Cup in Toronto. Rag on Valk, Cross and Domi as much as you want but they’re names look better on a roster card then TBA. Those holes will not get filled via trade due to Pat Quinns new philosophy of not trading roster players, also with the lack of quality youth in the tank that bars that trade from happening unless they trade Boyes which would set them back AGAIN, but it seems like it has to get done.

There is nowhere this team can go right now.

Any free agent that would have made a difference is gone or Toronto has “passed” on them. They will not be able to make a blockbuster trade because they lack trading bait. Is this Pat Quinn’s fault? YES. Any fan or non-fan can see that their is trouble in Leaf land. No Cujo, No Domi and No Roberts till January is a bad thing ! These are the problems that need to be filled. BEFORE Toronto can get better, they need to be as good. Something has to be wrong in Toronto when free agents don’t want to sign there. When Bill Guerin was signed, a report out of Toronto was that they had offered more than the Stars, Bill Watters came out and said no, no such offer was made.

Which begs the question. What is worse?

-Making a higher offer and him still walking away.

-Making no offer

-Making a lower offer and finishing second or third in a bidding war AGAIN.

Would three million more have been worth it to sign Amonte? Yes, lets say by some Miracle the Eagle soars next year, and the Leafs do just as well as they did. They are not any better then the team that lost to Carolina in 6? And, they will be down one Domi to boot. Many Teams in the East are retooling. Montreal, New Jersey, Washington, New York Rangers to start. This year was a rarity where Philly, Boston and New Jersey were bounced in the first round. I don’t see it happening again and many GM’s see that which is why they are trying to improve their rosters.

If Pat Quinn doesn’t make some sort of move in the next few days I think it should be his head. I guess time will tell.