what to do from here

what do the oilers do from here? With a medicre 16 19 4 in the teams first 39 games of the season. In the dustin penner offer sheat the oilers parted with their first, second and third selections in the 2008 draft…
Althouh we do have the Anaheim Ducks first and second selections in the ’08 draft as pat of the blockbuster trade that sent Pronger to the ducks.
As a true die hard oilers fan i think the whole rebuilding thing is the best thing for this franchise….A franchise that is allready loaded in young tallent… Sam Gagner , nillson, and coogliano up front have given the oilers promise, while smeed gilbert and green are comming into their own in the back end….
With Ryley nash, alex plant, robbie shrimp, patrick thornesen all on the outside looking in the future looks extreamly positive in oil city….
the trade deadline is in the near future ( feb 26th) to be exact… i think in the midst of the rebuilding we need to make room for the kids to start taking over the top roster spots…horcoff, reasoner, tarnstrom staos and dwane roloson will all bring atleast some attention from the other gm’s..if the right deal comes along possibly look into dumping torres, stool and pitkanen…pitkanen and stool both have rfa status at the end of the season… they have claimed that nhl draft 08 is exceptionally first round deep unlike the past few anywho…why not sell the farm off again this year and sign vetrens in the summer or atleast try ….when we start stockpiling our dynasty like we did in the 80’s you’ll see the top notch free agents fighting to play for a chance to win….go oilers

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  1. rcichard03 says:

    Go back to school and learn to spell your own teams favorite Whipping boys names.

  2. hunter3333 says:

       I think we need to send a 4th round pick to montreal for ryder and staios and reasoner to the sharks for cheechoo. that would probably be a good starting point

  3. ferron says:

      Dumbest GM move ever, from Lowe that is, he gave up 1st, 2nd, 3rd draft pick for Dustin Penner, sure Penner was impressive last year but while playing with the Ducks! News Flash, this ain't the Ducks, this is the Edmonton Oilers. I saw this coming a long time ago(same for Souray) I cant believe that Lowe was resigned for 3 more years?

      Here's a tip Mr. Lowe, next time you put an offer sheet on the table, make sure it's for a franchise player or make sure the team will match the offer!
    Thank God Buffalo matched the oilers offer, Can you imagine Vanek in Edmonton at 7.5 mil/year, Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hunter3333 says:

      i think you are wrong there penner is still improving he will look like a bargain in a few years.what this team needs now is someone to protect its players so that other teams quit running our players.this team has alot of good young talent

  5. FlamingHomer says:

    I thought the spelling was pretty good for an Oilers fan.

  6. Moose161 says:

    I can only hope that the Oilers wind up with a top 3 pick in the 2009 draft.  This draft will be loaded with even more talent.  If you look at this draft Tavares is not even considered to be the undisputed number 1 pick.  Instead Victor Hedman (the swedish defensemen) is considered by many scouts to challenge Tavares for the number 1 pick.  He has been compared to Pronger and has even been viewed as better than Pronger was at his age.  He is also playing in the Swedish Elite league as a 16 year old. 

    Another couple of names to be aware of are D-man Jared Cowan, Forward Tomas Vincour and Forwaard Landon Ferrarro (yes he is the offspring of Ray Ferraro).  Cowan has played as an underage, at every level possible (for example he played Midget AAA as a 14 year old).  Tomas Vincour is looking like a Jagr type of player because he rarely gets knoked off of the puck and uses his 6'1'' 200 pound frame very well.  Landoin Ferraro like his father has unbelievable wheels and is solid defensively in his own end.

  7. Pronger44 says:

    I’m watching the Oilers/Blue Jackets right now and man does Edmonton look bad with the puck, not trying to bash the team in any way, but they seem to get the odd turnover but other then that seem to just dump it in any time they get the puck.

  8. Pronger44 says:

    The Montreal trade sounds decent, but the Cheechoo trade is off just a little…

  9. Pronger44 says:

    Those comments are really unnecessary, whether he has spelling mistakes or not, I could say the same for your spelling of favoUrite… maybe your the one that needs schooling, look at your name even, lol

  10. elburito says:

    first of all…. worst spelling ever

    IMO the Oilers need to dump Staios, Tarnstrom, Torres, Stoll, Roloson and Sanderson.

    Let the kids like Gagner, Cogliano, Nilson, Smid and Gilbert take over… there is plenty of vets on this team to help out.. Horcoff, Hemmer, Souray, Moreau and Pisani.

    Its time to give Deslauriers his spot as backup and ride Garon for the rest of this season and next. Maybe its time to give Schremp some quality minutes and push him towards his true potential. Its time for the Oilers to give up on guys like Stoll and Torres….

  11. Wings19 says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thats funny…. dumbass

  12. Wings19 says:

    I'd do the Ryder one…

  13. Wings19 says:

    The first thing the Oilers need is a fighter. A 4th round pick for Brian McGrattan and get rid of Stortini.

  14. hunter3333 says:

      stortini to the sharks for cheechoo

  15. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Man…what sucks the most is that the Oilers 1st round pick has a great chance to nab Stamkos. And they went and traded it for Penner! Now, Penner has potential, he's on pace for 20 goals, thats not bad, hopefully he'll get better. But he'll never be Stamkos.

    Now our only chance for Stamkos to play in Canada is the Leafs….

  16. wingsfan13 says:

    i was waiting, looking around for jennettytherockhead's "Oiler's 2008 Stanley Cup Champions" rubbish and amazingly it wasn't here.  Awesome.

    i will admit i despise the oilers.  however, i will try to be as unbiased as one can be.  frankly what do the oilers have to sell and blow up (roster wise)?  personally i think they already started the rebuilding process this year, whether anyone likes to admit or not and contrary to the salary.  souray, pitkanen, garon, and penner were all just added.  half the team is consisted of new faces.  brodziak, gagne, gilbert, cogliano, nilsson, grebs, spurgeon, thoreson….plus you can't just have rookies constituting the entire team.  the teams that rebounded the best still had a small core of veterans to work with and mix/teach.

    the main problem lies with two things:  gm and owner.  if you have 100 people running a team that doesn't work because then there is no one strategy to follow and the team goes in different directions.  get one owner and that create a central authority that creates stability and trust.  fire lowe.  he tried, but thats not what wins.  you have to be smart and put money in the right places with the right people.  the best gm's have bargains on their teams and spend money efficiently.  $4 million/yr on a 2nd line 2nd year rw who has yet to even come close to 60 points.  not smart.  pay $5 million for a defensman who had a next to last plus minus and injury problems.  not smart especially when defense is so crucial to succeed in the nhl these days.  thats 10 million right there on two people who have contributed about as much as cogliano and gilbert (whose combined salaries by the way are $2 million).  you just have to rebuild patiently and from the right perspective.

    horcoff, hemsky, moreau, reasoner, pissonme, pitkanen, staios, roloson, and garon all provide a decent core to get the team through these rough times and to build on and mix with.  now the oilers must just be patient and not push player so that their development is compromised.  if somehow they can unload souray and penner that would help, be a miracle, and a god send.  however i doubt they will do so and whether they could find a willing taker.  that makes it extremely difficult for the oilers now and down the road.  all that talent they developed will have to be let go because they don't have the money to sign em'.  torres and stoll likely have to be booted out of Edmonton as well.  they didn't not fullfil expectations placed on them and a change of scenery is all that can change their play.  that will chip $4 million off and give a little more room to maneuver the next year or so.

    i'm glad the oilers are stinky though cuz that means the team i can't stand stays on the bottom and i can rip them all i want.

  17. Wings19 says:

    lol wow thats a great idea

  18. tacitus says:

    great post… any other teams also turn over the odd puck or just the oilers… ur hockey insight help me sleep

  19. tacitus says:

    my bad i misread… apparently the Oil are retrieving the odd turnover.. thats even better because before the Oilers opponants would turn the puck over and somehow the Oilers wouldnt get the puck….so now they are getting the turnovers

    question who used to get the turnovers?? if the opposing team turned the puck over and the oilers didnt get it, who is left???

  20. JannettyTheRocker says:

    So, you have all the answers hey??? The season is not over yet, and the Oilers aren't out of the playoff picture just yet. We have a young team with a good group of veterans, and if everybody can get healthy at the same time then we definitely will make the playoffs. And once in the playoffs, anyone can win on any given night.


  21. LiborPolasek says:

    I agree with you, the Oilers should throw in the towel and try and get some return for players that aren't in their long term plans and try to reassemble some picks to make up for the Penner signing.

    Unfortunately for the Oilers they will be stuck with Roloson. You can be assured of that. No one's going to want to pay him $3.67 million next season as he's far too expensive for a backup and the only teams I could see potentially using him as a starter are Tampa or LA, and those two don't seem like good fits for him, either. Tampa needs a real solution in goal, not another overpaid goalie, and LA isn't going anywhere so they may as well go with youth or sign a cheaper veteran. At least the Oilers have Garon tied up for one more year at $1.2 million.

    I really don't see the Oilers being able to trade stool for anything really, not even a bag of pucks. The last time the Oilers traded stool it was 6'6 220lbs worth but at least it was molded into a former Hart trophy winning defenceman.

  22. LiborPolasek says:

    Why would the Senators trade a perfectly good goon for a fourth round pick? McGrattan doesn't do a whole lot in Ottawa but he works hard, never complains about his (lack of) playing time and fills the role of fighter just fine.

    Murray would laugh at Lowe and hang up the phone.

  23. hunter3333 says:

      i think we need to package roloson-omara and tarnstrom to the pens for gordan stall and ruttu. thenpackage torres-staios and stoll to the sharks for jonathon cheechoo and a 2nd round draft pick in 08.As for penner he is going to become one of the better power forwards in the league in the next couple of years thats why burke cried like a baby when edmonton signed him.Souray and Pitkanen are going to lead the defence core for edmonton in years to come.Doing these trades would save the oil about 7.5 million in cap space. plus this team is loaded with talent in the minors

  24. Pronger44 says:

    I like how you seem to always have a little say on my posts tacitus. I mean honestly, you just trying to get me into an argument with you, or do you always come on here trying to make yourself feel higher above then the people on here. I’m not gonna start arguing or debating with you, so feel free to continue to leave rude, unnecessary remarks on my page, and I’ll just stop responding so you’ll quit getting your panties wet, happy new year and best of luck though.

  25. jpmac says:

    Well see we Canadians, along most other english speaking countires, spell favoUrite that way. So in the end maybe it is you who needs schooling.

  26. tacitus says:

    i havent worn panties for months they are soo 2007

  27. PuckNuts says:

    Lets piss off Chris Pronger. Lets trade Ryan Smyth. Lets offer a 23 year old guy $50M. Lets trade Jason Smith. Kevin Lowe isn't just bad for the Oilers, he's bad for the league. The guy that replaces the guy that replaces Kevin Lowe might have a long shot snowball's chance in hell of  bringing a cup to Edmonton.

  28. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Your only saying that because u don't know how to spell arrogant!

  29. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    And here it comes! haha
    You spoke to soon.

  30. hunter3333 says:

      yes if chris pronger had kept his dick in his pants his wife wouldnt have made him leave edmonton

  31. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    It will look like a bargain in a few years when his contract is up , then klowe can sign him to a 7 year 99 million dollar deal, or some other ridiculous amount.

  32. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    K-lowe for Edmonton is like what K-fed is for Britney Spears, a very,very bad news.

  33. Wings19 says:

    Well then McGrattan for Poulliot.

  34. Wings19 says:

    I agree with your trades except for the Jordan Stall and Ruttu. Ruttu is just a little piece of $hit that the Oilers dont need.

  35. Wings19 says:

    K this PuckNuts guy is a real dumbass. How the hell did Lowe piss of Pronger? Its not Lowe's fault Pronger decided to go knock up some news lady. And for Ryan Smyth, i think they got pretty good in return, and if he really loved it here would of takin the 100k less or at least have his agent return Lowe's call during free agency. So if you dont know anything about hockey why dont you stfu.

  36. hunter3333 says:

     maybe it was pucknuts wife that pronger knocked up. im smelling a cover up here

  37. Pronger44 says:

    yeah because when I tend to make a spelling error its a big blow up, so i figured thats what everyone does on here, snap about spelling errors, because when I write a mistake, you gotta cry and get your panties all wet and treat me like a bucket of crap. Well you know what, screw you, and all your stupid posts, get a life, and when you wanna talk hockey then maybe post on my comments, if your just gonna play little high school games cause you never gotta be king there, have fun, but grow up someday, for the love of god.

  38. Pronger44 says:

    very good post again indeed, how old are you? 12? 6? thats what i thought.

  39. Pronger44 says:

    thats it, never post a comment to me again, well even if you do, it wont get responded back to. You wanna play kid games, go on a chat room and swear or whatever it is you do, quit wasting my time and others time on here.

  40. Pronger44 says:

    Pronger wanted out, after having a fling with a reporter, but that’s Kevin Lowe’s fault. Ryan Smyth wanted out it was so obvious shunning every offer Lowe threw at him, then signing with his buddy Joe Sakic’s team in the summer. Smith I dunno what happened there, as well as Lupol who are solid with the Flyers. But reeming Lowe out for players that don’t wanna be an Oiler, just shut up, the guy does his job like anyone else and makes puzzling moves like anyone, he’s human like anyone else, quit treating him so badly Edmonton fans.

  41. Wings19 says:

    maybe, but i dont think a guy with the brains of a 6 year is married.

  42. Pronger44 says:

    Pucknuts is pathetic. Anything he writes its got the I.Q. of a two year old.

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