What to do with McCabe in the off-season

Bryan McCabe is not worthh 5.75mill a season average and most certainly not worth 7.1 this season an next. So lets provide HOPEFULLY our new GM in the off-season with some ideas assuming jfj will (please god) be FIRED.


1. Keep him and let him redeam himself for next yr

2. Keep him and play him as a winger instead of Defense an play him on the point on the PP.

3. Ask him to waive his No movement clause

4. If he says no to waivin his clause then either sit him until he does or ask his wife to waive it.

5. Fans boooo him everytime he touchs the puck at ACC until he asks for a trade out of town.


1. Lets not, this yr was enough and he is getting older and has some value longer we keep him the harder it will be to trade.

2. Doubt it will even be considered but its not even worth the risk either so no

3. Best option, but doubt it will be that simple….more so if jfj is still GM next yr

4. If nothin else works then yes this is our best option

5. This option is the first step, if we can start this then the media will catch on and McCabe will want a trade.

Which option do u like?