What to do with McCabe in the off-season

Bryan McCabe is not worthh 5.75mill a season average and most certainly not worth 7.1 this season an next. So lets provide HOPEFULLY our new GM in the off-season with some ideas assuming jfj will (please god) be FIRED.


1. Keep him and let him redeam himself for next yr

2. Keep him and play him as a winger instead of Defense an play him on the point on the PP.

3. Ask him to waive his No movement clause

4. If he says no to waivin his clause then either sit him until he does or ask his wife to waive it.

5. Fans boooo him everytime he touchs the puck at ACC until he asks for a trade out of town.


1. Lets not, this yr was enough and he is getting older and has some value longer we keep him the harder it will be to trade.

2. Doubt it will even be considered but its not even worth the risk either so no

3. Best option, but doubt it will be that simple….more so if jfj is still GM next yr

4. If nothin else works then yes this is our best option

5. This option is the first step, if we can start this then the media will catch on and McCabe will want a trade.

Which option do u like?

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  1. the_word says:

    Its funny, McCabe has virtually the same numbers as Kaberele this year, and yet McCabe is scapegoated for all of the Leafs woes, and Kaberele can do no wrong.  I'm not suggesting that McCabe is as good as Kaberele, or that McCabe doesn't struggle in his own end, but the McCabe bashing is a little much.

    McCabe GP 80 14 goals, 42 assists, 56 points, + 1
    Kabby   GP 72 11 goals, 45 assists, 56 points, + 4

  2. Visco says:

    Leaf fans are brutal.  Don't get mad at McCabe for asking for a lot.  He just had a great season.  This season isn't that bad either.  The guy won a must needed win the other night against Phili for us.  Maybe he isn't putting the puck in as consistently now, but thats because teams are shutting down our D.  But look what options have opened up, if we have the PP line of Sundin Wellwood and McCabe n Kaberle.  We have a shot on Right side.  A man to move the puck up high, a shot at the top of the circle.  A man to move the puck down low and pretty much wherever he wants to and then a man down low ready to move in and get an open net goal.  I like what McCabe adds to the team.  He is physical, he provides offence and he will only get better defensively the longer he plays.  Give the guy a break.  If we didn't sign him we were going to end up with just Kubina and Gill and probably would have signed a junk defenceman (No Pronger in TO).

  3. curtman96 says:

    Ya he scored the winning goal but he was also the reason why Philly tied it when he batted the puck out of the air right to the player who scored.

  4. curtman96 says:

    No one can argue that McCabe sucks, he is just not worth the money he is paid. Fans are frustrated because that kind of money can be put towards a much better player, such as a "Datsyuk" calibre player. As for firing JFJ, what is the point. Any GM who comes in now is just handcuffed and really can't do much with the team. Any GM who comes in is basically going to be put into a position to fail.

  5. leafs_will22 says:

    McCabe is a good OFFENSIVE defenseman WHY DO YOU PPL BASH HIM ???? He is not that bad when it comes to defense sure he does make mistakes in his own end BUT at least we have some DEFENSE. Look at pitsberg GONCHAR that's all they have basically and what did he put up last year for 5 mill ?. This new NHL is all about speed defense is not what it used to be, look at new jersey they STILL play the trap YES! but without brodeur THEY ARE NOTHING. All McCabe needs to learn to do is more shot blocking and he's fine. (AT LEAST HE IS NOT BERG)

  6. mojo19 says:

    I was trying hard to get everyone to boo him a couple month's ago, and some people love the idea, some hate it. But he's definitely not worth the money and I would like to see him moved, so let's boo him! (Even though he hasn't been that bad lately, he's not that good)

  7. mojo19 says:

    yes, he is the reason Philly tied it. And he gives up bad chances like that 4 or 5 times a night. A good night for McCabe is when that only happens to him once or twice.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Right now, I'd rather have Berg at $1 mil than McCabe at $5.75 mil.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Everyone knows McCabe puts up pretty good offensive numbers. So what? He can't keep the puck in at the blueline. If Colaiacovo or Kubina were given the minutes McCabe gets, including on the PP with Kaberle all year, they would have similar stats too, and be better at the little things McCabe *****s up.

  10. Hoondog2 says:

    c'mon 4 or 5 times a night is quite an exagerration.

  11. leaferdude2 says:

    no. JFJ will screw us up even more if he's left in. I'd rather a guy that does nothing.

  12. leaferdude2 says:

    Why does everybody want to simply get rid of Brian? He isn't that bad.Yes he has had his falters, but he's trying and he'll do anything for the team.If you can get a good deal, trade him.Just don't run him out of town. You people have done enough of that (cujo,belfour,cross,berg,would you like me to go on?). Remember, these guys have made it farther than you anyone of us ever will.

  13. leaferdude2 says:

    you or anyone of us.sorry guys.

  14. Visco says:

    Exactly.  Not that what was just said means much to any fans.  But why boo a guy out off the team.  That just messes the team up even more.  Why not keep him here and support him so that he will play better.  He is allowed to make mistakes.  Everyone does in the league.  Why aren't fans booing Sundin out of Toronto?  Every night he is missing quality chances to score.  We could have won many games, ex. the Buffalo game a couple fridays ago.  That would have meant a better position than where we are right now.  So lets boo him out of Toronto and find someone who can earn their 6 or 7 million.  I mean look at Heatley and Hossa they make a lot less and are 40/50 goal scorers.  Anyways that was sarcasm and trying to make a point.  But I bet no one thought about that.  So give McCabe a break and don't pick at every mistake he makes. 

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Defensively this is McCabes best season. There are a lo of things h does on the PP and PK that the team would miss.

    5. Never going to happen
    4. sit a 50 point defenseman? do you want to mak he playoffs?
    3. May happen, but not if JFJ is around
    2. Dumb
    1. DING DING DING we have a winner. He will round of as a 15 goal, 0 point defensively average player. expensive, but hardly a liability (Kubina)

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    thats 60 point, not 0 point

  17. mojo19 says:

    fine, 4 or 5 times on any given night. Let’s say once every couple of weeks, he has just a brutal game.

  18. ShadysBackRJ says:

    yea they might have the same OFFENSIVE numbers but last time i remembered Kaberle and McCabe were defenceman and McCabe cant play defense

  19. ShadysBackRJ says:

    haha, i like options 4 and 5

  20. Enigma says:

    they said it’d be a tough job for the raptors new gm as well and look what’s happening to them……..they have to atleast try.

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