What to look for- Bruins Edition

The Boston Bruins is a team that has relied on drafting and smart trades. With a potential cap, the Bruins can once again perhaps see a Golden Age.

Before I go on, I have decided to skip Atlanta’s edition, or just postpone it due to cwthrash’s post of Altanta’s preview. I respect cw, and his opinions, and his team, therefore I won’t even bother submitting a Thrasher report at this time. Also I don’t know if there is just no interest in the Ducks, or if I nailed it right on the head, but 4 comments by members other than me…? I’ll try my best to make these more controversial I guess

Back to the Bruins.

September 3, 1966 the beginning of the last Golden Age in Boston when Bobby Orr signed a contract to play with the Bruins. They win in 1970, and 1972. Then Jeremy Jacobs becomes the owner in 1974. Not only have the Bruins not won since ’72, but the last time they even made the finals was in 1990!

So what effect will a cap have on the Bruins? Lets say that it is a 35 million, because we all know the NHLPA doesn’t like 31. The Bruins have about 17 million tied up, as Gonchar was just rewarded 5.5 million. So the Bruins if there is a cap will have a lot of money space to bring in depth players, AND RESIGN THEIR PROSPECTS! When is the last time the Bruins kept a big name guy? Geurin Allison, Oates, Ranford, Dafoe, Sweeny all were traded or lost via free agency.

The Bruins have a very solid goaltending with Andy Raycroft, probably another vet goalie, Hannu Toivonen, their 2002 first round selection, among other minor leaguers. Needless to say, unless something tragic, or very stupid happens in the front office, the Bruins are set in nets.

Their defense, well, was good. They have yet to resign some, like O’Donnell, Dan McGillis, and Jiri Slegr. Mark Stuart, 2003 first round pick, Milan Jurcina, and Lars Jonsson 7th overall in 2000 are all projected to be top 2-4 defenseman in time.

And upfront. The Bruins needless to say are a one-line team…again. Thornton, Samsonov, and Bergeron lead the pack. Players like Andy Hilbert, Ivan Huml, Brad Boyes among others will probably make the team and be asked to do checking roles, and 2nd line roles… not the best plan. So as of right now, here is what the Bruins are looking like





Gill – Gonchar

Jillson – Boynton

Dallman/Moran – Girard


Samsonov – Thornton – Lapointe

Huml – Bergeron – Samuelsson

Axelsson – Hilbert – Fitzgerald

Vernarsky – Boyes – C. Orr [who has not relation to #4]

Now doesn’t everyone know about these guys on the Bruins active roster. I seriously have my doubts on this team, but then again I have since the Allison “dump.” I really think the Bruins need some depth and character players. This is a small team with the departures of Slegr, McGillis, and O’Donnell. Sullivan is still a young and inexperienced coach, and hopefully Raycroft and Bergeron don’t have an aweful sophomore year.

Like I said before I still see this team missing the playoffs, but they will somehow find a way to make it and lose to the Habs.

Projected finish: NE division 1-3rd; East, 3-10th; and in the league, 7th- 20th