What to look for in the Draft

Here are some rumors that are circulating…George McPhee is listenning to offers for the first round pick. Believed to be in the front running are the Blue Jackets, Panthers, Hawks, and the Rangers.

While I think that Mike Keenan might just trade away all of the great youth Dudley got, I think it will be the Rangers if any team getting it because they have a whole lot of picks, 2 first rounds, 5 seconds, and lots of young CHEAP prospects.

Also the Pens might deal the second overall. The same teams are interested as the first overall, but this pick should be easier to aquire. Both the Pens, and Caps are running low on money, and to sign Ovechkin, and Maklin over from Russia might be out of both teams price range.

Also Mike Keenan is rumored to have the 7th overall and Huseillus or Weiss for Guerrin and Arnott, with 4 million per year eaten up by Dallas.

I hope Mike Keenan does not trade away for vets. Dudley brought in great youth. Huseillus I know he does not like, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go, but no more Mike!

TFP reports that the Flames will look to do something with the 19th overall. It is their only pick in the first 3 rounds, so trading down, or getting a very young prospect are possibilities.

There is also a lot of rumors swirling with goalies. The most obvious is Hasek to Ottawa for Lalime.

If Detroit does this, I will have even less respect for this organization. They treated Joseph like ****. (I did that, not the censoring) To bring in Lalime along with Legace and Cujo is aweful. I could see Detroit getting a young prospect like Alexei Kaigorodov.

With the addition of Gerber, the Canes could be trading the rights to Kevin Weekes.

TFP is reporting that the Blues are after Mathiew Garon of the Habs. Expect him to be traded for about what the ‘Canes paid for Gerber, third and a prospect. Obviously it is looking like “W”Osgood won’t be resigned.

Mike Dunham might be involved in a trade if the Rangers resign McLennan, or sign, trade for a goalie.

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