What we need to win the cup!

For the past 6 years we’ve bought our teams, where are we now. If we want a cup we’ve got to build our team. The way I see it building a team works much better than buying one. Look at past stanley cup winners. Tampa bay has had Lecavalier, Richards, St. Louis, and Khabibulin since the 2000-2001 season. and those are the big name that helped them win the cup. Look at new jersey that has had Brodeur since 1992, and detroit that has had Yserman since 1983. These clubs built their teams, training they’re own rookies, and now they’ve got a few cups under they’re belt.

So now I hear all this talk about the possibility of firing coach Pat Quinn, and it terrifies me. why? because Pats team building skills are finnally coming into play. Guys like Steen, Tellqvist, Wellwood, and Kronwall are all the product off the Leafs coacing staff’s hard work over the past few years. And now people are suggesting that we trade guys like Jay Harrison, Andy Wozniewski, and Saffan Kronwall for guys like Peca and Curtis Joseph! If we want a cu we’ve got to do what Tampa did, we’ve got to do what New Jersey did, we’ve got to build our team from scratch so that maybe in a few years the leafs can bring the stanley cup to Toronto.

Our goaltending situation is much better than people think it is. Belfore is stuggling, but he is hot as of late, and will most likely retire at the end of next season, giving the leafs 4.5 million dollars cap room. Tellqvist has potential to be a great goalie in a few years and is definetly capable of being starting goaltender for the Leafs next season. Racine, Rask, and Pogge are minor league goalies that all have potential to fill the backup role next season.

On defence, McCabe and Kaberle will be a solid pair for many seasons to come. Klee and Berg are having a rough season, but they are still fairly good defensively. Colaiacovo still needs time, but we should be patiet with him because he may turn out great. Khavanov is the guy that needs to go. It doesn’t seem as though he will imrove, he’s terrible defencively and has very little offencive talent to make up for it. And Jay Harrison, Andy Wozniewski, and Saffan Kronwall all have great potential.

Our offence is good for now but there isnt much in the way of young potential. Roman Kukumberg

isnt having a good season with the Marlies. John Pohl is the only guy that may be of use to us in the future.

So heres what needs to happen:

To the New York Islanders: O’neill (not turned out well offensively), Czerkawski, Khavanov, and belak

To Toronto: Asham, Bergenheim, draft pick

Heres the team after the trade:





spare: Pohl, Bergenheim, Asham




spare: Wozniewski, Harrison




we may not win a cup this year, but this plan is the first step to a well built team that may win within a few years.