What we need to win the cup!

For the past 6 years we’ve bought our teams, where are we now. If we want a cup we’ve got to build our team. The way I see it building a team works much better than buying one. Look at past stanley cup winners. Tampa bay has had Lecavalier, Richards, St. Louis, and Khabibulin since the 2000-2001 season. and those are the big name that helped them win the cup. Look at new jersey that has had Brodeur since 1992, and detroit that has had Yserman since 1983. These clubs built their teams, training they’re own rookies, and now they’ve got a few cups under they’re belt.

So now I hear all this talk about the possibility of firing coach Pat Quinn, and it terrifies me. why? because Pats team building skills are finnally coming into play. Guys like Steen, Tellqvist, Wellwood, and Kronwall are all the product off the Leafs coacing staff’s hard work over the past few years. And now people are suggesting that we trade guys like Jay Harrison, Andy Wozniewski, and Saffan Kronwall for guys like Peca and Curtis Joseph! If we want a cu we’ve got to do what Tampa did, we’ve got to do what New Jersey did, we’ve got to build our team from scratch so that maybe in a few years the leafs can bring the stanley cup to Toronto.

Our goaltending situation is much better than people think it is. Belfore is stuggling, but he is hot as of late, and will most likely retire at the end of next season, giving the leafs 4.5 million dollars cap room. Tellqvist has potential to be a great goalie in a few years and is definetly capable of being starting goaltender for the Leafs next season. Racine, Rask, and Pogge are minor league goalies that all have potential to fill the backup role next season.

On defence, McCabe and Kaberle will be a solid pair for many seasons to come. Klee and Berg are having a rough season, but they are still fairly good defensively. Colaiacovo still needs time, but we should be patiet with him because he may turn out great. Khavanov is the guy that needs to go. It doesn’t seem as though he will imrove, he’s terrible defencively and has very little offencive talent to make up for it. And Jay Harrison, Andy Wozniewski, and Saffan Kronwall all have great potential.

Our offence is good for now but there isnt much in the way of young potential. Roman Kukumberg

isnt having a good season with the Marlies. John Pohl is the only guy that may be of use to us in the future.

So heres what needs to happen:

To the New York Islanders: O’neill (not turned out well offensively), Czerkawski, Khavanov, and belak

To Toronto: Asham, Bergenheim, draft pick

Heres the team after the trade:





spare: Pohl, Bergenheim, Asham




spare: Wozniewski, Harrison




we may not win a cup this year, but this plan is the first step to a well built team that may win within a few years.

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  1. lukeleim says:

    O’Neill for the last time wont be traded! Never, for one thing 1.5 mil is a bargain to a certain extent (even though he is a liability defensively), two his brother died and he came to Toronto to be closer to his family… think JFJ is that cold to trade him. And what is with that trade anyway, how does that help Toronto; is the draft pick a high draft pick? Cause Asham and Bergenheim aren’t good players as you evidentally know yourself putting them as spares. But you do make great points about our goaltending situation and Defence. JFJ is hesitant to pull off any trade because they’re isnt anything offered out there in return that would help the team. Their more than will likely be no takers for Jason Allison who JFJ is desperately trying dump on some other desperate fool who is weak down the middle.

  2. The-President says:

    Did that trade do absolutely anything, besides bring NYI garbage to the leafs?

    And o yeah Oneill will not be traded his brother died!!??

  3. The-President says:

    Picked the Completely Wrong Title for this Article, Im Lost on that part, i agree with you also

  4. 92-93 says:

    2 major trades, 2 minor trades, 2 free agent signings, loads of young guys, and loads of releasing and waiving.

    To Calgary: Allison and Klee

    To Toronto: Leopold (and maybe a mid-round pick)

    To Edmonton: Belfour (and a mid-round draft pick)

    To Toronto: Conklin and Staios





    [Belak, Pohl]







    Then, in the offseason …

    Release or Waive: Khavanov, Berg, Czerkawski, Belak

    Trade: Conklin, Antropov (for draft picks)

    Resign: McCabe, Kaberle, Lindros

    Bring up from Marlies: Harrison, Battaglia, Pohl, Kronvall

    Free Agent signings: Curtis Joseph, Patrick Elias





    [Wilm, Battaglia]







    Payroll Total_______________ $40 million dollars

    Departures: Belfour [4.56 million], Allison [1.5 million], Czerkawski [500K], Belak [665K], Antropov [1 million], Khavanov [1.25], Berg [1.06 million], Klee [1.9 million], Conklin [1.14 million].

    Additions: Elias [approx. 5 million], Leopold [$1.05 million], Pohl [450K], Battaglia [450K], Kronvall [450K], Harrison [450K], Staois [1.62 million], Joseph [2.25 million]

    Returnees: Sundin [6.8 million], Lindros [approx: 2.25 million ], Wellwood [approx: 1.25 million], Tucker [1.6 million], Steen [720K], Kilger [475K], Ponikarovsky [700K], Wilm [450K], Domi [1.25 million], O’Neill [1.5 million], Stajan [approx: 1.25 million], McCabe [approx: 5 million], Kaberle [approx: 3.5 million], Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], Tellqvist [450K].

    With the expected hike in the cap next year to about $42-45 million, the leafs will be able to re-sign most of the guys they want (UFAs and RFAs) and have more money left over to get a few more other free agent players as the season progresses and their needs become more evident. Damien Cox has suggested that as the Cap ceiling rises, teams like the Flyers, Wings, and Leafs will regain some of the advantage they once had. If the league minimum goes up it shouldn’t make that much of a difference in the payroll. The Leafs would have some cap room ($2-5 million) to sign someone during the season when and if that is necessary (something that does not exist now).

  5. 92-93 says:

    it may be cold to waive or trade O’Neill – certainly this year anyways. but if he is still not playing well next season, i don’t see any other choice.

    the problem with the leafs largely has to do with the cronyism in toronto. Quinn is an ‘untouchable’ because he is an olympic coach. Domi is an untouchable because of his relationship with the owner. O’Neill is untouchable because of unfortunate cir*****stances that i myself have been through.

    but i am sick of untouchables. O’neill and Domi are unfortunately here for another year. if they don’t get their act together and move beyond being one-dimensional players that can’t play in their own end by next season – its time for them to go – via waivers, trade, retirement, whatever.

  6. 92-93 says:

    it may be cold to waive or trade O’Neill – certainly this year anyways. but if he is still not playing well next season, i don’t see any other choice.

    the problem with the leafs largely has to do with the cronyism in toronto. Quinn is an ‘untouchable’ because he is an olympic coach. Domi is an untouchable because of his relationship with the owner. O’Neill is untouchable because of unfortunate cir*****stances that i myself have been through.

    but i am sick of untouchables. O’neill and Domi are unfortunately here for another year. if they don’t get their act together and move beyond being one-dimensional players that can’t play in their own end by next season – its time for them to go – via waivers, trade, retirement, whatever.

  7. 92-93 says:

    all this talk about Calgary and Ottawa competing for Jokinen is minimizing the possibility of an Allison trade to Calgary and that’s fine for now.

    now i know we cannot compare allison and jokinen because obviously the latter is 3 years younger and an all-round better player then the former.

    Jokinen has 56 points in 53 games. but allison isn’t all that bad and has 44 points in 48 games and is in the top-30 in assists AND he has been playing beside Poni and Antropov all year long. sure he is slow and is a defensive liability at times, but he makes up for it with the way he slows the game down at his pace in the offensive end.

    all i am saying is that Florida will be asking for more than what Carolina gave up for Weight … big time. Ottawa and Calgary may not want to get into that kind of a bidding war and Allison is an attractive alternative. again, we all know how GMs are pressured at the deadline to make moves they wouldn’t have made earlier in the year or as a result of other teams making good moves that they have missed out on.

    If Ottawa gets Jokinen or if Jokinen is not dealt by Keenan, Allison – and the leafs – would move into the frontrunner position (and yes, he would move AHEAD of guys like Peca and Dowd). I don’t think the leafs would trade Allison to the Sens and Calgary might be a better fit.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I like your plan. I’m glad someone doesn’t want to totally blow things up, and has the sense to keep Jeff O’neill! The Leafs are on the right track, they’re not blowing it up, but they’re certainly giving the kids a chance. I love what I’ve seen from Harrison, Wozzy, Kronwall, and Coley. And well… Stajan, Steen and Welly are Stajan Steen and Welly, just need more ice time. I’d put Tucker with Lindros though.

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I think we could get more then Leopold though. Allisons still a pretty damn good player. I kinda wanted Amonte, but eh.

    If Belfour and Allison are traded to the Alberta teams, I want Peca, Amonte, and Leopold, then CuJo from Phoenix shouldn’t be hard to get.

  10. the_canadian_game says:

    smart moves, but id try to get kobasew somehow in the calgary trade and dont pick up joseph we dont need him.

  11. the_canadian_game says:

    forget wat i just said

  12. 92-93 says:

    well i am not a big fan of O’Neill but the fact of the matter is that the Leafs are stuck with him and he is at least a very good 3rd line player.

    But yeah, I don’t think the leafs need to ‘rebuild’ and the only people that keep saying that are either overly fatalistic Leaf fans or non-Leaf fans who are trying to hold our hands while encouraging us to jump off the cliff in to rebuilding mode.

    its not necessary. the leafs just need some solid D and they are instantly a contender in the East.

    it is not surprising that such ‘blow it all up’ comments came during the free agent frenzy – where the leafs weren’t that busy – and during the 8-game losing streak.

    i am hoping that other leaf fans on this site are going to open their eyes and take a step back a bit here and realize that the team isn’t that great, but it isn’t that bad either!

  13. goose says:

    O’Neill wont be traded and Czerkawski they just need more ice time, but they should trade Khavanov and Belak for Jackman and a draft pick.

    That would make a good trade because the leafs need help on “D” big time. If it works out the leafs could fight bak and ***** in atleast 1st or second in their division. Belfour has to show what he really is made of and hell do ausumn.

  14. goose says:

    I have good sugestions of trades so here they are:

    To Pittsbugh: Khavanov and Belak

    To Toronto: Jackman and ( a low draft pick)

    To Vancouver: Belfour and a draft pick

    To Toronto: Bertuzzi

    To Calgary: Antropov and Berg

    To Toronto: Leopold and a draft pick

    Retire: Domi

    Resign: McCabe, Kaberle, and Lindros

    Bring up: Battaglia, Pohl, and Harrison

    free agent signings: Cujo, and Elias

    Bertuzzi Sundin Elias

    Steen Lindros Tucker

    Czerkawski Ponikarovsky O’Neill

    Kilger Wellwood Stajan

    extra: Wilm, Pohl and Battaglia

    McCabe Kaberle

    Jackman Leopold

    Colaicovo Harrison

    extra: Kronwall



    extra: Racine

  15. 92-93 says:

    i would go for your pitts-toronto trade because it gets rid of two losers and we get one young loser who has potential in return (but i dunno if Pittsburg would go for that deal).

    I don’t think Calgary would go for Antropov as the centre that they are looking for – remember, they are trying to get Jokinen and might have to ‘settle’ for Allison (nevermind Antropov). They would certainly want more for Leopold.

    I hope Domi and O’Neill retire. O’Neill should because of his shoulder problems and all the off-ice distractions (although i admire him for plugging away).

    Hopefully Racine’s play will improve as the season continues for the Marlies. next year it will be him and Pogge and the odd man out will likely and hopefully be Aubin. maybe the competition with Pogee will drive Racine to be better but right now his development is pretty slow – as it usually is with goalies.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, o’neill’s a bargain, he’s minus 16, playing on the third line, and his only goal in the past 8 games was a funny bounce of a defencemans skate. some bargain. Asham and Bergenheim are both guys that will improve in a few seasons to come (more so begenheim than Asham) the basic idea of my argument was not to make too many changes, because dishing quinn or our rookies will only hurt us in years to come.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    NYI garbage. Asham is having a mediocre season, and bergenheim is playing great in the ahl (16 goals or something)

  18. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah we’ve been an eastern conference contender for about 6 years now… so what, why dont we have a staney cup. jump off a clif into rebuilding mode? buddy we’re in rebuilding mode, look at steen, wellwood, harrison, kronwall, tellqvist, kaberle, pohl, and stajan. these guys have played much better than our off season pick us (allison being an exception)

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    no cujo, the guy screwed us a few years back.

  20. 92-93 says:

    buddy, if we were in rebuilding mode we’d be down there with the fishes (re: pitts/wash) and we would NOT still have Sundin, Belfour, etc.

    and that is why a lot of people are confused about JFJ’s ‘plan’ – are we rebuilding or are we still trying to be a contender or are we trying to be both. and i think its the very last one – which is a hard thing to do.

  21. 92-93 says:

    well the calgary-Phoenix deal definitely has implications for the leafs on two different fronts:

    1) Phoenix – without Boucher out and the inxperienced Sauve as Cujo’s back-up – will now probably try to retain Cujo rather than trade him at the deadline (no big deal for the leafs because they weren’t going to get him at the deadline). BUT Phoenix might now keep Cujo for next year which means that he will be off the market. who knows?

    2) Calgary gets rid of a Centre (Reinprecht – who i have discussed in previous trades to the leafs) – clearly paving the way for the Flames to add a Centre and the name floated around is obviously Jokinen. now, i believe that the flames WILL acquire Jokinen meaning that the leafs won’t be able to trade Allison to Calgary. but hopefully that won’t be the case. we’ll see.

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    not really, i disagree with JFJ on many accounts, but hes done some nice things like signing paul maurice as coach of the marlies to get our young talent. we’ve got to keep our good players like mcCabe and sundin and allison for years to come, but what do we do when they retire… sign some more old guys and make it 50 years since we’ve won the cup.

  23. 92-93 says:

    “but what do we do when they retire… sign some more old guys and make it 50 years since we’ve won the cup.”

    … nope.

    and that is not part of the plan i proposed.

  24. 92-93 says:

    another good thing about this plan is that if you drop the most unrealistic trade in it – re: the Belfour-Edmonton trade – it doesn’t alter the picture too much.

    either way, the leafs will be dumping either Belfour or Conklin in the offseason and signing a free agent goalie to play with Telly next year. Moreover, whether Staois comes to Toronto or not, the leafs still have another young guy – Kronvall – that can play besides Kaberle on the 2nd D-pairing.

    without the Edmonton deal the roster wouldn’t look much different and would be about $38 million instead of $40 million:





    [Wilm, Battaglia]






  25. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but the leafs can never get their hands on guys like gaborik, or murray, because they like the team that they were trained in. so we sign old guys as usual, and make it 50 years since we’ve won a cup

  26. Clarkmour says:

    yeah, but this guy isn’t suggesting signing old guys, he is actually proposing a lot of leaf guys to be integrated into the line-up.

    I think he is just making 2 ‘older’ signings – Elias and Cujo… and that’s it.

    its a good plan if you read it.

  27. Clarkmour says:

    oh give it up!

    your still holding a grudge over that???

  28. 92-93 says:

    In 2 years (2007-2008, after the Domis, Khavanovs, and O’Neills have finally left), I see the following roster:

    Head Coach: Paul Maurice

    Steen________Sundin_________[free agent winger]





    McCabe_____________________Leopold (or another young D-guy)





    these two will be splitting time evenly but don’t underestimate Racine’s progress by this point. it takes a long time for goalies to develop sometimes and Rask will be another year or two off.

    In the Marlies and on their way up: Vorobiev [D], Rask [G] or Racine [G] maybe Murphy [LW] and Beechley [LW] and Sagat [LW].

  29. 92-93 says:

    The Oilers are said to be increasing their efforts to landMartin Biron from the Sabres. A longer shot would see Toronto or Phoenix drop out of the playoffs, giving the Oil a chance at Ed Belfour or Curtis Joseph


    Edmonton might get Joseph if Phoenix drops out but right now that is not the case (depending on Phoenix’s willingness to play Leneveau as their starter. Biron is the most likely candidate with Belfour second – regardless of where the leafs are in the standings.

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