What we really need!


Ryder, Halak, 3rd for Bertuzzi and 2nd

Bouillon and 3rd for Boogaard

This gives us a large, physical player in Bertuzzi, who is on a bit of a cold streak, but isn’t having a terrible year. We all know that he can score goals, he just needs the right fit. Anaheim cannot afford to pay him 4M next season with the returns of Niedermayer and Selanne, plus Schneider who doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. They also need to re-sign Perry who will likely command 4M+.

Now where does that place the habs in terms of cap space. Well, currently we have to re-sign Huet (I’m just naming the UFA’s not who we should or should not resign), Streit, Ryder, A. Kostitsyn (RFA), Lapierre, O’Byrne, Gorges, Smolinski, and Brisebois. We have 4M in cap space. The trades above would free up about 5M and it will take Halak and Ryder off our re-signing list. Boogaard makes about a million and Bertuzzi makes 4M. So we’re back to 4M in cap space.


Huet 7M 2 year contract

Streit 7M 3 year contract

Lapierre, O’Byrne, Gorges 4M 3year deals

Let Smolinski go UFA

Same for Brisebois

A.Kostitsyn 7M 3 year deal

Less than 500K space, but with the projected cap increase, should give some wiggle room. Bertuzzi’s big contract expires just as we have our big summer next year where we have a lot of resigning to deal with.

With these trades, we officially become a bonafide contender. We will be even all-around with no major weaknesses. The faceoff situation will have to be rectified from within, but lately it hasn’t been as bad. The main thing is that we get a big, talented 2nd line guy like Bertuzzi as well as a MONSTER in Boogaard who we can afford to have sit for 5 min for a fighting major. Komisarek can focus on his job rather than always defending others. Bertuzzi will “watch over” softies like Koivu and Higgins. We dump useless salary like Smolinski, Brisebois (who makes 1.4M not 700K, by the way) Ryder, Bouillon. I would love to find a suitor for Dandenault, but I guess we’re stuck with him. Not bad actually, to have a good reserve like that. Huet can take the playoffs this year and 40 games next year. This is my opinion, I personally feel that if we are to win the cup we need 2 things. Grit, which we get in excess with Bertuzzi and Boogaard (who is injured at the moment, but the playoffs are a still distant), and a decent 2nd line winger who, most importantly, will dig in the corners and feed Koivu and Higgins. I think that is the main problem this year with that line. Koivu is older and can’t battle in the corners as well and Higgins can’t do it by himself and ends up trying too hard. If both of them could just rely on passing and shooting, with Bertuzzi doing the dirty work, the line might spark! Here’s hoping…anyways, this beats the stupid Hossa for Higgins and a 1st rumors/suggestions. We don’t need a star. We need someone who can make our stars become stars again!

A.Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev

Higgins – Koivu – Bertuzzi

Latendresse – Lapierre – S. Kostitsyn

Begin/Boogaard – Chipchura/Smolinski – Kostopoulos

Markov – Komisarek

Hamrlik – O’Byrne

Streit – Gorges



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  1. the_next_agent says:

    completely agree, everyone has said the Canadians needed grit and those players would be perfect.  I think you could make take Halak out of it and the deal would still work (taking the 2nd rounder out of it)  They could then trade Halak to a team that is in need for a solid back-up and a future starter like Tampa and Chicago, they might be able to pry away one of the big three

  2. Habs_pm says:

    Grit is needed, Agreed.

    Why would Montreal go after Bert?…4 Million$ left for next year and he just seems unmotivated on the ice. If its any player from Anaheim it needs to be Corey Perry, he still young and only gets better every year.

    Resigning all those players at those hefty salaries would be a huge mistake, but I do agree the young guns need to stay in Montreal.

    Komisarek and Higgins will need to be re-signed next season. So figure (depending how they do) a hefty but resonable amount for both of them:

    Komisarek Re-signed at $3.7 or 4 Million for 5 years
    Higgins Re-signed at $2.5 Million for 3 years

    Huet will walk on July 1rst if not traded before the draft.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Brian Burke is salivating at the thought. with the amount of picks and prospects you could get with ryder, halak, and a 3rd, i cant see why you'd go after big bert….

  4. morrissey says:

    I wouldn't touch bertuzzi with a ten foot pole – he's just a cancer we don't need. Boogard maybe but i wouldn't give up one of our tougher players to get him, kind of defeats the purpose. Montreal's biggest need is a #1 centre which don't exactly grow on trees… Jokkinen or Richards seem the most likely to be available. Other than jokkinen apparently not being happy, I don't see why Florida would trade him, so I'd really go after Richards – TB need cheap depth, defense and goaltending (hell they aren't dead last for anything): Ryder, O'Byrne, Halak and #1 pick for Richards. Gives TB some assets at every position with very low cap hit and a top pick. combined with there strong first round pick this year i think this would help a lot to getting them back on track.

  5. leafy says:

    You generally got the right idea, Montreal needs a big forward with a scoring touch.  To meet this need, there are 2 approaches to take.

    1. Get a power forward like Bertuzzi, as you mention.  Bertuzzi would fight for ice 5 feet in front of the goal, which is where countless goals are scored in the playoffs.  He'd make the defence work their ass off rather than coast, and the hope is you'd wear them out so that the skilled guys can operate.

    2. Go for a skilled forward like Hossa.  He would be a great complement to the speedy Hab forwards and has those great hands.  Problem is you'd have to give up more to get him.

    Either way, you need someone who can fill the net but is hard to check.

    Having said all this, I'm not so sure that Anaheim would want Ryder, or even Halat for that matter.  Don't forget Anaheim is not rebuilding, they want to repeat as Cup champs.  Ryder for Bertuzzi would be a downgrade, and what would Halat do for this team in the playoffs?

  6. habstruefan says:

    BERTUZZI are you on crack. You can get a better player for 4 million.

    He doesn't seem to have it mentaly anymore,that or injuries are taking a toll on him. I don't think that bertuzzi has the grit to spark up our captain or higgy.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    Bertuzzi has been a dud without Naslund.  His last good season was 02-03 and he only ever had two decent seasons.  He is not even close to being a first line player.  Besides, Montreal needs a physical center, not a physical winger. 

    Huet will want at least four years, no chance he goes for two years.  This is his one big chance to get a great contract. 

    O'Byrne, Lapierre and Gorges are not getting three year deals when there are superior prospects one year behind them.

    I have no opinion on what Gainey should offer Streit.  He is cheap for a defenseman but way overpriced as a forward. 

  8. Kramer says:

    Bertuzzi's great grandfather made the world's first ever pizza pie.

  9. arigold says:

    Why is Anaheim going to trade Bertuzzi?

  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ok i am a leaf fan who can admit that most of the ideas posted by my fellow fans for our team are out to lunch. that being said where do you come up with this piece of work? No way Tampa even trades Richards right now. Ownership wants to retain players for the sale. Even if they were to do so, you are suggesting trading a back up goalie, a healthy scratch unrestricted at that, a prospect and low 1st rd. pick for him, keep dreaming!!!

  11. kilter says:

    look at tonights game and against the leafs this current team makes me sick,they have absolutly no chance against any of the top teams and can totally blow it against the worst teams in the league,so if you think by making these little non-important moves is going to magically turn this team into a contender your crazy,what needs to be done is something major and i mean major,forget salary and and young talent and picks and whatever,start looking at the bigger picture,teams look at the Habs and say "yea there young and fast but we can beat them"that needs to stop!they need to be saying OMG how do we beat a team like that! so stop with all these little trades,go after some of the big names out there and put our big names up there too like Price and Kovelev and the number 1 picks whatever it takes,stop being such a joke in the league,yes they are fourth in the conference but i garantee you they will not go past the first round its impossible with this team adding Bertuzzi will change nothing,if Gainy blows it again this year at trade deadline like he did last year with Suray then he's got to go.

  12. kilter says:

    see what did i tell you this teams a joke 6-1 to the Sens and they got beat by one line…one line…Spezza had 6 points thats ridiculus now if this does not speak volumes to where this teams at i don,t know what does,so you tell me is this team ready to compete at the top with these other teams lol i do not think so,but Gainey thinks that just alittle tweeking hear and there should just about do it…come on its pathetic losing to Leafs and then this train wreck of a game,Huet lasted less than 5 mins lol omg this teams sad right now,get ready fans because the free fall has begun remember last year,he it comes again i,m sorry to say.

  13. sanj91 says:

    crap forgot to mention tht…tht is the real reason i was thinking of him…so that he could take the spot in the front of the net….its sad watching anyone on our current team try to do tht…i agree, its got to be one of those two…the thing is tho that we hav tons of talent…and someone like hossa wud be expensive…everyone says bertuzzi iis washed up, but if u play him on your 3rd line and he still gets 30 points…thats not bad…to be honest i would have thought more ppl wud disagree with the boogaard trade proposal rather than this one..oh well…its my opinion

  14. sanj91 says:

    anaheim needs a backup goalie…if giguere goes down…who's going to play? jonas hiller?

  15. sanj91 says:

    so you wud like to go after corey perry eh? and what do u hav in mind to offer…he is having a career year leadng the team….if u thnk ryder halak and a 3rd is enuff to pry corey perry from burke than i wud pay to listen to that phone call…the reason i like bert is because he is a unique player….forget about his recent injuries and lack of motivation….if you place your confidence in him and give him a 1st line job, it might just spark him….back to my point tho…the reason i like bertuzzi is because he is the best balance of size, aggressiveness, skill and speed. remember, size doesn't mean you're a force…just look at latendresse…..

  16. blake19 says:

    to be honest, i think anybody is better then ryder , he can't even stay in the line up.if the habs trade him, they should be thankful for w/e they get back

  17. morrissey says:

    They need to shed salary to improve their overall depth, it's not like they can flip Richards for a bunch of established guys, they can't afford it. And ownership can state as many times as they like that they don't want to trade their big 4, but they have the choice of trading 1 or continuing to lose because after that top 4 their team is complete shit and in the basement of the east. So let's hear your realistic fix for TB then genius…

  18. CanadianRedneck says:

    I'm a big habs fan, but i'm afraid to be agree with you, if the habs want to make the playoff and not only play 4 games and go back to their homes, we need to bring someone to our lineup, come on we've been beat by one line (maybe the strongest line since 10 years). Yes we have 4 strong line, not 2 Elite lines and 2  weak lines useless, we need to bring an all stars guy, even if we had to trade Higgins, i like him, but his season is kind of bad for what we expected from him. And it's not only in bringing Big Bert or Boogard that we'll be stronger, we need guys like Hossa, Jokinen, or any skilled forward we can have by a trade.

  19. Komic-J says:

    Come on…

    I'm not sayin' the Habs are Stanley Cup contenders, but they aren't as bad as you make it sound. Even the Redwings got their asses kick 5-1 against Atlanta, now would you say they are a bad team just because of that ?

    The Canadiens do have a solid group of players in place, now what they need is someone to get them to the next level. Is that player gonna be available at the deadline ? Not sure, although Hossa would be a terrefic acquisition. Montreal just need to keep the focus on the future, and not trade away too many young players for rentals. But calling them "a sad team"…that might be a bit of stretch. There's a big difference between last year and this year…even down 3-0, the Canadiens kept on playing. Luck wasn't on their side (I'm not saying they should have won the game, hell no, but still 5 posts !!!)

    A 6-1 loss is nothing I like to see…but you know what ? If it has to happen, I'm glad it was against the Sens. No shame to lose against the top team in the East…just because we aren't at that level yet.

  20. Wings19 says:

    Boullion and a 3rd rounder for Boogaard?

  21. 2006 says:

    Hiller has 15 GP with a GAA of 2.28 and a save % of .912. Sounds like a decent
    backup to me.

  22. teezer6969 says:

    great post wow this site sucks big time an idiot like him writes stupid dumb shit and this site posts it wow what they need is this a rumour site or fantasy site of what ppl assume the canadians or any of their fav team needs honestly the only reason why i keep this site on my favs is to rant on the idiotsy of this site and the ppl that write stupid shit like this and also the late trades that this site posts wow great going htr and great post moron what the canadians need you know what they need fans like you to stop telling them what they need and french idiots to stop with there stupid rants on the team koivu this and that shut the hell up go eat a poutine and the french media oww my god get a life the whole reason we dont get players because of that stupid french media how about we trade every french player off this team untill they learn to shut the hell up it shows french ppl have no lifes all they do is listen to media talk bad about our players so they want to get up and leave ….. Thats another big reason why half our city goes for boston and toronto because of idiots like u and the media

  23. teezer6969 says:

    oww another thing make our stars become stars ur an idiot we dont have a star the only one is kovalev and koivu wich koivu isnt playing so well but i say he's saving his energy for the playoffs who knows and with this negativity from loosing 2 games straight your already ready to trade the team away like anyone wants boullion a short 5,7 defencemen that doesnt score and makes 1.8+ mill ya i see teams lining up to trade for him be happy if we would get a crosby autograph stick for him and bertuzzi the guy looks nothing like himself he lost like 1million pounds to skate faster but i dont know if anyone told him his fast isnt fast and the only reason he was affective was because of his height and weight now he looks like a toothpick on skates he must really be doing nice lines of coke…i rather sign ryder to another one year deal

  24. jarcpitre says:

    Yes, but what about loosing to the Leafs on home ice? Pretty much the bottom team in the League. It seems to me if the Habs don't score on the PP, then they simply don't win. They have a deadly PP, but have to play better 5 on 5 hockey.

  25. dumbassdoorman says:

    first off I don't really care what Tampa does but, OK then here is my "genius" solution. First off there are more teams then Mtl who would want this guy. Secondly some of them would probably have A) higher picks or B) offer up better prospects. See THATS what the Flyers did with Foppa. Now you can be pissed I didn't like you trade all you want. It doesn't really matter to me. For example Nashville wanted Foppa back(who knows why) so it is possible, note I said possible they could offer up one of the you RFA they have coming up. They may not be able to sign them all. Plus the draft pick would be better than MTL's. Now I am not saying this is gonna happen, but it could?

  26. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    7M $ FOR STREIT!!! Please tell me that was a joke, please. That's an outrageous price for a player of the calibre… we pay Markov 5.75 M $… and we'd give Streit 7M $…. how would Markov feel?

  27. lafleur10 says:

    they're better 5on 5 this year last year we were in the bottom 3-4 but this year we are the 4or 5th highest scoring team and lots of those goals have come 5on 5and yes the pp but we are improved 5on 5!

  28. lafleur10 says:

    ''IT'S SPELLED CANADIENS"NOT CANADIANS YOUR AN IDIOT FOR NOT KNOWING HOW TO SPELL IT!!GET A GRIP  YOU DICKHEAD!!LEARN TO SPELL IT! C A N A D I E N S!if you don't like the site and the stuff posted on here then get lost we don't need you and your idiotic and baseless comments anyway!it doesn't matter what team you cheer for either!leafs fans,canadiens,fans,bruinsfans, or however are welcome here anytime it is a fun site if you don't like it then go to hell and get lost and don't ever come back! 

  29. sanj91 says:

    also the racism is not appreciated….like lafleur said if you dont lik th site or th posts…just leave…i assure you you wnt be missd….that was my opinion…i thought that was what we needed and i stick by it…instead of making a fool out of yourself y dnt u suggest someting…provide some insight…ill be happy to comment on it and i can assure you that i wnt make idiotic racial slurs…

  30. sanj91 says:

    if you read the article you would notice that i suggested a 7m 3 YEAR deal…thats about 2.3 per season….pretty decent i would say for a high scoring d-man with a lot of versatility and a bomb on the PP.

  31. billypilgrim says:

    4 million for a 3rd line player and 30 points. Montreal is not Toronto last time I heard.

  32. morrissey says:

    Christ, try proofreading what you write once in a while, was that even written in English??? Guess you won't be graduating grade 9 this year after all.

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