What we should do as maple leaf fans

Honestly I think as hockey fans and in particularly Toronto Maple leaf fans we are not doing enough.

What we should do in my mind is to organize a protest against leafs management and let them hear us clear and loud as we demand changes to current mismanagement.

I’ve been a soccer fan for a long, long time and when a soccer club goes in to a slump the fans demand changes immediately , after all hockey is the number one sport in Toronto and we as maple leaf fans should not allow Richard Peddie and his crew to destroy this hockey club, Maybe he’s getting instructions from Gary Bettman to ruin this Canadian hockey club? After all Gary Bettman did not allow Nashville to be sold to a Canadian ownership and move in to Hamilton. Gary Bettman is an anti Canadian and he has showed that over and over.

Lets not forget that this hockey club or any other sport clubs are owned by the fans, if it was not for the fans the clubs would not exist, therefor as leafs fans we have every right to organizing a protest and demand changes they should and must be held responsible.

Its been 13 years since a Canadian Team has won a Stanley cup. And 40 years since the Leafs have won a Stanley cup. With current management and the destruction they’ve done so far, it will be at least another 15 years before we can get Stanley cup parade in Toronto.