What will Ferguson's first trade be?

After another loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, what more can be expected of the Toronto Maple Leafs against the top ranked teams. The answer nothing! The Maple Leafs will go no where in the playoffs if they keep getting beat by the top teams. This must be changed.Given that the Leafs are badly injured you can give them a little break, but they still have to win with injuries it’s part of the game. I feel that the leafs are playing without any fury. Now I know how you’ll react but listen after being crushed in the playoffs 6-1 to get eliminated and then coming back in the next year and getting killed 7-1 and then losing 4-1 all to the same team you would think that they would be so mad that they might come out and win a game. But no, they come out and get another kick in the pants with a 4-0 lose. If the leafs can’t get some fire in their bellies then they aren’t going anywhere i the playoffs. Last nights game (Jan 17th) the leafs played a physical game but they didn’t pay any attention to the details of defence or putting men in front of the net. When the leafs were on that great streak they played a balanced game between physical and intelligent hockey. Now they play one or the other or none. If I were John Ferguson Jr. I would be looking for help to add some depth and some fir to an already fiery line up.

Although the needs are defence and everyone knows that, I feel that with the injuries and uncertainty of Owen Nolan the leafs may feel that another power forward is necessary. Look for them to trade the useless Mikael Renberg and a pick to the Carolina Hurricanes for Jeff O’Neil. Some of you may find this crazy but Renberg is a scoring forward and can score if put with the right people. Roberts and Sundin are not right for Renberg but, Francis and even the rookie Marty Murray are great line mates to set up Renberg. In return the leafs get some power down low to help out people such as Stajan. Although Perott and Belak are bruisers they don’t possess the intelligence to hit and stay out of the box. O’Neil will bring them that and some more veteran experience to an already veteran line-up. O’Neil will also not be looking for much ice time and that will not effect the moral of the team and when Mogilny returns it may aid it some.

If the leafs are planning on making a big splash they may also go after either Michael Peca or Alexei Zhamnov. I highly doubt either of these players may be considered but you never know in Leaf land. Both players can score and in the last few games that has been the weak point in the leafs. But both players will be looking for either first or second line duties so they are not highly welcome here considering when the leafs are healthy we have a full first and second line.

Now on defence the leafs need help. First off they should get rid of Pilar. The guy is good but not good enough. I feel he should go to the minors and if he doesn’t improve then trade him. Secondly to get some veteran experience and a stay at home defance that isn’t afraid of jumping into the rush, the leafs should try and get Ruslan Salei from the Mighty Ducks at the deadline. The ducks most likely won’t like the playoffs and I think that Salei is in either his last or second last year in his contract. Salei is great in one on one situations and would do great pared up with the struggling Kaberle. The leafs could do great with the so called “stud” defence man but they aren’t available. So I feel that Salei would be a great addition or at least it couldn’t hurt. But what to give up to the Ducks? If Salei is in his last year a third or fourth draft pick should be enough but if not then maybe Reichel because Ponikarovsky is playing well and with the overload on centermen Reichel is the odd man out. Or you could even get rid of Antropov because the guy can’t skate. But if you were to do that you should ask for a prospect in return or at least a pick as well as Salei.

Lets take a look at the new leafs if Salei was picked up for a draft pick or just not a roster player. The leafs are also fully healthy.





McCabe – Marchment

Berg – Klee

Salei – Kaberle

extras: Ponikarovsky, Belak, Perott, Jackman

The defence still doesn’t look that good but better. If you ask me Marchment should go.

Give me your thoughts!

Go Leafs Go

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  1. mccraig416 says:


    First off, as a die hard leaf fan, i must say i am sick and tired of people freaking out if the leafs go on a small losing skid. Look, every team goes through these things several times a year. DON’T PANIC!

    Fans like you leafscooper4 want to make a trade everytime the leafs lose a game. For christ sakes, you can’t win every game of the year!

    Look at Ottawa, they had a crappy period of play in November, now they’re doing amazing!

    But with a mentality like yours, they should’ve traded up the yin-yang!

    Same with philly, before they met up with the leafs they hadn’t won in something like six games!

    Look, the fact is every team will go through ups and downs in the season, it’s stupid to go and start trading your team.

    Another beef i have with your post is your comment about the defence.

    I do agree the leafs need a good defenceman, or atleast a boost. BUT for you to suggest trading away pilar? that’s ridiculous. Listen, the leafs need to bring up some youth, this is something they haven’t done in a VERY long time. If we keep trading away our future we’re going to be screwed!

    Pilar is a great young defenceman, and he will get better. We shouldn’t go and just trade our youth away this is a stupid idea.

    Another reason the leafs have been losing lately is that Quinn has been putting together some really crappy lines.

    Don’t worry and panic about the leafs, they will get back on track.

    What matters most is the playoffs, so relax.



  2. davidhabba says:

    They don’t need to make a trade. All they have to do is sign a couple more 40-year old free agents. I’m sure that will work.

  3. koolcory77 says:

    overall, not that bad of a paragraph. i do not agree with what you said about pilar, however. he is just getting better and better. Anyways, here is what I think the Leafs can do:

    To Vancouver: Kaberle, Renberg, Draft Pick

    To Toronto : Jovanovski

    To Carolina: Jackman, Colaiacovo, Antropov

    To Toronto : Markov, Francis, Wesley

    What do you think?

  4. koolcory77 says:

    overall, not that bad of a paragraph. i do not agree with what you said about pilar, however. he is just getting better and better. Anyways, here is what I think the Leafs can do:

    To Vancouver: Kaberle, Renberg, Draft Pick

    To Toronto : Jovanovski

    To Carolina: Jackman, Colaiacovo, Antropov

    To Toronto : Markov, Francis, Wesley

    What do you think?

  5. Wills says:

    Not sure but I think Renberg makes close to 4 million a year, so forget about Carolina wanting him. Peca plays on a rival team that still has a good chance of making the playoffs, so forget about that, if the Islanders trade Peca it won’t be to Toronto. Zhamnov is too soft to grab for the playoffs, and he has a total of 5 points in his playoff career, not exactly the playoff experience the Leafs are looking for. Salei would be a good pickup for the Leafs, he’s a dirty player and would fit right in with the Leafs. The problem is that Salei wouldn’t make that much of a impact on the team. By the way if the Ducks trade Salei to cut salary they’re not going to want Reichel in return, infact no team that is selling at the deadline will be wanting any of the Leafs overpaid players. The Leafs will have to either be giving up draft picks or young prospects.

  6. Donovan says:

    Oh my, some more illegitamate rumors regarding the Leafs. Anyone can make up rumors, but it takes a real genius to make up Leaf rumors. Remember those Cross/Kariya rumors?

    Renberg is garbage, Grade A garbage (thats not a good thing). What does he do? Honestly, watch him. He dosen’t do a damn thing. Nobody will take him and his 4 million doller contract. Jeff O’Niel may help the Leafs, but he won’t come at that price.

    Moving on. I don’t know much about Salei, but I’m sure he could help. The thing is though, the Leafs have the second-coming of Borje Salming in Karel Pilar. Why trade him when he’ll be a top 4 d-man in a year?

    You know who the Leafs need? Vincent LeCavalier. The Leafs should mortgage the future, trade every prospect and pick for established guys, win the Cup for this year and maybe next, then finish in the cellar while they’re rebuilding.

  7. RangerSteve says:

    What the hell are you on? You honestly think Vancouver would trade you Jovo for that? If you said ‘this is what hte Leafs SHOULD’ do, then i’d say alright..but they CAN’t DO THAT!

  8. nocuphere says:

    At some point this season the leafs, sens, avalance, red wings, and flyers were all strugging for wins, and there were articles posted here all suggesting what trades or changes each of these teams should make. Guess what? Noone did anything, and each of those teams worked it out.

    The leafs don’t need anything but to get through this bump in the road, and get healthy.

    Just curious? Where are you guys that post this stuff when the leafs are winning? The only time I even see this shit is when they’re losing. The future GM’s are all lined up here with there trade suggestions. Thank god noone listens!

    Anybody want to give the flyers credit? They are a legitimate cup contender who lost to the pens, buffalo, edmonton etc. They got it together, and unfortunatley for the leafs it started with them.

    Playoffs start in April fellas. Count the leafs in.

    Go leafs Go

  9. nocuphere says:

    Damn straight!!

  10. nocuphere says:

    Yeah isn’t that what the devils do every spring? Nuff said.

  11. turninglane says:

    Can you tell me why Carolina would trade away the best player in their clubs history in Ron Francis?

    And can you tell me why the Leafs would get rid of Nik Antropov, who has 15 years (if he stops getting hurt every 5 games) ahead of him for a guy who will be retiring likely after this season?

    Your trades are jokes and really crappy jokes at that.

    And Vancouver trading away Jovinovski?

    Come on.

  12. davidhabba says:

    Ummm, er, I was being sarcastic.

  13. Tweek says:

    My Fellow leaf fans!

    Stupid being idiots for the love of christ! Its a losong streak and deal with it! They are a very good team and they’ll get out of it. Do the leafs ever implode during the regular season? Yeah thats what I thought. They might make a little deal for a d man before the trade deadline but nothing else unless nolan and mogilny have a extended injury. Just settle down for the love of god. The flyers nor the devils are playing well either and the sens were crapping it up at the beginning of the year. Its our turn to suck it up for a couple of weeks now.

  14. bruinfan37 says:

    While you may be right, there is something else that should be said.

    When you go on a streak, it doesn’t show you are the world’s greatest team, which is what MANY people thought. This is good for the Leafs, and Leaf fans. The first 8-10 games of their streak, they earned. No doubt. After that, they got every bounce possible. Lucky points, lucky wins. THIS HAS BEEN A WAKE-UP CALL!

    BTW, this was not directed towards you, just in general

  15. bruinfan37 says:

    What I think of the question, who gets blown out the most in the East this year, besides Pittsburgh and Washington, I think of Toronto. Remember, by blown out, it doesn’t have to be 8-0. It can be 4-0 when they are very badly outplayed. Besides their streak (which they weren’t great at times), the Leafs have been noticeably inconsistent, Whether it be their terrible defensive zone coverage, their bonehead penalties, or their lack of offense.

  16. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    just a correction, Marty Murry is not even close to being a rookie.

  17. LondonK says:

    If I was JFJ I would be taking a serious look at trying to pry both Gonchar and Bondra out of Washington. Bondra has had a rebirth in his love of the game, but at his salary Washington wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks while getting something in return. Gonchar would be their bigger loss as it would take a crap defense and make it a zero defense.

    Possible players that would have to go the other way would include: Stajan, Jackman, Berg, Hedin, Antropov, Ponikarovsky, picks, and possibly other players.

  18. nocuphere says:

    Yeah I and I was commenting on your sarcasm with sarcasm.

  19. dlo44 says:

    To L.A. – Sundin, Roberts, McCabe, Nieuwendyke and Harry Neale

    To Toronto – Allison, Palffy, Deadmarsh, and Straka

  20. LondonK says:

    I just want to add. Don’t get so down on the leafs either. They have had less than stellar goaltending in all of their big losses and have been missing several significant components. It is not easy to lose two of your top 4 defensemen, plus two of your top 6 forwards, plus a third line center who really is much more of an important player than people believe, plus your only real enforcer (Perrot is a waste of a roster spot and Domi is a joke now).

    Although there is still great concern that they have put in very poor efforts in these losses, the magnitude of the losses have been partially inflated. The Ottawa game was not as bad as the score. Kidd let in 3 goals on three shots and that just kills a team. they were soft goals too. And the Philly game again, Eddie with 2 goals on 2 shots, not exactly giving your team a boost.

    Are the leafs set to make a run for the cup in this state, no, but if they can get healthy and add a piece or two then yes they will be. They are not that far off from the top teams. Granted they got beat bad by Ottawa, but in the close game earlier in the year the leafs won, and they have tied NJ twice this year, and lost 30 seconds of a hockey game that turned into nap time for everyone who watched later. Philly has been the only team that has dominated the leafs in every game. And really when you look at the teams records all-time, the leafs are something like 38-72-ties against Philadelphia.

  21. Furlong19 says:

    You leaf fans just don’t get it do you? You guys are in fantasy land. First of all, Jovonovski to the leafs is not gonna happen whatsoever. That’s just stupid to make that up. The Canucks would never trade him. He’s arguably one of the top 5 dmen in the league and will be for years. They don’t want Kaberle for him. Second of all good luck finding takers for Renberg and his 4 million or whatever. You guys are stuck with him no matter what until his contract is up. Every NHL team is so worried about finances today and do not want to over spend. Lets face it, Renberg is not a 4 million a year player. The habs have been trying to trade Brisebois for the past couple years. No takers because he’s overpaid. Renberg is the same. The leafs, who I hate, do in fact have a good current team. There’s no reason for them to change drastically. They just have key injuries. And let’s face it, if the leafs finish 4th or 5th in the conference the fans shouldn’t be disapointed. There’s no way they beat the Senators in the standings. No way. You leaf fans can keep telling yourselves that the leafs are better, but the sens are faster younger and way more skilled. The leafs will ultiamtely have to face the flyers or devils in the first round. Period. Probably the devils. That idea probably has leaf fans shaking in their boots. The leafs aren’t quick enough to play against that Jersey defence. Mind you the leafs may be in luck if Stevens is out.

    But getting back to trades. All the fans keep saying how badly they want defence. Have any of you taken a look at their numbers? Mcable and Klee are tops in the NHL. Kaberle is good offensively. And Berg has good +/-. The defence I personally think has been their strongest part this year. The loss of Mogilny has killed them offensively. Once he’s back the leafs will be in good shape. If the leafs do make major deals it would be for youth and/or speed. The only “trade bait” that the leafs have are Stajan, jackman, kaberle, mcable, tellqvist, antropov, or any of their prospects. And when I say bait I mean players that other teams would take. No one would want old guys that are overpaid.

    So all in all, the leafs will not make major changes. No way. 1) because they simply can’t because of no real good bait and 2) the team is overachieving this year and they are lucky to have been on top of the league. Their standing is not a result of their team. They have been overachieving. Winning those one goal games. So often the leafs are outplayed, outworked and outshot and they still win. Think of this stat. The leafs have 128 goals forward and 116 goals against. That’s a combined +12. The team itself is 12 games above .500. That’s not right. That goes to show that they are lucky to be 12 games above .500. The senators have 147 goals forward and 90 goals against. That’s a plus 57. And they are now 13 games above .500. That’s more like it. It goes to show the leafs aren’t the teams the sens, devils or the flyers are. I would put the leafs in the same category as the bruins and habs.

  22. SwiftLEAF says:

    No true lead fan would talk like that.

    Where’s your undieing hope.

  23. WeStSiDe says:

    Renberg makes 2.2 million…


    With that being said, im still not sure they would want Renberg if they were rebuilding.

  24. SwiftLEAF says:

    Correction: lead fan = leaf fan

  25. SwiftLEAF says:

    Yes we may be living in fantasy land sometimes, but that’s the beauty of being a leaf. Just think of the possibilities if Jovonaski came to TO.

  26. Lint07 says:

    I heard that the Vancouver Canucks (in the hunt for the Stanley Cup) are desperatly looking to get rid of one of the top-3 d-men in the NHL in Ed Jovanovski…

    just Renberg and a 6th rounder should be enough to get him. Hell they’ll throw in Todd Bertuzzi if you guys add Robert Reichel.

    Come on now, you can’t be serious.

  27. WeStSiDe says:

    You cant panic, the Leaf’s need to get healthy, I dont anticipate any trades until near the deadline. Right now they have to work with what they have and fix it from within. Every team goes through bad stretches, you dont trade everytime you have one. Your better to trade from a position of strength then when you are in need.

    With the current team healthy, this is what I think their line up would be, and you can judge what area’s they might need help in by seeing this.





    Healthy stratches:Belak,Perrott




    Healthy scratch:Jackman



    Now, I think they need an impact defenseman on the blueline, one who can lead it, but that’s easier said then done.

    The other area they could use is a checking type centre, one who can match up against the other teams top line and shut them down, like a Peca, Primeau etc for example, but I dont think it is essential they get one, but it would be a luxury if we did.

  28. NHLman says:

    How can you be so ignorant about the Leafs’ situation?

    They have a few injuries to some pretty good players. The Flyers at this point are probably the favorite to win the cup (in the East). So how do you figure that something needs to change?

    The truth is the Leafs are not a very solid team all around and to top it off they are pretty stinkin old. But, how can you start panicking after back to back losses? When the Leafs are trying to make the playoffs you can start proposing trades, but at this point they’re pretty comfortable in their position.

  29. GeniushockeyKID says:

    why would you trade the heart of your team for 4 injured players???

  30. GeniushockeyKID says:

    and oh yeah, who the hell is Harry Neale?

  31. Lint07 says:

    To Vancouver: Renberg, Reichel, Jackman

    To Toronto: Jovanovski, Bertuzzi.

    On a serious note, Ferguson is about to hit the panic button soon. You can’t expect to go anywhere in the playoffs when you get your ass whipped 4 times in a row (including last playoff game) against a team that you almost have 50% of chances to meet them sometime in the playoffs. If only the games would’ve been close or just some bad luck… Nope, you guys just weren’t there.

    Sorry Leafs fans, but you guys desperatly need help on D. Let’s wish you that the return of Mogilny and the addition of a solid d-men (Jovanovski-ahah!) will be enough to make it past the 2nd round.

  32. Furlong19 says:

    I’d love to see leafs vs. sens in the playoffs. Sure the leafs beat the sens 3 years in a row in the playoffs (mind you the 3rd year the sens should of won in 6 but didn’t thanks to Ricard Persson and his 3rd period 5 minute major) but now the sens are such a better team. When you look at the sens now they are completely different. It’s like compaing burgers and fillet mignon. And last year’s playoff run built a lot of character in them. The sens are now tougher and more gritty and knows what it takes to beat a team 4 times. I think the sens would walk all over the leafs now. It would be an interesting series to see. It’s becoming a good rivalry now. I’m just anxious to see who the sens pickup via trade to replace Varada. A trade is definite for them. Probably a deadline deal.

  33. Furlong19 says:

    Sens are better than flyers for sure. Better defence and better goaltending and more explosive offence. Sens dominated the flyers in the playoffs last year and beat them in 6. Honestly every game against them the sens controlled them. The 2 games the flyers won was because of Cechmanek’s superb goaltending. However, apparently the sens beat them because the flyers were so banged up coming out of playing the leafs, right? Well that’s how leaf fans look at it, which is a crock of crap. Sens are the favoured in the east, however they can’t beat the Detroits or Colorado’s in the finals.

  34. Furlong19 says:

    “that’s the beauty of being a leaf” what are you a leaf? You’re on the team? who is this Domi? You leaf fans eh. So out to lunch sometimes and always arrogant. When the leafs lost in the playoffs last year i swear to god i saw tears coming out of harry neale’s eyes. babies

  35. markodj says:

    I am pretty sure the only reason “leafscooper” thinks Renberg sucks is because Don Cherry ranted against him last night. Mikael Renberg is not worth 3.375 million a year, and considering he is a UFA next year (and will most likely return to Sweden next year to be with his daughter), HE WILL NOT BE TRADED. He could be traded if the Leafs were giving up on the season, but that won’t happen.

    The Leafs do not need anymore forwards!!!!! The Leafs especially do not need an impact RW, considering Mogilny and Nolan take up the top 2 spots. The Leafs do, however, need another defensemen if they want a better chance at winning the Stanley Cup. Regardless of injuries and the current record, Toronto is merely the 4th best team in the East. They have shown throughtout this season (and last) that they are not at the same level as Ottawa, Philly and New Jersey.

    The best trade the Leafs can make is to acquire an impact defensemen at the trade deadline from one of the non-contenders. The trade deadline will be very active this year because of the impending lockout, so many will be available. Gonchar will be available, but an offensive defensemen is also NOT something the Leafs need. Zhitnik is a poor man’s version of Gonchar, so he should not be pursued either. (Re)Acquiring either Wesley or Markov from Carolina would make the most sense, IMHO. Their price should not be terribly high.

  36. davidhabba says:

    Oh Brother. Ok, I was commenting on your sarcasm of my sarcasm…

  37. Tweek says:

    wheres your sense of being realistic instead of jumping ship when we lose 4 games

  38. eagle29 says:

    I agree that you have to win games with injuries but your not expected to win with as many playersout as the leafs do.Reichel was starting to come on (finally) before he got hurt.Now i agree Rengerg is useless but they dont need a guy like O’neill.You’ve got to take a real good look at the goals scored against the leafs last night,Ed Belfour played a bad game and thats that.so dont get a big panic Belfour played 2 bad games.So what he’ll get better and the Leafs have Tellqvist to turn to in the next couple of years.So Ferguson dosen’t have to pull the trigger on deal yet, wait tell the team heals.

  39. Leaf_Expert says:

    I agree the Leafs could use Jeff O’Neil.

    Well you can’t just all of a sudden assume the Hurricanes will take anyone the Leafs throw out….

    But if you’ve kept up to date with them, you would see they NEED scoring. And probably a solid 6-7th defenseman for depth.

    To Carolina: Nik Antropov, Ric Jackman, and possibly a 1st round d-pick.

    To Toronto: Jeff O’Neil and future considerations.

    More of a fair trade.

  40. Hyfte says:

    Harry Neale is a legandary broadcaster for hockey night in Canada you stupid ass.

  41. jacosta says:

    When talking about trades, anyone who reads my stuff can say that I (even though a huge leaf fan ) try to be realistic in trades. Therefore I usually make two predictions, what I wish for and what may happen.

    I truly wish that the leafs could pick up Jeff Oneil. I think this guy is just suffering as a goal scorer is Carolina, and needs a change of scenery to be star again. He is big, tough and talented. A younger, probably with better hands then Owen Nolan. He could also learn a thing or two from a guy like Nolan. That potential line of Sundin, Robert and Oneill would be a formidanble line if healthy in the playoffs.

    But the only, and I do mean only, way the leafs would get him would be if they offered up Antropov, and Jackman. I would then throw in a late rounder if other teams are in the bidding.

    Another trade that may be a possibility but I really don’t think would happen would be Kaberle and cash for Eric Brewer. The only reason is that Edmonton would get a similar but less physical player in Kaberle for a cheaper price. Edmonton knows that Brewer will soon demand more cash.

    Now all that really does is change the defense a bit. So to add to it I would offer a draft pick again for Glen Wesley. His contract is up and will possibly retire again this year, so you wouldn’t really have to offer much. No one will offer more.

    I don’t know if I would trade to get another centre to replace Antropov, because despite of what many criticise I think Reichel is being terribly underated. The losing skid started when he went down. Tucker hasn’t scored either. I’m not saying that he is the reason but he is smarter and a better passer then Antropov anyday.

    You could not trade Renberg to anyone because he will not play next year anyway, and no team will want a guy that is just going to leave. They need something even if it a low low low draft pick.

    I kind of blended my two ideas on this one message. I really think that these things could be done. Maybe not the Eric Brewer, but maybe for Kaberle.

    P.S. I would sign up Dimitry Yushkevich to this season only before Philadelphia does because of the loss od desjardins.

    You could get Yushki for pretty cheap. Kind of like a Donald Audette deal in Florida. Keep Yushki just for the playoffs.

  42. Tradedude says:

    Who does this guy think he is?

  43. Wills says:

    Where Harry Neale goes, Bob Cole must follow.

  44. Tradedude says:

    pilar? borje salming? Nuh Uh.. Pilar is a guy who could fit in a defense with an already good defense.. like the islanders or calgary. he will never help the defense on his own he needs guys around him.

    Lecavalier? trade every young thing there is to get him? Come on Donovan i’ve heard smarter things from you before

  45. Tradedude says:

    antro and a 1st.. do me the favor of killing myself if that were ever to happen..they already have our second pick for this yr for wesley

  46. mattf says:

    this is mostly all rejurgitated shit from a few months ago. they aren’t dealing for forwards, this was made clear awhile ago by letting green walk and force gilmour into retirement

    i don’t know where you get salei from, they won’t deal young prospects or draft picks for mediocre d, petr svoboda, colliacovo, hedin (just brought up and looking pretty good) are all on the farm.

    if they aren’t gonna deal for a star d man (blake calibre) they shouldn’t bother at all.

    all in all, this article contains information we already know… ps. THEY WERE MISSING 6 REGULARS, what do you expect when you play the flyers or sens?

  47. Tradedude says:

    flyers credit? flyers should be giving the refs credit and buying them flowers..leafs should have thrown a bottle at them

  48. Tradedude says:

    dude..the guy who posted that is one guy…if leafs had one fan and he was the guy…then by all means bash him not the rest of us

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