What will Ferguson's first trade be?

After another loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, what more can be expected of the Toronto Maple Leafs against the top ranked teams. The answer nothing! The Maple Leafs will go no where in the playoffs if they keep getting beat by the top teams. This must be changed.Given that the Leafs are badly injured you can give them a little break, but they still have to win with injuries it’s part of the game. I feel that the leafs are playing without any fury. Now I know how you’ll react but listen after being crushed in the playoffs 6-1 to get eliminated and then coming back in the next year and getting killed 7-1 and then losing 4-1 all to the same team you would think that they would be so mad that they might come out and win a game. But no, they come out and get another kick in the pants with a 4-0 lose. If the leafs can’t get some fire in their bellies then they aren’t going anywhere i the playoffs. Last nights game (Jan 17th) the leafs played a physical game but they didn’t pay any attention to the details of defence or putting men in front of the net. When the leafs were on that great streak they played a balanced game between physical and intelligent hockey. Now they play one or the other or none. If I were John Ferguson Jr. I would be looking for help to add some depth and some fir to an already fiery line up.

Although the needs are defence and everyone knows that, I feel that with the injuries and uncertainty of Owen Nolan the leafs may feel that another power forward is necessary. Look for them to trade the useless Mikael Renberg and a pick to the Carolina Hurricanes for Jeff O’Neil. Some of you may find this crazy but Renberg is a scoring forward and can score if put with the right people. Roberts and Sundin are not right for Renberg but, Francis and even the rookie Marty Murray are great line mates to set up Renberg. In return the leafs get some power down low to help out people such as Stajan. Although Perott and Belak are bruisers they don’t possess the intelligence to hit and stay out of the box. O’Neil will bring them that and some more veteran experience to an already veteran line-up. O’Neil will also not be looking for much ice time and that will not effect the moral of the team and when Mogilny returns it may aid it some.

If the leafs are planning on making a big splash they may also go after either Michael Peca or Alexei Zhamnov. I highly doubt either of these players may be considered but you never know in Leaf land. Both players can score and in the last few games that has been the weak point in the leafs. But both players will be looking for either first or second line duties so they are not highly welcome here considering when the leafs are healthy we have a full first and second line.

Now on defence the leafs need help. First off they should get rid of Pilar. The guy is good but not good enough. I feel he should go to the minors and if he doesn’t improve then trade him. Secondly to get some veteran experience and a stay at home defance that isn’t afraid of jumping into the rush, the leafs should try and get Ruslan Salei from the Mighty Ducks at the deadline. The ducks most likely won’t like the playoffs and I think that Salei is in either his last or second last year in his contract. Salei is great in one on one situations and would do great pared up with the struggling Kaberle. The leafs could do great with the so called “stud” defence man but they aren’t available. So I feel that Salei would be a great addition or at least it couldn’t hurt. But what to give up to the Ducks? If Salei is in his last year a third or fourth draft pick should be enough but if not then maybe Reichel because Ponikarovsky is playing well and with the overload on centermen Reichel is the odd man out. Or you could even get rid of Antropov because the guy can’t skate. But if you were to do that you should ask for a prospect in return or at least a pick as well as Salei.

Lets take a look at the new leafs if Salei was picked up for a draft pick or just not a roster player. The leafs are also fully healthy.





McCabe – Marchment

Berg – Klee

Salei – Kaberle

extras: Ponikarovsky, Belak, Perott, Jackman

The defence still doesn’t look that good but better. If you ask me Marchment should go.

Give me your thoughts!

Go Leafs Go

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  1. mattf says:

    renberg is still quite solid around the boards, if you DO watch..that is. and since when is he making 4m?

  2. mattf says:

    of course the sens look so much better not having 6 regulars out. and since that is the case, why isn’t the sens ahead of the leafs in the standings?

    that little stunt alfredsson pulled with the ‘throwing the stick-shit’ isn’t going to go unpunished next time in leaf-ville. i expect domi to plow head first into his anus

  3. mattf says:

    yushkevich is not only unrestricted, but hasn’t been keeping in shape and probably won’t ever be seen again in the league.

    he tore leaf management a new asshole by saying ‘the only honest person in leaf management is the mascot’, you won’t ever see him in a leaf jersey again. period.

    why deal for brewer when he is underachieving probably the same as kaberle? doesn’t make much sense. you’ll fuck up chemistry.

    the only legitamit d man available they should go after (which will IMPROVE, not fill in ‘gaps’) is gonchar. this at the least would require a 1st, antropov and a young d (maybe jackman).

  4. mattf says:

    far too much for o’neil. sure he does score 20/30 goals a year, but that is on the first line on a sub-par team. which pretty much anyone can do (see audette).

    as soon as mogilny and nolan return, they’ll be fine on wing. if anyone i’d like to see brind’amour in a leaf jersey – proven player in the playoffs, + another centerman that can play wing.

  5. mattf says:

    couldn’t agree more. if anything they need versitile centerman for depth, and especially a key guy on d. i’d love to see markov back (why the fuck did we deal him for green/renberg/reichel)

  6. mattf says:

    even if i was a carolina fan i would laugh at that. what the fuck ever happened to colliacovo?

  7. mattf says:

    i take that back, 3.75 million. yup, he ain’t worth it

  8. Kill_Yourself says:

    Are you some kind of retard? Why would the canucks trade away their strongest dman for a struggling dman that doesnt shoot the puck and doesn’t hit. Oh because they get renberg and a draft, ah no they already have a strong offense and renberg wouldn’t help much any way.

    Now about carolina, lets give our youth away for two old guys and an ok dman, no. I like wesley but he’s not worth a trade pick him up at the deadline for almost nothing. McCabe and him would play well together.

  9. TC_4 says:

    Hey Cory, your not very “Kool”! That is a G.D joke! You don’t know a lot about hockey do you?

  10. TC_4 says:

    Why would a team rebuilding like Carolina, want to give up a 27 year old guy for a 31 year old guy? Better yet, why would they want to give up a guy who outside of this season, is a perennial 30+ goal guy, for a guy who’s only good years were playing on a line with Eric Lindros and John LeClair? Now I agree that the Leafs need to add another piece or 2 for the playoffs, but just realize that they’re going to have to give up something good to get guys like O’Neill, Zhamnov, or Peca.

  11. Kill_Yourself says:

    O’neill to the leafs, will it happen? Most likely, no but he would be a good addition for the leafs.

    I agree that him and nolan would make a solid line and stajan or nieuwendyk would be good on center. Your trade bait for him is weak though renberg is like an older version of jeff. They’re big, strong and both arent producing many points. But on oniell’s defence he does play for carolina. A more realistic trade would be

    Oniell for: Renberg and some youth, maybe Maxim Kondratiev (we have a lot of young d and hedin has fit in well so cross him off) and a pick if necessary.

    Your defence isn’t a improvemt at all, The leafs could use another good dman but salei isn’t him. some posibilities could be Yushkevich hes floating around some where. He could provide a bit of help Defensively but wouldn’t help offensivly. Wesley could do the same job he played well with McCabe last year and they could probably pick him up again at the deadline for dirt cheap.

  12. TribalPhoenix says:

    Forget a 1st rounder. Thats overkill.

    The ‘Canes wanna move O’Neill, it would be a buyers market. I would say package him up with Wesley, we offer Antropov, Tucker, and a mid-rounder (3rd – 5th rounder), and we could have them both.

    The ‘Canes save roughly 2.5 million in salary, the Leafs get a stay-at-home d-man who has already shown he can play and excel with the Buds, not to mention a winger who is an established offensive threat with speed to burn and a shot to kill – not to mention the grit that Tucker brings. They also get Antropov who could help for the future, though my faith in him is down to nothing after the past few years. A draft pick always sweetens the deal as well, since we only gave up a 2nd round pick for him last year. If we put in a 3rd rounder, it may do the job.

  13. big_booty says:

    Ah, the Leaves. Always a touchy subject around here.

    Why be-Leafers shouldn’t panic: Things aren’t that bad right now. It could only be a small bump in the road. Other teams with similar records have gone through similar stretches.

    Why they should panic: They can’t run with the big dogs, i.e. Philadelphia, Ottawa, New Jersey. It doesn’t matter how good they are against the rest of the league, if they can’t get it done against these teams, they can’t get it done period.

    It never fails to amaze me how you people over-rate players who wear a Maple Leaf sweater.

    To think that Mikael Renberg can still score 30 goals is just plain stupid. To think you can get Jeff O’Neill for him is even more moronic.

    Wake the hell up, people.

  14. TribalPhoenix says:

    No offense, but I don’t even know where to begin picking this apart.

    Yushkevich has already played 10 games for Yaroslavl in Russia… thus activating a clause in his contract that makes him ineligible for NHL play this season. Even if he was eligible, he is in shape, and he wanted to return to the Leafs… the problem was that Pat Quinn and Yushkie’s agent, Mark Gandler, despise each other. With a new GM, things change, and Yushkie openly said that he wanted to be back with the blue and white, and admitted that his comments about the mascot were made out of hurt feelings for being traded.

    Brewer isn’t as much underachieving as he is slumping, in my mind. We’ve seen what he can do, but its amazing what playing in a losing environment will do to a player. Given some new scenery on a contender, I can see him going right back on track. Look at Derek Morris – slumped on the Flames during the last legs of the season, then shipped to the Av’s in the off-season – he returned to form.

    Gonchar will not help. Gonchar is an offensive defenceman, which the Leafs already have. Gonchar has the worst +/- in the NHL, and the Leafs need defence, not more offence. As much as I’d like to see him with Ken Klee again, it doesn’t address the Leafs needs.

    I respect your opinion, but I just can’t swallow that.

  15. chanman says:

    I am so sick of hearing about the dumb leafs. You think the leafs got problems? Its not so bad sitting at the top of the NHL and havin more dough to spend on players than 80% of the other clubs.

    Drive 100 miles south and try being a sabre fan. all this talk about the toronto is compleatly unnessary considering the fact that they fold in the playoffs.

    Dumb leafs. Almost as funny as the NYR saga>

  16. scottyboy says:

    I am surprised to hear all of the commotion about the leafs defense when we all should be looking at the forwards, not only for their lack of scoring over the last little bit, but more importantly their defence from the forwards. If you have to place blame for several of the goals given up by the Leafs you would probably have to give it to poor postional defence by the forwards, Antropov and Ponikarovsky in particular. The scoring should come back with the return of AlMo and Nolan, but the addition of a good two-way forward, or atleast a defensive-minded forward, would probably help them fair better in the playoffs, in my opinion anyways.

  17. Lynchmob450 says:

    Were you watching the Flyers-Laughs game without your glasses??? What did the refs miss?? If anything, they favoured the horrible MapleLosers!!

  18. Lynchmob450 says:

    Legandary??? Only in Toronto!! And only for fucking assholes like Hyfte.

  19. nocuphere says:

    What are you talking about

  20. nocuphere says:

    As old as the flyers dude.

  21. nocuphere says:

    Poor sabres fan. At least the leafs get a chance to fold in the playoffs.

  22. rojoke says:

    He’s in the AHL, where he should be. And he’s been one of the best all-around defencemen in the league this year.

  23. mattf says:

    hahha, i’ve been to a couple sabres games, hsbc centre is a NICE arena. shame its usually empty

  24. MaSTiK says:

    u must really be a genius kid, its called a godamn joke, for one u cant trade a brocaster, for two, u have to be simple to think he was serious

  25. Tradedude says:

    a big reason of why im a leaf fan is because of harry neale.. i have other favourite teams in the league but every team has boring ass broadcasting. And when they try they end up like Buffalo’s brodcasting, which is clearly, sad.

    Go neale

  26. Tradedude says:

    Yeah, he’s Tie Domi…come on man..,get with it

  27. Tradedude says:

    since september

  28. dlo44 says:

    you are an idiot

  29. dlo44 says:

    This is for you to ponder genious……..maybe we could pry Anders Eriksson away from Columbus. We could also trade for their “Assistant to the traveling secratary”, I here he has some potential

    For everyone else-

    Harry Neale is slowly but surely losing it, every game he seems to get worse.

  30. Bubblenuts says:

    I can’t believe you morons think he’s serious.

  31. chanman says:

    leafs stink. nobody likes the leaf. stupid leafs. i hate the leafs. dumb leafs. stupid leafs.

  32. chanman says:

    you said it. Wah, Wah. buncha babies.

  33. Leaf_Expert says:

    There a big rumor on Wowhockey.com involving the Leafs!….

  34. chanman says:

    that wont happen what would Wash. want Numminen for? a UFA next year.not much in it for dallas.

  35. mojo19 says:

    I think that would be a great trade. We just have to get Brian Burke niiiiice and hammered.

  36. mojo19 says:

    Its funny everytime i read it

  37. mojo19 says:

    Renberg is tough in the corners, works the “cycle system” down low well and gets the puck to Mats. so he is worth something to the leafs, but i wouldnt see too much value to other teams. keep ’em cuz he’s probably gonna retire at the end of the year which he contimplated last summer.

  38. mojo19 says:

    yeah, harry neale is okay, but sometimes i think he’s on crack. joe bowen on mojo radio is the king of broadcasting, hes pretty leafs bias too.

  39. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Speaking of whining…..hmmmm

  40. mojo19 says:

    whats your team furlong? is it ottawa cuz if it is, all i got to say is “hahahahahaha”

  41. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Cry me a river,better yet cry me a ocean.

  42. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Cry me a river,better yet cry me a ocean.

  43. mojo19 says:

    You forgot Robert Reichel

    i would take out Ponikarovski for him.

  44. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    Man, Flyers fans almost have the class of Raiders fans, ALMOST. And Raiders fans aren’t even the worst in football anymore, its Eagles fans. Conicidence?

  45. mojo19 says:

    And the Sens didn’t get any help from the referee when Tucker was hit from behind by alfredson who went on to score the game winner on the play in game 6 as well…

  46. mojo19 says:

    we didn’t. We traded Markov for Green, Reichel, and C. Mills. (Not sure what the C. stands for but i do know he was the captain of St.Johns last year before retiring in the summer). We got Renberg straight up for Berezin.

  47. mojo19 says:

    If fergy wanted Wesley and his multi year deal, he would have him, cuz T.O. was Glenn’s first choice this summer.

  48. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    The only team we are having problems with is Philly. We lost got shut out 1-0 by the guy who will break all of Roy’s records. I’m shitting in my drawers since we lost to the Devs in a very close game when we were not playing anywhere near our best. Wow, we lost to the Flyers with 6 of our best out of the lineup. The games would have been much closer with them in the lineup. You can’t expect to beat one of the top 4 teams in the conference with 2 of your top 3 d-men out. We do need to worry about the Flyers, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. And we have been drawing even with the Sens pretty much. We beat them when they were on a losing streak, they beat us when we were on one. Sure, these losses are discouraging, but I’m not jumping ship just yet. Leaf playoff hockey is a whole new breed, so Leaf fans, calm down, wait to get healthy, and we can still win the division, if not the conference.

  49. TheCoach says:

    Ummm, just to let you know, Ottawa wasn’t completely healthy either. Lalime, Volchenkov, Varada, Pothier and Fisher were all out. So don’t give me all this bull-shit about how the Leafs lost to a completely healthy Ottawa team. You Leaf fans are just making excuses for your team’s craptacular performance. Even with injuries, a good team still gives an effort and doesn’t feel bad for itself because of injuries. The Leafs went on one hot streak and now it’s over. Their back to being the good ol’ Leafs. And just to let you know, Ottawa is 1 point behind T.O with a game in hand, so don’t start acting like the Leafs have clinched the conference.

    What pisses me off about people in T.O, is that when a Leaf player does something its all well and good, but when another player does it then everyone except for the precious Leafs must be punished. According to Pat Quinn and Leaf’s fans, there was nothing wrong with Sundin actually chucking his stick into the crowd, but when Alfredsson pretended to do it, it was the worst thing that ever happened in hockey. Nothing was wrong with Tucker jumping into a bench, or Domi elbowing Scott Niedermayer in the head after the play, but what Alfredsson did, now that was bad. Give me a break. Even Eddie Shack defended Alfredsson.

    And as for Domi. I can’t wait until that little runt runs into someone like Chara. He’s gonna have to eat all his meals through a straw.

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