What Will Happen With Tomas Kaberle?

As Brian Burke returns home from his fishing trip, talks could once again commence on the possible moving of Tomas Kaberle.

Here are some other various sources on Kaberle:

“The Sharks are the team to beat. The Leafs are aiming for Ryan Clowe as their target”

“The Sharks aren’t offering Clowe yet, but Brian does believe he could get Clowe if he just were to get some kind of bidding war going.”

“The Blue Jackets have had discussions on and off for the better part of two years. The latest name is Brassard, which may be the most upside potential out there for the Leaf player.”

“The Flyers could send Coburn and Van Riemsdyk to Toronto for Kaberle and a top prospect.”

“The Capitals are involved, but the Leafs have no interest in Semin as a starting point for talks. There may be some other options.”

“The Kings have been rumored to be kicking some tires, Jack Johnson could be trade bait or another one of their many good prospects

“The Sabres would consider Stafford and a young D prospect. The Leafs would rather have Derek Roy.”

What do you all think will happen?

152 Responses to What Will Happen With Tomas Kaberle?

  1. mojo19 says:

    If Komi could regain his form then that would be a beast of a top pair. No one would wanna face those two, throwing devestating hits. And Komi's defensive ability would give Phaneuf the green light to jump into the play a bit more.

    I kind of hope Schenn is the one who gets the chance with Phaneuf though to take that role.

  2. cam7777 says:

    Hanson and the presumably high 2nd round pick are the real return.  Obviously Bergfors is their higher priority right now, so doing this deal gets them two good assets, and a temporary replacement for Little.  Presumably LA could make a similar offer, but they are already getting a better player in Grabovski, and Kaberle.

    Plus, he's not a pure salary dump.  They don't need to move him – he's just not necessary.  He has value, just not a whole lot.  It isn't a Gagne situation, or a Savard situation.

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