What will it take for Thornton?

More rumors started circulating, this time out of the Boston globe, that Thornton next year could be a Panther, a Leaf, or a Red Wing. But what REALLY would it take to get Jumbo Joe?It depends on what team really.

For the Panthers, it may look a little like this:

To Boston: Anthoney Stewart, Stephen Weiss, 1st round pick

To Florida: Joe Thornton

The Panthers get the big man at centre, and the Bruins get some great prospects at centre, as well as a first round pick, that knowing the Panthers, will be very valuable.

What if Detroit gets him?

To Boston: Jiri Hudler, Kip Miller, 1st round pick.

To Detroit: Joe Thornton

The Bruins get basically the same deal as they would with the Panthers, of course the Panthers deal is much more attractive. Maybe the Wings could throw someone else in to bring in Joe Thornton.

Now the Toronto deal, I won’t pretend the Leafs will get him for Berg, and two draft picks. Here is what I’d have to say the Leafs would pay.

To Boston: Alex Steen, Carlo Coliacovo, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

To Toronto: Joe Thornton

Leaf fans need to realize it will cost our top prospects to acquire Thornton, it would be worth it, as Thornton is still young, and the Leafs need a cup NOW! If they can’t win this year, we will for sure pass the fifty year droubt mark, with the loss of key players, like Belfour, Domi, Nieuwendyk, and Roberts.

So who gets Thornton?? Well, I’d have to say Florida, Weiss and Stewy (I met Anthoney Stewart, funny guy, actually signed my poster “Stewy”) are much more attractive then the Leafs deal. Coliacovo will be a good defenseman some day, a number one or two defenseman if he’s lucky. Steen… why does everyone think he’ll be so great he was taken 28th overall, just because he’s a first rounder doesn’t make him great, there are first overallers that turn out crap.

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  1. lukeleim says:

    Red Wings would have to give up more than that man

  2. mikster says:

    No, the Panthers would be giving too much for Thornton.

    I say it would be Weiss, Huselius/Krajicek, and a 1st rounder.

    First of all, you are trading for the rights of the player, which slightly decreases the value, but some nonetheless.

    Stewart is a long term project of high talent and massive strenth. He is already an incredibly strong player, which is scary, and he is of great value to the Panthers.

    The Red Wings have much to deal with their team, and if they will be trading for Thornton then they better give at least an NHL starter. Kip Miller???????

    The Leafs as well, you need at least an NHL starter, a proven one.

    I think the Bruins will keep Joe, but you can never trust the Bruins management.

    I think the Panthers will make inquiries, but most likel they will hit the UFA market.

  3. Maximus says:

    I think that Joe Thornton will be a Bruin in the fall. If he is traded the team will have to overpay in terms of players to obtain his rights. I say it will cost the team at least two blue chip prospects, or a top 5 pick and a top prospect.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    The Panthers would be a little crazy to make a trade like that. Any Detroit deal with look a lot different than that…no one wants dead weight like Kip Miller taking up space on their roster unless they absolutely have to. Also, JFJ would be giving up way too much in that proposed deal as well. Subtract one of those picks and add a proven player, and maybe you’d have something worth going on. Would it work? Who knows? Any deal will definitely have to include a proven player, because Boston is fairly thin up front. It’s kind of common sense. And especially from a team like Detroit, who have players like that in abundance.

  5. gobruins08 says:

    Joe will stay put. There were almost the exact same rumors last summer. Joe to Florida for Nathan Horton and Stephen Weiss, which at this point I would aprove of. Any way when these rumors started the media questioned both Joe and MOC. Both seemed confused how these rumors even started. The Bruin’s front office may have made some questionable trades but they are not that stupid.

  6. NYRules says:

    more from the wings, but the panthers is about right.

    Toronto…. theres no need for this to happen

  7. Johan says:

    Can’t see why Boston would even think about trading Thornton. With a salary cap in place they’ll guaranteed to be able to sign him for a reasonable salary (for a franchaise player that’s is, ’cause that’s what he is).

    The only way they’ld trade away the rights to Thornton is if somebody overpays with young talents and draft picks, but why would they do that with the newly instated cap?

  8. jacosta says:

    Something that would really be a factor in any trade would be if Thornton is willing to sign a long term deal to whatever team trades for him.

    It would be a huge mistake for any team to offer all that you posted only to have Joe go to where he wants next year.

    I think any team that trades for him would need somewhat of a guarantee that he would resign with them.

    If this is the case then there are positives for all of these teams.

    Florida: lowest tax in the NHL and you have the nicest weather. However weak hockey town

    Detroit: A solid hockey town with an owner that in the past has done what it takes to win, however may be stimied with the cap

    Toronto. Great hockey market, coming home, and despite what some may think, playing for a players coach. Cons. The media pressure of Toronto, the taxes, and who knows what the leafs can do with the cap as well.

    Any of these three cities have there pros and cons. Which one would you go to.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    kip miller? since when did he become a wing? his last team was the caps i beleive.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    sidney crosby for joe thornton

  11. Habfanforever says:

    I would never do it. Even if unproven, Sidney Crosby is more mature at his age than Joe Thornton will ever be.

  12. Habfanforever says:

    I personnally do not think Joe will go anywhere but the fact that there is a new CBA in place makes him more accessible.

    I’m not part of his fan club, that is clear but I would see him in a market like LA or even San Jose. In the western conference, he would be another Bertuzzi with a slight edge in skill.

    How much would have to be given in order to pbtain him? I wouldn’t give much more than a blue chip prospect center and a 1st or 2nd round draft pick depending on which team trades for him. Otherwise in my opinion, he’s another Bertuzzi waiting to happen.

  13. sasketoon says:

    Well, the complaint in Boston has always been that they didn’t spend a ton of money to bring back their best players. Now with a new CBA, every team will be locked into spending roughly the same amount of money, so I think most player will be deciding where they want to play based more on the city, the media, and especially the coach.

    Of course the Bruins will want to sign him long term, but they’ve got a shell of a team right now. Maybe once they sign a few other players and he can see whether or not it’s a playoff contending team it will be easier to make a decision.

    That Florida deal sounds about right to me, and with the new schedule, even though theyre in the East the Bruins wouldn’t play them as often (which is something to consider if you deal him to Toronoto).

  14. TheCoach says:

    To get Thornton, you would have to give up a player who is at the same level, or who realistically can reach the same level as Joe. Keep in mind, Thornton isn’t even at his prime yet.

    Florida would have to include Nathan Horton or Jay Bouwmeester.

    Detroit would have to include Pavel Datsyuk or Henrik Zetterberg.

    Toronto has nothing good enough to give up.

  15. ranger_fan says:

    Just because Jacobs is cheap, and can sign Crosby for four years at 850K… I say Joe and ____ to the lottery winner, if they think they can contend, and get enough with that ____

  16. NemiNA says:

    Given the above trade suggestions, I would take the Toronto rumor. That one with Detroit would suck.

  17. NemiNA says:

    Detroit owns his right cause he signed with grand rapids of the AHL

  18. ranger_fan says:

    …or Keep Thornton…

  19. Scruffy05 says:

    Why would Boston give up Thornton? He’s a franchise player and the current face of the team. I do not see him moving.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    From Detroit…

    Hudler, Grigorenko, and Kronvall, plus 2 1st rounders. That’s the only way I’d trade him to Detroit.

    That whole Kip Miller thing is a joke right?

    From Florida…

    Bouwmeester, Horton, Stewart, and 2 first rounders.

    All said, Thornton is the real deal, and is only 25 years old. You’re going to have to give everything you’ve got if you’re going to get him.

  21. Flyer_Fan says:

    Once again, Unrealistic trade offers posted by you.

    How many naked photos of the admins do you have to get posted so much??

  22. adambuffalo says:

    I think Buffalo should try for him.

    Satan, Biron and 1st rounder for Thorton

  23. adambuffalo says:

    Throw in Zhitnik too!

  24. simplyhabby says:

    Thats pretty debatable. Considering Joes “leadership woes”, he was Canada’s best player next to Nash at the World’s. His development is steadily improving to an allaround game.

    As much as Crosby is a prodigy, Thorton is young, hits, scores, passes, and plays D. Right now, its a pretty even trade but I am sure if Crosby turns into the messiah of hockey, then it will lopside.

  25. Beerios says:

    you are WAY overvaluing Thornton, even if there WASN’T a salary cap.

  26. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    The Bruins are already the bottom of the totem pole here in New England. They don’t need any more bad publicity. They HAVE to sign Thornton long term. Harry Sinden, Charlie Jacobs (the son of Jeremy) and Mike O’Connell have been quoted that they plan to be spenders now that there is a ceiling. Harry’s exact quote in the Boston Herald was “they plan to knock holes in the ceiling”

    Unless Thornton refuses to come back I can’t see them trading the face of the Bruins.

  27. Aetherial says:

    No sure why you have such a big disparity between what the various teams have to offer… probably because you know that you must make the Leaf offer bigger or the pea-brains on this site will attack you.

    On the other hand, I agree with the Coach. I doubt Toronto has anything that Boston wants. I would not for a second start thinking that Thornton is coming to Toronto.

    In fact, I would only consider free agents coming here. The Leafs are thin on the farm and lack the young talent on the big team that other teams will want in return for a marquis player.

  28. Tops04 says:

    Getting rid of Thornton for 2 good prospects (can’t miss ones) would be a good move. Afterall two guys are better than 1, especially if 1 is a defenseman prospect (which the Bruins could desperately use).

    I just hope my team doesn’t bite for Thornton. I would rather hang on to 2 guys, than that playoff choker.

  29. wheresthesoda says:

    i agree, that deal with detroit, is a detroit dream deal

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    How am I overvaluing Thornton? The guy is the top power forward and one of the top 3 centers in the game.

    If I’m trading him, I want top prospects and 2 first rounders, based on the fact that he’s young, he’s not just entering the prime of his career, and he’s already proven himself to be a top-flight player. He scored 100 points in 02-03 at 24 years old, which put him only behind Forsberg and Naslund.

    He’s still got about 10 good years ahead of him, I want top young players and future for him if I’m going to give up a sure-shot top-notch player. Any GM who were to see this would say the same damn thing.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Satan, Vanek, Miller, and 2 first rounders and you’ve quite possibly got a deal.

  32. nordiques100 says:

    well you certainly need at least the equivalent to signing a restricted free agent. the new rules are that teams must give up 4 first rounders for signing an RFA. so getting at least 2 firsts plus 2 good prospects makes sense

  33. Lint07 says:

    You forgot about Nik Antropov and Wade Belak! 😉

  34. Flyer_Fan says:

    Arse Fairy,

    Being “attacked” has nothing to do with it.

    The poor kid just doesn’t have a clue!


  35. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    I just watched a press conference on NESN (Bruins home cable channel)with Mike O’Connell , Charlie Jacobs, Hal Gill and Jeremy Jacobs. Jeremy and Charlie Jacobs both said they expect Joe Thornton to be a Bruin. The question was asked about Joe and Sammy long term. O’Connell said he expects to sign them both long term. He also talked about signing Gonchar and Lapointe. He really likes Lapointes leadership. All three said that becuase of the hard cap they would leave some room for injuries. I’m pretty happy as a B’s fan. $10 tickets & kids under 12 free until Thanksgiving. GO B’s!

  36. mcpickl says:

    Thornton isnt being dealt. the “rumor” is from Kevin Paul Dupont from the Boston Globe saying in his opinion, the Bruins should trade him because hes a free agent next year. Not as though he had any sources saying Boston was shopping him, he just likes to throw garbage out there to see if anyones still listening to him. This is the same guy who was scooped on Ray Bourque asking to be traded by Larry Brooks of the New York Post(of all places NY geesh) the was on talk radio that whole day ridiculing Brooks for being way offbase on it, until the next day Bourque was traded.


    I do suspect Thornton walks next year though, he was apparently pretty hurt by the criticism he took in the Boston media for not playing well (though injured) during the 2004 playoffs. Unless the bruins build a pretty strong team this year, certainly possible considering theyve got less than 2 million in salaries currently committed for this season, he probably heads to Toronto or Ottawa next summer.

    Please be careful when taking anything Kevin Paul Dupont from the Boston Globe writes as gospel, he’s a fraud.

  37. wolfpacns says:

    could anyone see a 3 way deal here?

    flo:sundin and carlo

    bos: weiss and steen tor 1st pick

    tor: horton and thorton

  38. masarume says:

    Buddy are you crazy?!

    I would take the Florida deal hands down, then Leafs and Wings… I mean its Kip freaking Miller.

  39. masarume says:

    If you were any other GM other than Toronto’s I would fire your ass on the spot.

    What kind of stupid deal is that? Boston is getting ripped beyond belief.

  40. masarume says:

    If Thornton leaves Boston, I would be shocked.

    He IS there franchise player. St. Louis might have won the Hart, but TB still is a good team w/o him. Bruins w/o Big Joe would be beyond lost.

    And please… Thornton to TO? If he wants to come here, he’ll be wise to wait for UFA rather than waiting for a trade. We have nothing PROVEN or worthwhile to give up to a team like Boston at this ponit.

  41. CBA says:

    LEAFS: Joe Thornton

    BOSTON: Berg, Antropov

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