What will it take for Thornton?

More rumors started circulating, this time out of the Boston globe, that Thornton next year could be a Panther, a Leaf, or a Red Wing. But what REALLY would it take to get Jumbo Joe?It depends on what team really.

For the Panthers, it may look a little like this:

To Boston: Anthoney Stewart, Stephen Weiss, 1st round pick

To Florida: Joe Thornton

The Panthers get the big man at centre, and the Bruins get some great prospects at centre, as well as a first round pick, that knowing the Panthers, will be very valuable.

What if Detroit gets him?

To Boston: Jiri Hudler, Kip Miller, 1st round pick.

To Detroit: Joe Thornton

The Bruins get basically the same deal as they would with the Panthers, of course the Panthers deal is much more attractive. Maybe the Wings could throw someone else in to bring in Joe Thornton.

Now the Toronto deal, I won’t pretend the Leafs will get him for Berg, and two draft picks. Here is what I’d have to say the Leafs would pay.

To Boston: Alex Steen, Carlo Coliacovo, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

To Toronto: Joe Thornton

Leaf fans need to realize it will cost our top prospects to acquire Thornton, it would be worth it, as Thornton is still young, and the Leafs need a cup NOW! If they can’t win this year, we will for sure pass the fifty year droubt mark, with the loss of key players, like Belfour, Domi, Nieuwendyk, and Roberts.

So who gets Thornton?? Well, I’d have to say Florida, Weiss and Stewy (I met Anthoney Stewart, funny guy, actually signed my poster “Stewy”) are much more attractive then the Leafs deal. Coliacovo will be a good defenseman some day, a number one or two defenseman if he’s lucky. Steen… why does everyone think he’ll be so great he was taken 28th overall, just because he’s a first rounder doesn’t make him great, there are first overallers that turn out crap.