With the leafs not making the playoffs their will be some retooling that will be needed but what will the leafs do ? They need to resign Boyd Devereaux, John Pohl, Nik Antropov, Bates Battaglia, Carlo Colaiacovo, Ian White. N ow they may keep one of these two players Michael Peca or Yanic Perreault but it would be better to use that money elsewhere unless in my opinion peca signs for less say 1.5 but I doubt it. Well let’s all say goodbye to Jeff O’Neill his 1.5 will be going to tuckers raise, Jean-Sebastien Aubin on the other hand I hope he can shine in whatever team he goes to. Players the leafs need to go after are Paul Kariya, Ryan Smyth, Daniel Briere, and very unlikely Henrik Zetterberg. Please let’s not get into any trading unless we are talking about kubina

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  1. Glucker says:

    hahaha, karyia will get league max, we cant afford him, your ideas are pretty much the same as mine though, so props:P

  2. turdferguson96 says:

    you make a valid point there, however, they could afford to release peca because of his history of leg injuries, also, they should strongly consider keeping perrault because of his amazing face-off abilities. now these guys, kariya, smyth, briere, zetterberg are all good players on their respective teams; who says they'll be good in toronto? look at o'neil…40 goal scorer in carolina, comes to toronto 20 goal scorer. toronto does not have any problems on the offense. take a good look at that…they are 6th in the league for goals for. where they need to improve is behind the bench and on the blue line. lose paul maurice and pick up jacques martin. also…..everyone is talking about getting these high-priced players….why not get some guys with gritt like brenden witt? not a powerplay specialist, but he's tough in front of the net and he has alot of hard and leadership. there's also possibility of making an attempt to get bouwmeester or even jackman…both very young, not too expensive yet, and both with great potential….given their current teams who completely suck, they are both over +20…..as for the goaltender…..raycroft naysayers need to take a good look at what he had to work with this year? i mean kaberle was good, gill screws up alot, mccabe is only good for the powerplay, colaiacovo makes alot of mistakes, but he's young and has heart, white isn't bad, but he is caught picking his ass in the corner when he should be infront of the net fighting, and kubina pinches too much and it often getting caught 'cause odd-man rushes. raycroft is a good goalie…37 wins this yea…pretty good in my books, where they need improvement is their backup….for a 2nd year goalie (i consider him 2nd year because he never really played in boston the last year 'cause he was having a rough time) to post those numbers is great, but it must be hard playing 20 games straight without a break….they should consider losing aubin, and picking up a solid backup that can steal a game for them….have a back up they can have some confidence in. perfect example would be backstrom from the wild who played about 1/2 of the games…..amazing…same thing with mason, emery who started the season as back up. call me crazy, but i think bryzgalov from anaheim would be a GREAT pick up. so like i said…..they don't need to focus so much on offense, but on defense….and coaching when i say pick up in my article or blog or whatever you want to call this, i mean trade or sign from free agency.

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