What Will the Rangers Look like next season?

As of right now the Rangers have quite a solid bunch of signed players through next season, and at this point it is just a question of who will make the lineup, and who might be traded. Here is what the Rangers have at each position:

Center: Nylander, Betts, Cullen

Right Wing: Jagr, Prucha, Hall, Ward, Ortmeyer, Orr

Left Wing: Straka, Shanahan, Hossa, Hollweg

Defense: Rozsival, Ward, Malik, Tyutin, Ozolinsh, Rachunek, Kasparitis, Pock

Goaltender: Lundqvist, Weekes

Pending Rangers: Dawes, Immonen, Greg Moore (supposedly a budding power forward @ 6-,1 240), Al Montoya, several others

Now I know Cullen, Ortmeyer, Hollweg and Straka can all play center and wing, but I think it is still up in the air what the line combinations will be, and who will be suiting up for the final Rangers roster in October. I also have a feeling that Immonen, Dawes, and Montoya among others may push marginal players such as Hossa, Hollweg, Ortmeyer and Orr off of the roster as potential trade bait. As much as I love Ortmeyer for his dedication to the team and community, his heart and leadership skills, he is not as young as people think he is and probably not as skilled as Immonen and Dawes. Hossa still has some potential and showed some brilliance when he was under pressure from the coaching staff, but is a poster boy for inconsistency. Hollweg is a good 3rd or 4th liner, but the Rangers have plenty of these guys in the waiting. Orr is just a goon.

Weekes and Montoya have been speculated to be trade bait. Detroit and Chicago have shown interest in young Montoya.

Could Sather pull off a trade to get one more consistent young center or winger, or trade someone for a draft pick? There is so much that could happen between now and opening day….. let’s keep a close lookout.