What will Wings do?

Well lots of action already this summer with the Wings but, what will they do? Well yesterday on Fox Sports Detroit TV their rumors were floating around about the whole team:Federov: they say that he will not be back with unless he takes the 4 year 10 million plus. Teams that are intested are Maple leafs and the Ducks.

If Federov leaves rumor has it that they would like to try to bring in Hatcher and Kariya.

Hasek: Team is waiting on what he is going to do if he returns will try toget Joseph to waive his no-trade clause on his contract. Teams intrested Rangers, Bruins, St Louis, Colorado.

So interesting names poped up: Rangers= Lindros maybe. Bruins= they do have so young talent on the team. St. Louis= Doug Weight, Michigan native. Then Colorado but it will not happen with them

However, everyone’s waiting on Domonik Hasek before doing anything.

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  1. jon95616 says:

    So you are saying that the Ducks wont give Kariya 10 million bucks yet they would give Federov 10 million…I know Federov is the better all around player by far…but I dont see how they would suddenly have money for Federov but none for Kariya?

  2. n00dles says:

    fedorov shot himself in the foot big time by turning down the ridiculous 5-year 50 million contract kenny h. offered him.

    no other team is willing to spent 10 millions on this russian primadonna, especially not in a long-term contract.

    it kinda seems to me that sergei wants to leave detroit because he is not as well respected in the organization as before and he knows it.

  3. n00dles says:

    i found an article giving some insight in fedorovs relationship to detroit.


    if its all true it explains a lot

  4. Hockey_Fan says:

    I don’t speak ebonics and god will somebody give this kid a lesson in grammar class. I couldn’t even understand what the hell you were saying in that last part of your article.

  5. Flyers_01 says:

    Federov will sign for less somewhere else and I’m fairly sure he knows that. This was all about him not wanting to be in Detroit and wanting a fresh start somewhere else. I applaud him for that. He felt underappreciated in Detroit, Stevie Y always got all the love. This was definately a move he made from the heart and not for fiscal reasons. The man is set for life and won 3 Stanley cups. He should be able to play for who he wants without taking all this grief.

  6. Joe12 says:

    ok who ever thinks that Federov is going to another team so he can jsut play hockey is an idiot because all it is to him is money, he doesnt care about making the fans happy and just playing the sport he wants his money and if he has to give up all of friends and team mates jsut so he can get a few extra million then i dont think we need that type of player on our team. i mean look at yzerman we doesnt care how much he makes he is playing for the love of the game and because of everyone in hockeytown.

  7. jofa says:

    Not a chance that Federov will end up in either Anaheim or Toronto. If the Ducks are willing to let their captain go because of his $10 million contract, there’s no way they will just go and sign another $10 mil guy. Quinn and Toronto have made it clear they will not be making any big UFA deals this off season, so they’re definitely out of the picture too.

    I would say possible teams for Federov will be either the Rangers (moving Leetch, Messier and possibly Lindros to free up $$), Colorado, Los Angeles (high on Federov’s list, but not sure if they want to pay the $$), and maybe an outside chance for Chicago.

    Should be interesting to see what the Red Wings do with Joseph. Any of those teams you mention could be interested, but it might end up being another lopsided deal like the Cechmanek trade, where the Red Wings end up picking up some of Joseph’s contract $$ and get only picks in return.

  8. MossRocks says:

    On the St. Louis trade front… Wasn’t Pleau looking to deal Demitra and move some cash out? I think he’s up for arbitration and will probably get $5mill/yr. Maybe if Detroit swallows half of Joesph’s contract as rumoured and then deals him for Demitra, then the numbers would compute for the Blues?

  9. n00dles says:

    highly unlikely that the wings would trade within their division, obviously strengthening their new rival in such a way (Joseph is a good goalie after all).

  10. n00dles says:

    WTF ????????

    Breaking news, according to coloradoavalanche.com they hav ejust signed kariya AND selanne

    whow, there you have your “2nd” line scoring

  11. Stuv_Dogg says:

    nhl.com is posting the same, and there is a news conference scheduled for 3pm.

    I’m with you, HOLY SHIT.

    Avs are my favourite for next year.


  12. n00dles says:

    although i have concerns about their goaltending (you MUST keep hope as a wings fan 😉 they sure as hell will be a powerhouse next year.

    if lacroix has another trick up his sleeve and gets a good goalie their roster will be friggin frightening to watch


    several radio stations out of detroit report that there will be a press conference at 3 about to present another big bang this offseason.

    Either the goaltending solution or hatcher signing a contract with a big red wheel on top of it.

  13. jofa says:

    Yeah, i just saw the same thing on sportsnet.ca… Insane.

    Kariya – Forsberg – Selanne

    Tanguay – Sakic – Hejduk

    Those two lines are going to decimate other teams. Goalie or no, the Avs are suddenly one of the early favorites for next year.

  14. n00dles says:

    it’s me again 🙂

    hatcher signed in detroit

    heres the link: http://www.canada.com/sports/hockey/story.html?id=2FA91F49-A20E-4B7D-A15A-329B9BEFC259

    man, this guy is ugly…..

  15. slapshot1975 says:

    it’s pretty amazing that a goon like hatcher can command that kind of salary…wings fans, if this is your big offseason acquisition, then it sucks to be you.

    i can’t wait to see sakic, selanne, forsberg, kariya, hejduk, tanguay etc, etc shred the rest of the NHL, especially the wings.

  16. chaos83 says:

    Where’s Colorado’s defense? I mean they’ve never been able to recover from the loss of borque, and ever since then its been through the force of will of Patrick Roy that the Avs have been able to compete. They have Foote and Blake, and are probably gonna lose De Vries to free agency. Their defense sux and so does their goaltending. If they don’t aquire a descent goaltender don’t even count on the Avs making it far in the playoffs. If your lucky they’ll get just far enough for the wings to destroy them. I can’t wait to see lidstrom hatcher schneidder and chelios just stop the Avs in their tracks despite their big name scorers.

  17. OldNord says:

    Morris is already good and he will be better yet and Skoula might explode anytime.

  18. BMontes10 says:

    hatcher at 6 mil a year is a fare price…he is a top 3 Dman in the league and a top 10 player…what are you talking about man…without a goalie the avs will go nowhere…bottom line…if the playoffs started today the wings would still be the odds on favs without federov…no doubt

    when we add DOM and a superstar for cujo watchout…the AVs are a harlem globetrotters gimicek on ice without a goalie…our real competetion is NJ

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