What will Wings do?

Well lots of action already this summer with the Wings but, what will they do? Well yesterday on Fox Sports Detroit TV their rumors were floating around about the whole team:Federov: they say that he will not be back with unless he takes the 4 year 10 million plus. Teams that are intested are Maple leafs and the Ducks.

If Federov leaves rumor has it that they would like to try to bring in Hatcher and Kariya.

Hasek: Team is waiting on what he is going to do if he returns will try toget Joseph to waive his no-trade clause on his contract. Teams intrested Rangers, Bruins, St Louis, Colorado.

So interesting names poped up: Rangers= Lindros maybe. Bruins= they do have so young talent on the team. St. Louis= Doug Weight, Michigan native. Then Colorado but it will not happen with them

However, everyone’s waiting on Domonik Hasek before doing anything.