What would it take to get Gary Roberts back????

I know I said no more Leaf articles till October, but watching the Canes win using one thing the Leafs lack hugely, that they used to excell at hugely, really angers me.The Leafs have no leadership, they’ve gone from a team of former captains (Leetch, Francis, Sundin, Fitzgerald, McCabe, Nieuwendyk, Nolan, Mogilny, among others) and then Roberts who remarkably has never worn the C.

You know why the Leafs have never won the cup, going from 13 guys who could be a captain, to 4 who’ve been captains (Lindros, Allison, Sundin, McCabe), and to one who really deserves to be, Sundin.

And as people talk about what the Leafs need this summer, a good leader or two is really what I look at.

Jay McKee is a great name, he probably won’t cost much, he’s a great shot blocking defenseman, and he’s a good leader.

Brandon Shanahan is ideal. Imagine him, Sundin, and Tucker? That line alone would probably score 100 goals. 30 Tucker, 30 Sundin, 40 Shanahan?? Maybe a bit more from Tucker, and Sundin, maybe a bit less on Shanahan. He’s a great leader, captained Canada.

Mike Peca. This is how I can see Stajan maybe turning out a bit like. Stajan likes to take runs at big guys, ever see him against Ottawa? Trying to take runs at Chara? Any ways, I think Stajan could learn from him, Francis is another player Stajan could be similar to, which is why I would’ve loved to see Francis have this one season left.

Maybe even Steve Thomas? He’s never won the cup, and I love the guy to death. I know he’s incredibley old, but so are alot of cup Champions, vets win cups.

The Leafs could also throw a bag of money at Oilers goalie Dwayne Roloson. Dwayne Roloson has really played great, and he’s a good guy. But I think he’ll stay in Edmonton, especially if he wins the cup.

A veteran presence is the single most important thing in hockey.