What would you do with your 24 hrs. with Lord Stanleys Cup?

I just got done reading an article on ESPN.com on how last week NHL officials actually lost the Stanley Cup in Vienna, Austria. The cup was on its way to Slovokia as part of Devils forward Jiri Bicek’s time with the cup.

See the way it works is you win the cup, each player on the team gets 24 hours with the cup. This leads to the obvious question…What would you do with the cup?

Now I’m sure many of you are aware of the stories of the Stanley Cup being taken to strip clubs, being thrown off a roof into a pool, getting “deficated” in on the Howard Stern show, and the various other rumors involved.

What would you do with it? Would you have your child christened in it as was done several years ago. Would you take it to the beach with you and water ski with it as was also done? What creative, dirty, funny or just plain disturbing things can you think of to do in your 24 hours with the most famous trophy in sports?