What's Brewing in the CUJO Kettle?

Rumors/speculation/news on the future of extra goaltender Curtis Joseph have been incredibly sparse, leading one to believe that no one is interested in the $16-million man or that something is brewing in Ken Hollands office.
Today (10-28-03), Detroit News sports columnist Jerry Green writes, “Leftover scraps are most Joseph can bring Wings.” Green continues: “This will not be an auction, an attempt to find the highest bidder. The Wings, at this juncture, are seeking any bidder. If they manage to get any able body in return for Joseph — perhaps an athlete with rusty ice skates — they would be fortunate. “

I don’t buy Green’s argument. It’s very possible the Wings cut short Joseph’s Grand Rapids stint because 1) he did very well and 2) there is genuine interest in Joseph and he needs to get into an NHL game ASAP.

While the Wings have been barely mentioned in any possible deal with the Edmonton Oilers for Mike Comrie. I would not be surprised that the center-hungry Wings and the Oilers are ultimate trade partners. While Tommy Salo has seemingly been a fixture in Edmonton, he and the team have not gotten to the finals, let alone the conference championship, in quite a while.

Finally, let’s not kids ourselves. Cujo’s new team will NOT assume his entire $16 million salary. The Wings undoubtedly will eat a good portion just to make a good deal.