What's Brewing in the CUJO Kettle?

Rumors/speculation/news on the future of extra goaltender Curtis Joseph have been incredibly sparse, leading one to believe that no one is interested in the $16-million man or that something is brewing in Ken Hollands office.
Today (10-28-03), Detroit News sports columnist Jerry Green writes, “Leftover scraps are most Joseph can bring Wings.” Green continues: “This will not be an auction, an attempt to find the highest bidder. The Wings, at this juncture, are seeking any bidder. If they manage to get any able body in return for Joseph — perhaps an athlete with rusty ice skates — they would be fortunate. “

I don’t buy Green’s argument. It’s very possible the Wings cut short Joseph’s Grand Rapids stint because 1) he did very well and 2) there is genuine interest in Joseph and he needs to get into an NHL game ASAP.

While the Wings have been barely mentioned in any possible deal with the Edmonton Oilers for Mike Comrie. I would not be surprised that the center-hungry Wings and the Oilers are ultimate trade partners. While Tommy Salo has seemingly been a fixture in Edmonton, he and the team have not gotten to the finals, let alone the conference championship, in quite a while.

Finally, let’s not kids ourselves. Cujo’s new team will NOT assume his entire $16 million salary. The Wings undoubtedly will eat a good portion just to make a good deal.

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  1. DonkeyDick2000 says:

    Probably Urine! or Tea

  2. DonkeyDick2000 says:

    I heard that the Wings were trying to trade Cujo for that token black guy who is the trainer in X-Box NHL 2003. I think his name is Kunta Kentai or something.

  3. tsaler says:

    I don’t think Ty Conklin is doing that poorly in Edmonton, and I think it’s pretty fair to say that Tommy Salo hasn’t been the same goalie ever since the Olympics fiasco. I think this trade makes perfect sense, Comrie for Joseph. In fact, if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be surprised.

    Joseph has been in Edmonton before, and he wasn’t too terrible there either. I liked his mask, personally, just cos I enjoyed that big orange goo that he had on it.

    I like this trade a lot. Comrie would look right in a Red Wings jersey too. Their lines would look pretty nice as well, even though I’m not 100% sure what they look like so far this season. Please, Red Wing fans, let me know… I have an OCD for line accuracy, but this is what they seemed to be:








    So what are the real lines? I do know that Williams and Hudler will both find themselves in Grand Rapids if Comrie is traded to the Red Wings. I think the lines would end up something like:





    Something like that. I don’t know whether they moved Zetterberg to a different position.

    Red Wings fans, help me out!

  4. beefer says:

    His name is Toby.

  5. beefer says:

    Everything I’ve read says the Oilers will want a scoring center for Comrie.

  6. akiberg says:

    Edmonton couldn’t afford to pay for Cujo’s equipment let alone the 16 million remaining on his contract.

  7. mccraig416 says:

    This will never happen. Edmonton is not in the market to pick up another high salary player, nor are they looking for a goalie. Just because they haven’t made it to the finals in a while with Salo doesn’t mean they should get rid of him. By your logic any team that doesn’t make the conference finals or finals in a span of 3-4 years should just dump their goalie.

    Edmonton will not take on salary, even if the wings pay a good chunk of his remaining salary, there will still be alot left that Edmonton just can’t afford.

    I would look to See Comrie traded for a good prospect(s) or a youngster with alot of potential


  8. guinsfan4life says:

    Look first and foremost, Ken Holland is an idiot in my opinion for allowing Hasek to come back and play for the salary he does and then knowing he’d have a hard time trading Joseph. I will guarantee that in the future this will come back to haunt him, that he didn’t stay with the younger goalie and show some balls in the moves he made. He has left himself open to criticism by taking Hasek back. CuJo wasn’t the entire reason why Detroit failed to beat the Ducks last year.

    Secondly, there is no way on god’s green earth the Oilers and Wings will be trade partners. Salo is an all star quality goalie; the oilers are solid in the pipes, plus how would they afford two #1 goalies if they can’t even afford the 4 million per season that comrie makes? The Wings would have to take on an exhorbant amount of CuJo’s salary.

  9. Hyfte says:

    Edmonton doesn’t want CuJo back he isn’t going to lead them to the cup . And as far as I am concerned Tommy Salo can go blow a goat. He is shit I think the oilers would do better with Conklin in net.

  10. The_Conductor says:

    Oilers dont want CuJo and even if they did, there is no way the Oil. can afford him. Salo has played crap since he let that goal in for Sweden the other year. They really havnt given Ty an real opportunity, so will have to see whats up.

    Now as for CuJo. He is going to go somewhere, but not Colorado. Detroit wouldnt shoot themselves in the foot, by giving them a goalie. Detoit needs a defenceman and maybe another forward.

    Is there any possible way Detroit an get Gaborik? I know they cant agree on a contract, but could Gab. go to Detroit at all?

    If yes what kind of deal could Detroit/Minn do?

  11. MoscowDynamo says:

    Don’t make yourself scarce in the next few days. ‘Cause that’s a bold claim.

  12. MoscowDynamo says:

    No way. They’d want like Hudler, Grigorenko, Williams and $$$ for him. If not, five 1st rounders. Is Holland gonna do that?

  13. Doppelganger says:

    your lines are a little backwards. it was assistant coach Joe Kocur’s idea to put Shanahan on a line with Datsyuk and Hull and they have played well. The other scoring line is Whitney-Yzerman-Zetterberg. The grind line is still together and Holmstrom really only plays on the power play but is occasionally seen on the fourth line with Deveraux and Williams.

  14. guinsfan4life says:

    Being bold has nothing to do with making the claim I did. The claim was based on facts and logic.

    I never make myself scarce-and if I am wrong I’ll admit that.

  15. Doppelganger says:

    if any gm is going to give up five first rounders, its holland. After all they have traded their first round draft pick every year since they got Chelios. they dont seem to need them though because they drafted zetterberg and datsyuk in the later rounds and holmstrom was one of the very last picks too. Hudler was a second round pick but he has more hype than many of the first rounders. lidstrom and fedorov were also not picked in the first round and they turned out okay.

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    I think that five first rounders is pushing it a little, don’t you?

    Five first rounders for a guy that has averaged 56 points the past three years?

    I would say that it is likelier that the Wings pick up Gaborik than Comrie.

  17. MoscowDynamo says:

    The claim (“No way…Detroit and Edmonton will be trade partners”) strikes me as a bit bold, that’s all. I’m not saying I think a trade will necessarily go down, but I’ve learned to never say never.

    I respect the fact that you’ll admit it if you’re wrong.

    Hopefully talk to you in a few days.

  18. MoscowDynamo says:

    I think those days are over. The Wings need their early round picks now more than ever.

  19. MoscowDynamo says:

    Man, I hope you’re right. Do you know how lethal our offense would be with Gaborik? Forget about Kariya/Salanne. This would completely tip the scales in our favor. I just don’t see it happening, though.

  20. Captainspoon says:

    It would be foolish for anybody to give up a good and/or young player for Cujo. He only has like 3 decent years left and he’s not as good now, as he once was. Maybe to the Flames for Stephane Yelle and a draft pick.

  21. guinsfan4life says:

    So I think that is a pretty bold statement on your part, I mean you might not think the trade will go down, but you sound pretty sure.

    So if it doesn’t go down before the end of the week, but later in the season?

  22. guinsfan4life says:

    So in your opinion, do you think Holland is making the right move? By playing Hasek over Joseph? What would you have done? I don’t hear many people sharing my opion, that holland didn’t make a wise move expecially with the CBA coming up and all, but I suppose I am in the minority.

  23. sportside24 says:

    Since they got him for free, all they should do is find a new home for him and eat most of his salary..they won’t get any players in the deal or shouldn’t

  24. jon95616 says:

    this trade won’t happen.

    Edmonton needs a young forward in return for Comrie, not a veteran goalie.

  25. MoscowDynamo says:

    A good friend of mine shares your opinion. Thinks Holland should surprise everyone and trade Hasek, and that the Wings’ chances of winning are better w/ Joseph.

    I don’t know, I just think earlier this summer a bomb (or gold) fell in Holland’s lap. And with it, a tough decision. But, when all is said and done, I just think you HAVE to go with Hasek. Really sucks for Curtis, I feel for the guy. I’m definitely not the prototypical Wings “Cujo Sucks!” fan. Never said that. Even last April.

    But, you gotta play Hasek IMO.

  26. MoscowDynamo says:

    Why not?

    I really don’t understand this attitude that Joseph is worth nothing anymore. Since when? April 2003? But, April 2002 he was worth a pot of gold? Man, you are one of the most shortsighted people I’ve come across.

    Most people have the wrong attitude about the Wings’ situation, IMO. Although they’re paying A LOT right now and the situation isn’t optimum in the locker room, we still have a TOP 10, 1ST TIER GOALTENDER!!! Since when are they worth nothing. The only problem is salary. And when Holland decides how much he’ll eat (and he’ll definitely eat a considerable portion), I think someone of value is coming our way. You just watch!!!

  27. aafiv says:

    I love this.

    I’ve been saying for years that Cujo sucks – and he does, but now his sucking has come home to hurt the Wings.

    Ken Holland, no matter what your opinion of him is, was an ass to sign Cujo. Cujo bearly earned the money he was collecting in Toronto and has never won anything and is still on the path to oblivion.

    The Wings called him up from his minors stint because Holland knows that no NHL team will be interested in an over paid minor-leaguer (take note Jim Rutherford).

    The Wings will have to eat just about all of Cuo’s salary plus accept virtually nothing in return for Cujo if he is to be more than an over-priced backup in Detroit this year.


  28. Bishop7979 says:

    I totally agree with guinsfan4life that it wasnt a good move to bring Hasek back from retirement. At this point the wings are backed into a corner and are beyond desparate to move Cujo and really, in the current NHL finacial landscape its hard for me to see any takers.

    The ranger fans claim that Dunham is a better goalie and that they are comfortable with him leading them to an early tee time, besides if sather added cujo to his mix of cast off misfit ex-superstars i think it would be the move that would cost him the last shred or respect he has and would cost him his job.

    The flyers are, yet again, going with a second tier goalie in hopes that they will be lead to the promise land, and unless Clarke can get rid of Leclair Recchi or Premeau I dont see him adding any of Cujos salary onto his payroll.

    If by December the AVes are looking for a goalie I dont think that Holland has the nerve to trade a goalie that he has dicked around to his chief rival.

    I think that the islanders are the only team that would even consider it, and if they did it would only be after Wonderboy fell flat on his face, something that could very well never happen.

    Plus Boston is saying in “Raycroft and Potvin we trust”

    Throw Burke into the mix as a goalie who will, at some point, be shopped with a much lower price tag, a shorter contract, and as high a reputation and really i dont see anyone calling Holland.

    Holland has had alot of success with his team over the years but it has been at the cost of the long term strenght of his team. And really I feel like the Cujo/Haske fiasco is something that is really

  29. Bishop7979 says:

    sorry that should have been the last line of my post, but it was cut off

  30. Aetherial says:

    I agree that I can see no possibility of the Oilers going after Joseph. Yes, Detroit will end up eating part of his salary but not enough to make him interesting to Edmonton. Besides, an asset like Comrie is worth more than a goaltender very near the end of his career.

    As far as Holland goes, you are missing a very important aspect of this. If the Wings did not take Hasek he becomes an unrestricted free agent I believe…

    Hmmm, if you are Ken Holland do you *really* want Hasek going to Colorado?

  31. Aetherial says:

    So, on one hand, you also criticize Holland? Then you turn around and suggest he probably would not trade Cujo to Colorado.

    Let’s see… the Wings do not take Hasek back

    Hasek become a UFA (I think)

    Where does he end up? My guess is Colorado!

    Holland did not take Hasek back because he was stupid and wanted to carry a lot of extra salary. He did it to keep him from going some place else and coming back to haunt him.

    Can you imagine Colorado with a Hasek anywhere near his old form?

  32. Bishop7979 says:

    Well if detroit didnt sign hasek then yes he would have become a UFA and could have ended up in Colorado, this is true.

    I Criticize Holland for a couple reasons.

    1. Because over the years he has always taken a here and now mentality with his team and within a year or two the here and now will be retired and he will have in no way prepared for life after Steveie Y and Co.

    2. He along with most Detroit fans have used Cujo as a scapegoat to cover the fact that such a offensive powerhouse shot blanks in the first round last year. I mean he won 34 games, had a Goals against average of under 2.50 and a save percentage over 910 on an offensve first team, thats pretty good. When the Redwings with their hall of fame roster can’t win 2 goal games its not the goalie that you should look at.

    3. Holland is as bad as Sather, but his winning record makes it OK. Holland has bought and sold players for years and as long as it leads to a stanley cup no one thinks twice about it. I’m not trying to defend Sather at all, Its guys like him Holland and the Stars Owner that are ruining the NHL. (I admit that has nothing to do with the current topic, but its just something that bugs me.)

    Anyways I guess what I’m saying is that Holland was screwed either way, unless Hasek really meant what he said when he said he only wanted to play for detroit, but what are the odds of that, really?

    I understand that their is an air, a aura around having Hasek as your goalie. It was the same way with Roy. But Hasek is 39, has sat out a year and played defence in a rollar hockey league. Yes he has done ok this season so far (if you ignore tonight) but really I dont think that this years Hasek could have saved last seasons playoff redwings. And I really think that having Cujo now playing behind a defence first redwing team would be better than having this seasons Hasek trying to play on an offensive first denver team. And I think that if (when) Cujo suits up for the Aves he will shine because it will be like playing for the Leafs (high number of shots, run and gun, weak defense) that kind of game is what he trives on, and Holland will be paying probably, at the very least, 3 million a season, for the next 2 seasons, to watch Cujo come back to haunt him.

    At least if he would have let Hasek go he wouldnt have to pay part of the salary of the goalie he will face in the playoffs.

  33. Daytwa says:

    The reason why Hasek was a better choice over Cujo was not all the playoff performance. Cujo did not stand on his head for the playoffs like Hasek did, but neither did the rest of the team. It was embarrasing to see the wings play the way they did with all their talent. However, Cujo never fit in as what some would call “Family” to the organization. He dissappeared after the playoffs, avioded detroit fans, and never grew into any bonding friendships with the rest of his teammates. Hasek did. I’m not stating his team didn’t like him, he just didn’t fit in. It was a poor desperate mistake on Hollands part, and taking Hasek back was his best option. Hasek would have gone to another team and Holland knew that. Haseks loyalty came to Detroits door first, to give them first dibs. I’d take Hasek back too if I had to do it all over again. When a player is good, but never clicks with the rest of the team, I don’t care what anybody says…get rid of him. Screw Cujo. His bond with Toronto, wasn’t, couldnt, never will be the same in Detroit. and that was his choice. I mean why does his family still live in Toronto? Just like, why does Federov still want to reside in Detroit during offseason? Either become fully a part of the team or don’t. Cujo didnt, therefore he wont.

  34. Daytwa says:

    sorry, one more thing. Hudler should stay before Dev’s. Dev’s blows. He’s just not keen on the ice like he needs to be. He would be the one to go to GR. Back when the whole Comrie thing was going on, I brought this opinion to this site, but it never got posted. I guess it would make more sense now

  35. 19Yzerman says:

    Since no one here has a crystal ball.There is no telling what will happen with this goalie situation.The Wings had no choice but to honor the remaing portion of Hasek’s contract.Allowing him to go elsewhere presents a GREAT chance of facing him in the playoffs vs a western conf foe.One thing is for sure that by 3pm march 9th 2004 some team will be in the need of a goalie and will be willing to trade a player of equal value to get one.Untill then since everyone seems to think that the Wings will have to give some team an Elite goalie plus pay that goalie to play for that team.Why not just keep them all on the Wings roster?Its a waiting game and right now the way things are going for the Wings it favors some sort of need for a roster change just to shake things up.If the wings can get back on track and start winning it will help them in the waiting game.Meanwhile we continue to voice our thoughts and opinions in this wonderful forum.

  36. shelbyz says:

    signing CRAPJO was a stupid move in my opinion.

    Last summer detroit pulled a Rangers and just signed the most expensive guy out there without seeing who would be best for the team (Belfour would have been the better bet that year). I also think Legace would make a good starter

    oh well, now detroit sucks

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