What's goin on in Philly?

Another blowout. the final score in the game against Pittsurgh was 8-2. What is the problem?

They got rid of Hitch, Clarke resigned, so is it more then just coaching? It must be, because they made all these changes, but they still are horrible.

First of all who would sign Peter Forsberg? I know he is the best in the game when he is healthy, but he never is. Simon Gagne has always had great players around him and they made him an allstar player. He is an alright player, but if you watched him last season when Forsberg was hurt he was just bad. Mike Knuble can not do anything. He is the type of player that would be on most teams third line, but has chemistry with a great pair that needs a first line right winger.

Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, R.J Umberger, Where have they been? The have done nothing. Keith Primeau was a HUGE lose. Geoff Sanderson is made for the new NHL, but he doesn’t fit on this team. He can be a second liner, or like a Mark Bell type of first liner.

Derian Hatcher would be a bad player on a Peewee house team. HE’S -14!!! GET RID OF HIM. Rathje must go too, right after Hatcher.

Goaltending, they need someone who can save a beachball. Robert Eshe’s goals against average is 6.50!!! Nittymaki’s save percentage is .885%. So there are lots of problems. I think Philly will come dead last this year, and they will for a few years.

What are your thoughts?

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