What's next for the Blackhawks?

We all know that the Blackhawks are now above the cap. The exact number, according to nhlnumbers.com, is 2.508 millions. So they must ship salary somewhere, while trying to fill the few missing pieces the team has.

Here’s the holes on the Hawks roster :

1. top 4 stay-at-home d-man, good at blocking shots.
2. two top 6 forwards.

and here’s the players with big salaries (cap hit):

1. Martin Havlat (6/year)
2. Robert Lang (4/year)
3. Nikolai Khabibulin (6.750/year)
4. Patrick Sharp (3.9/year)
5. Brent Sopel (2.333/year)

you must know that Patrick Sharp is unmovable. He’s Chicago’s Mike Fisher. 4 millions per year, average for a #2 center but elite for a #3. Tallon also said that he wanted to keep his goaltender tandem intact (which I believe is a good thing), so let’s forget Bulinwall. we’re left with Havlat, Lang and Sopel.

I don’t think Brent Sopel has any trade value. at 2.333, he’s a guy you can pick off waivers any day. and he’s no more than a 3rd pairing d-man at best. so we’re left with Robert Lang and Martin Havlat.

there is two teams in the NHL desperate to raise their payroll. two teams under the salary floor. the LA Kings and the Atlanta Trashers. the Kings need a top 6 winger (forget the hole in the nets, they’re rebuilding, and they already have 3 young NM), and the Trashers need a top line center to play with Kovalchuk. ding ding ding. coincidence? Havlat is a top 6 winger, and Lang (even if he’s getting old) is a top line center. time to pull the trigger! but while shipping those heavy salaries away, why not try to fill the holes we have ourselves?

to Atlanta : Robert Lang, Cam Barker
to Chicago : Niclas Havelid, 2nd round pick.

Don’t forget that because of his bonuses, Cam Barker has a cap hit of 2.736 this year.
And in Havelid, we get our top 4 elite shot-blocker. for those who didn’t know, he ranked 3rd for the past 2 years in the NHL for blocked shots, with only Jason Smith and Anton Volchenkov doing better than him.

salary going to Atlanta (cap hit) : 6.736
salary coming to Chicago (cap hit) : 2.7

it’s a 4 millions shipping, as you can see. so now we’re under the cap by 1.5 millions. our d-core is complete (and very good), but we’re lacking a lot of scoring depth. time to move Havlat? guess so. make a call to Dean Lombardi at LA.

to LA : Martin Havlat
to Chicago : Jarret Stoll, 2nd round pick

to LA (cap hit) : 6
to Chicago (cap hit) : 0, Stoll is still RFA

so now we have 7.5 millions left to make a few moves.

first, sign Jarret Stoll. 2 years, 5 millions. cap hit of 2.5/year.

second, sign Niclas Havelid to an extenstion. 2 more years, 6 millions. cap hit of 3/year.

third, sign UFA Ladislav Nagy to 1 year, 3.750 millions.

so now we have still 1.250 in cap space, with a complete roster. if for any reason we’re above the cap during the season, waive Brent Sopel.

Nagy – Toews – Kane
Ladd – Sharp – Byfuglien
Eager – Stoll – Burish
Versteeg – Bolland – Adams

Campbell – Keith
Seabrook – Havelid
Sopel – Wisniewski


that brings me to the second part of my text. yes, there is more lol.

July 1rst 09, the salaries of Khabibulin and Nagy will come off the books. that’s 10.5. and they will trade or send Sopel down, so that’s an additionnal 2.333. that’s 12.833 for the off-season.

they will have Dave Bolland, Ben Eager and James Wisniewski to resign (RFA). they will come for approx 3 millions. that’s leaving 9.833 to make a pitch to…Marian Hossa! he will be UFA in the 09 summer, with a cup ring, and willing to go to the place who’s offering a lot of money, while having a chance to win again. synonym : Chicago. and this scenario is with the cap ceiling still at 56.7, without going up for the 09-10 season. and I expect it will get higher again, between 60 and 62 millions. so they will have another 5 millions to spend to add scoring depth on the 2nd line. this is the 09-10 lineup for the Hawks.

Hossa – Toews – Kane
5 million man – Sharp – Byfuglien
Ladd – Stoll – Burish
Eager – Bolland – Versteeg

Campbell – Keith
Seabrook – Havelid
depth d-man – Wisniewski


and you still have plenty of prospects and picks for the trade deadline. if the kids grow normally next season, if they gain the experience they need, because I think the 08 Hawks will be in the playoffs, the 09 Hawks could very well be a Cup Contender. In fact, I think they are one move away from the Cup for 09.

Niklas Lidstrom must retire. lol.


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  1. oilcountry88 says:

    i want Havlat in edmontn and i dont no if LA would get rid of Stolly just yet.. but other than that nice job.

  2. sundin_500 says:

    Niemi will be the back up, if not starter! not Crawford.

  3. UsedandAbused says:

    They should try and get rid of Lang.

  4. habsrock99 says:

    The Hawks would be best advised to not go after anyone worth 9 million dollars. They should just stick with what they have and let them develop. Don't forget, Pat Kane and Jonathan Toews aren't under Entry Level Contracts forever and when they are RFA eligible, the Hawks will need to fork over a tonne of money to them. Plus I don't think Hossa's leaving Detroit.

  5. frezz says:

    who cares what they do… there a terrible team and are not making the playoffs haha

  6. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    well thought out, but the 09 – 10 team doesn't impress me… ya they would make the playoofs, but they're a few years away.. 

  7. mojo19 says:

    When this happened to New Jersey they shipped Malakhov and a 1st to San Jose for 3 non roster players who never played a game for the Devils. So maybe we'll see Khabiboulan traded somewhere along with a draft pick in exchange for nothing.

    OR! A trade I suggested at the deadline:

    Kubina + Pogge
    Khabiboulan + Havlatt

    Seems like the Leafs kind of get ripped off there, but Havlatt can be an elite scorer if healthy. Khabiboulan would have to sit out the year as he'd be a spare part.

  8. oilcountry88 says:

    that trade would work if Joseph was on a 2 way contract..

  9. RedSENS says:

    Your 08-09 roster is the biggest load crap I've seen. Second Lang has value your Atlanta deal is going to require more in return Barker is good d-man but the windy city didn't fit him. And everyone under estimates Lang's value he is 2nd line centerman but would be worth it, at 2.5-3 mil/yr. Also Nagy is NOT NOT worth 3.75 mil his value is much lower than that after having a bad season. Let Havlat's contract run out the reason the Hawks missed was offense but Havlat has to prove his value or else he is to fragile to play in the NHL and nobody will take his contract. Havelid is not worth Lang/Barker for a pick, Bolland is likely gonna make.
    Your third line line should be Ladd-Bolland-Skille who is FAR more likely to make the team than Versteeg but maybe as a fourth liner. Also Hendry was a rock and I'd sooner have him than Havelid.
    Havlat and the Bulin wall should walk next year. With Hossa it's not going to happen like in Pittsburgh due to the cap.
    But inthe end your 08-09 Hawks are like the Hawks after the Roenick, Chelios and Belfour trades.

  10. brianc689 says:

    I like the idea of the Leafs going after Havlat, but the Hawks would need to take Kubina in a deal.  I'm not so sure they are interested in him anymore with the Campbell signing and all of their young d-men.  And there is no way I would trade Pogge.  We already gave up Rask, we need to give Pogge a shot to develop into a star goalie.  Havlat in a Leafs jersey would be beautiful though, and watching him dangle around the Sens would make the deal worth it.

  11. brianc689 says:

    The Hawks might not make the playoffs, but that would only happen because of their tough conference.  They built an amazing core of young players.  Any rebuilding team should use them as a model of what to do. 

  12. pezzz says:

    and who cares what you think.

  13. pezzz says:

    1rst Lang has no value. old, overpaid, smooth, no work ethic. He's putting up the points, yes, but that's because he's playing with better players. And he has tremendous size, but he's not using it. He could be a dominant power forward but he's no more than a smooth second liner. I agree he would be worth it at 2.5/year, the problem is he's making 4/year.

    2nd LA Kings would love to take Havlat's contract because they are UNDER THE CAP FLOOR. that's the only reason. and i pointed it out in my text.

    3rd Nagy didn't have a bad season in 07-08. the only thing is he got injured, and only played 38 games. if he played at least 70 games, he was on for a 20 goals/50 points season. in the new NHL, that's worth 3.5.

    4th you underestimate Niclas Havelid. this guy is a very solid top 4, and like I said, is 3rd in the league for blocked shots. Jordan Hendry will be very good, but he's not yet a top 4 d-man. if you really want him in the roster, then waive Brent Sopel.

    5th the deal between Atlanta and Chicago makes sense. the reason Chicago is not getting more than Havelid and a 2nd round pick is that Lang is a salary shed. Look at what the Devils did to move Vladimir Malakhov and his huge contract a few years ago. they sent Malakhov AND a 1rst round pick to San Jose for 3 no name minor league players. Same thing with Lang. Basically, the deal is Barker vs Havelid and a 2nd round pick, and Chicago gives them Lang as a gift to reach cap floor.

    6th I agree Jack Skille could make the 3rd line, but I think starting the year in the minors and coming up in January could be better for him. He's not really a 4th line grinder, he's a skilled player with good size. so wait a few months until he can jump directly to the top lines.

  14. pezzz says:

    Hossa will win the cup in Detroit this year, and then leave. garanteed. The Wings have to resign Zetterberg, Franzen, Hudler and possibly Samuelsson after this season. and they will all get pay raise, big ones for Zetterberg, Franzen and Hudler. These 4 players are gonna get between 14 and 18 millions. Add Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Rafalski, Stuart, Kronwall and cie, they don’t have cap space to resign Hossa.

  15. LeafsNation91 says:

    This is Martin Havlats last year before his contract is up. Lets get for real now, Havlat is an injured talented player, and no team should take a risk with him because he is just injured.

    I think the Leafs should look into acquiring him, since the contract is up in a year, they can afford it if he is injured because he can just go into free agency, or trade away at the deadline if he stays healthy.

    Now, what should the Leafs trade for him.

  16. habsrock99 says:

    Even if Hossa becomes a FA, it'd be under the Hawks best interest to keep away from him unless he'd be willing to play for them for the same money Detroit's giving him and that's not likely seeing as Detroit's a proven winner and Chicago's been a bottom feeder for the better part of a decade. The only way I could possibly see the Hawks being able to have Hossa is if he signed for another 1 year contract and I'd be more willing to put money on the Miami Dolphins winning the Superbowl then putting it on Hossa signing another 1 year deal.

  17. pezzz says:

    As I said in my text, the Hawks need mainly 2 things.

    1rst : a top 4 stay-at-home d-man

    2nd : 2 top 6 wingers

    The Leafs don't have any top 4 defensive minded d-man. The 3 top 4 they have are Kaberle, Kubina and McCabe, but they're all offensive-minded, and too expensive. so they must give a top 6 winger.

    Nik Antropov would fit great in Chicago I think. to get Havlat, send the other way Antropov and a 3rd or 2nd round pick.

  18. TheCanadianHozer says:

    It doesn't really matter what you want when you are dumping salary. Free up the cap space, get some picks and hope to find someone still left on the market that could be good enough to fill your needs, or fill them internally from the farm.

  19. muckies says:

    I see Chicago and Ottawa trading, they have in the past and both have what the other wants. Ottawa wants Khabibulin and can afford him, and are probably the only team in the league, so Chicago is kinda at their mercy.  The flip side of this is Chicago took Ottawa to the cleaners on the Havlat trade, even though Havlat sucks, Sather was going to sign Havalat to an offer sheet which would have given Ottawa a #1, #2 and #3 overall. But Ottawa did make it to the Cup finals, so that has taken away some of the sting of Mucklers brutal trade. 

    Gerber, Vermette
    Khabibulin, Seabrooke
    Gerber, Schubert, Foligno
    Khabibulin, Seabrooke
    Gerber, Neil, Schubert, #2 round, Nikulin. 
    Khabibulin, Seabrooke. 
  20. LeafsNation91 says:

    Yeah….I doubt they will trade Seabrook.

    My guess, it is Martin Havlat they player that they are waving.

  21. prospectiv says:

    You base your trade proposals on the fact that Chicago has to drop salary but in the end, I think it remains that they are a better team with Lang and Havlat anchoring their second line than if they would bring in Nagy and Stoll.  I mean, come on!  Ladd (30 pts) and Byfuglien (36 pts) aren't close to being solid top 6 players.  Sharp would have to prove he can maintain his last year production being separated from Kane.  By the way, it is very rare to see a player newly acquired like Stoll being traded away a month later!

    It is a consensus, the odd man out is clearly Khabibulin.  He would make a great fit in LA but I think that they probably tell themselves that if he wasnt able to lift a team like Chicago last year, how capable would he be with a bottom placed one like LA.  
    Overall, no offense but the moves you are considering for the Blackhawks would be a definitive setback after their great summer signings (Huet & Campbell).
  22. Canadiens81 says:

    The Hawks are in one of the easiest divisions.  They play St. Louis and Columbus and Nashville 8 times the only good team is Detroit.  I know Nashville made the playoffs but I don't see them being that good this year.  Still I like what the Hawks have done and hope they make the playoffs.

  23. Canadiens81 says:

    The Hawks are in one of the easiest divisions.  They play St. Louis and Columbus and Nashville 8 times the only good team is Detroit.  I know Nashville made the playoffs but I don't see them being that good this year.  Still I like what the Hawks have done and hope they make the playoffs.

  24. pezzz says:

    you misunderstood my point. maybe I wasn't clear enough though.

    all the moves made in the 08-09 season are for the kids to get the necessary experience to make a good playoff run in 09-10. of course, Ladd isn't still a 2nd liner yet (though Byfuglien is, he scored 20 goals last year), but if he plays well enough on the 2nd line, he'll be full of confidence for next season.

    I agree that Nagy and Stoll won't replace Lang and Havlat. but the point is making a short playoff run (or long if they can make it lol), to get the kids like Toews and Kane some experience for 09-10. Than, with Hossa, I think they'll be legit contenders.

  25. brianc689 says:

    Yeah the Hawks do have the easiest division in the West, but Columbus has improved and shouldn't be the pushover that they were before.  But with the new schedule there are less divisional games, and they still have to face teams like Anaheim, San Jose, Minnesota, etc. four times each.  So their schedule is still going to be tough.  Hopefully the young guns can pull it off and bring them to the playoffs.

  26. dcz28 says:

    Funny how you just dismiss Hossa staying in Detroit and that he would actually want to play in Chicago. You clearly haven't learned never to count Holland and the Wings out when it comes to signing players. With the Wings having an internal salary cap for players of 7.45 million with Lidstrom it is possible for the Wings to keep Hossa, Franzen and Zetterberg…Hudler is not going to get a huge raise and if it comes to keeping Hudler or Hossa…Hudler will be traded period. I doubt Samuelsson will be resigned  as they have enough kids to take his spot for cheaper…same with Lilja, who could be traded freeing up 2.4 million between Samuelsson and Lilja.

    Your roster for this season is worst than last season's team for the Hawks even with the addition of Campbell and Huet…Nagy at 3.7 million? lmao

    Hawks are still years away from being on the same level as the Wings and if the cap keeps going up they might never get there.

    You wouldn't happen to be from Downers Grove, IL would you? You sound a lot like a guy that posted from there when it comes to Hossa but he was way over the top with saying Hossa only signed for one year with the Wings because he really wants to play for the Hawks next season lol

  27. prospectiv says:

    Ok, got it, but then I would ask for promising youngters for Lang and Havlat instead and give a real chance to Barker. 

    A top 4 of Campbell, Seabrook, Keith and Barker seems pretty solid to me, except the fact that there is no clear shutdown defender as you pointed out. 

    OR… maybe they should try something like :

    Toews & Khabibulin  (salary dump)


    Higgins, Plekanek & O'Byrne.

    Ohhh… wait!  This is only me dreaming to see Toews in a Habs uniform!

  28. pezzz says:

    hum, I'm living in montreal and i'm a calgary flames fan. so find other arguments.

  29. dcz28 says:

    I didn't say you were him, just that you sounded a bit like him and i did make other arguments…none of which you tried to counter so i guess you agree with everything else i wrote in my post lol

  30. pezzz says:

    lol I don't agree with what you said, but I already chatted with Prospectiv on about the same points as you. So read my comment above for info 😛

  31. pezzz says:

    well I checked back, and the points you're talking about are not all this the Prospectiv chat. So you can read all my other comments for info lol.

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