What's Next For The Desert Dogs?

We all know for the last couple of years the phoenix coyotes have been rebuilding. After making the playoffs year after year when they first arrived, they shipped all of their players off. Is the newly built team just over the horizion?The coyotes have missed the post season the last two years. After all there moves and coaching and staff changes, it looks as though the coyotes are nearing that goal they were looking for so long ago. A young fast team that could compete in the West for many years.

The coyotes are in great shape for the salary cap, and the new rules will only help the yotes because they are full of speedy forwards such as nagy comrie Doan, and Johnson. Heres how the Coyotes look now.

Player Salary

Shane Doan $3.002 million

Petr Nedved $2.204 million

Ladislav Nagy $1.976 million

Mike Comrie $1.748 million

Sean O’Donnell $1.748 million

Brett Hull $1.71 million

Mike Johnson $1.672 million

Mike Ricci $1.52 million

Denis Gauthier $1.33 million

Cale Hulse $1.14 million

Oleg Saprykin $1.064 million

David Tanabe $950,000

Fredrik Sjostrom $817,000

Brent Johnson $760,000

Matthew Spiller $722,000

Krys Kolanos $722,000

Michael Rupp Team Option) $684,000

Boyd Devereaux $684,000

Tyson Nash $608,000

Jason Chimera $494,000

Morris and Mara will accept the offers from Mike Barnett. The coyote D is young and very skilled, Dont expect to see brad Ference coming back, and young prospect Keith Ballard will be a great player in the near future.

The coyotes salary is only 28million. This gives them room to help them lock up the most important, and needed situations for the coyotes. The number 1 goalie. Phoenix will extend Boucher, but i expect him to be backing up a veteran goalie. Rumors are the return of Sean Burke or even the return of Khabibulin. I can’t see him leaving the lighnting, so i do see a return of Burke soon.

The coyotes have great centres and are even looking at another in Modano, but you will more then likely see the Coyotes aquiring Ray Whitney before Modano. Whitney is capable of playing and has played every spot on a forward line. He has been injured alot in the past which may be a red flag to BArnett, but you may expect to see him in Phoenix.

Teemu selanee is also reported to be scouted out by the coyotes staff, i think he would be a great fit there as he has played with Ricci before, and is interested in playing behind Wayne, as many players are.

I expect the Coyote lines to look like this or something like it:

Nagy Comrie Doan

Hull Nedved Johnson

Saprykin Whitney/Kolanos Selanee/Cleary

Chimera Deveraux Ricci/Sjostrom

Mara Morris

Gauthier Tanabe

Hulse o”donnel

Burke Boucher – David Lenevu

Phoenix will also have youngsters Kyrs Kolanos and Jeff Taffe. They have lots of forwards, but may want to consider shopping around for more option on the Defense, they have a solid one, but not very many in fault of injury.

I expect to see Gretzky behind the bench to lead the coyotes to hopefully, their first playoff birth since they began to rebuild, but there goalie situation is still cloudy, any thoughts?

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  1. Coyotes4life says:

    Shoot, I couldn’t agree with you more desertdog. I haven’t heard about the selanee thing, but that would be tight. I would pick Modano over Whitney though. Could you picture it, Modano-Selanee-Hull on one line?? That would be like the all star game.

    Go Yotes

  2. Habs69 says:

    You should say an old all-star line !! Selanee and Hull were there in the past. Modano can maybe be an all-star again if he is with good player !!

  3. Coyotes4life says:

    so your saying old guys can’t score?

    alrightly then…

  4. leafstopgun says:

    I heard yesturday grets might not have anything to do with the team just what i heard

  5. leafscrushsensintomush says:

    Well, I’m not sure how active they will be, but I am sure Amonte will be back with the Coyotes. And Maybe Gretz will bring in Cujo. Cause we don’t want that traitor back in Toronto!!

    Go Leafs!!

  6. Kamakaze says:

    I agree that they have a god, solid young team with some strong players on defence as well as offence, and a number of both tough and skilled players all over the place. The mix of young guys and vets is great, and I LOVE the addition of Ricci to this lineup.

    As I mentioned before, I think adding a player like Burke would be both great, AND realistic. He would split time with Boucher, and add some leadership, mentiorship, and be a player that isn’t just a teacher, but an active part of the team who has the potential to rack up some wins and be somewhat consistant, and give the young defencemen some confidence.

    As far as adding a forward, I don’t really see them doing it, not for any particular reason, I just don’t see it happening. I think adding a guy to the second or third line would be great, or perhaps a good scoring checker for Ricci, Darren McCarty comes to mind. I could see Selanne in Phoenix, but I’d rather see him in a Devils uniform!

    As far as lines… I’d see something more like:

    Doan- Comrie- Hull

    Nagy- Nedved- Johnson/Selanne/(similar FA)

    Saprykin- Ricci- Sjostom/Johnson

    Nash- Kolanos- Chimera/Taffe/Sjostom

    Mara- Morris

    Gauthier- O’Donnell

    Hulse- Tanabe/Spiller

    Burke- Boucher

  7. Desertdog17 says:

    how is cujo a traitor? after helping toronto for a few solid years, no he didnt win the cup, but it was the team, toronto needed him, and when he got traded, he was shattered and wished that toronto win the cup if detroit doesnt. That is class right there, give him the respect he deserves.

  8. leafscrushsensintomush says:

    Cujo had the chance to stay but left for more money with Detroit, when toronto actually offered him a great deal, his problem was personal with Quinn when he crapped the bed in the first Olympic game and Brodeur carried the team the rest of the way, Cujo took it personal cause Quinn made a decision, a hockey decision for the betterment of Team Canada, it just carried over to the Leafs. That is why, so no he gets no respect from me!!

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