What's up with Tony?

After communicating with Dave Pagnotta of the thefourthperiod.com, on the status of Tony Amonte, he told me that it was still unclear as to which team Amonte is leaning towards. The five teams, Dallas, NYR, NYI, San Jose, and Toronto, are still the only teams making serious runs at Amonte.

If anyone has information Amonte, do tell.

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  1. mikster says:

    tsn.ca and thefourthperiod.com are the best two sites for updates.

    I doubt the Rangers would try to sign Amonte since he could be too expensive, however, Sather inked Mike Gillis’ Holik and Richter, could he also get Amonte?

    I think the team to grab Amonte are the Sharks. It is weird that there are no news on Theo Fleury and the Sharks or Coyotes, but the Sharks lost Selanne and should grab Amonte. Also, do not count the Blues out. Dallas could certainly sign Amonte, but it will be tough for them since they will fight the Islanders. The Isle’s are probably the serious bidders for Tony, so they could end up overpaying Amonte as well.

    Toronto would be the surprise destination for Amonte. Toronto needs something, and they better get that something.

    I am very surprised and shocked that Clarke refused to help his team on the offense. I think his only acquisition to help is team was Handzus and Hitch*****.

  2. Chandlerisback says:

    I’d like to see Amonte with the Leafs.

    We could really use him after missing out on Holik.

    San Jose should go after Fleury. They need a shot in the arm.

    As for Boston they don’t need to sign anyone. They are still a great team.

    Thornton Rolston and Samsonov are all young so theres no need to run at it just yet until these guys mature more.

  3. IslesFan888 says:

    Newspaper reports in NY continue to say that Milbury has offered Amonte a contract for just over 5 million but doesn’t want to go much over that…Mike could be acting really conservative or just bluffing to not have to shell out tons of money…It goes on the say the Isles have offered contracts to Scott Young and Tie Domi as well…They definitally need to get one of Younf or Amonte, but I could do without Domi…I have no interest in any of the goons from the playoffs…Anyway it seems like there making attempts but for some reason Milbury thinks he can still be in the running and the FAs will just want to come to the Island for less, ie. Kasparaitis…any news for outside NY?

  4. bubbakazoo says:

    I believe Rolston is past the point of maturing more. He played for Team USA at the Albertville Olympics. He is probably 30 years old, not 23 like the others.

  5. bdeppe says:

    I’m a Stars fan and live in Dallas and the word around the camp fire is Hicks is planning on signing one or two more free agents. Everyone from ESPN to TSN has report that the Stars are looking at Amonte and Young. The Worth Fort Star Telegram and the Dallas Morning News have stated that the Stars as also looking at Selanne which is a weird pick since he talked bad about the club during the season. I expect the Stars to sign both Young and Tony since Mr. Hick wants to win and there is no idea what will happen for 2004 – 2005.

    The lines might look like



    Morrow/Arnott/ this a wild card (Malhorta, DiMaio,Muller)

    I would like to see Gainey or Kapanen play also

    PS – if anyone hears about Tony please speak up. Happy 4th og July to EVERYONE and have a safe weekend.

  6. Freezer says:

    I’m not surprised that Bobby Clarke has not helped his team in the FA market. I guess he figures he had more than enough scoring in that first playoff round against Ottawa. All I can say is, Thank God for Bobby Clarke. I’m a big Red Wing fan. I’m so glad we played Carolina in the Finals instead of a bigger and younger Flyer team. With some leadership and coaching, they could have given Detroit some problems. They didn’t. Bobby made Detroit’s load so much lighter. Thank You, Bobby Clarke!!!

  7. FlyersZombie says:

    I’ll tell you what’s up with Amonte,he needs to be signing with Philly.

    Give him Lindros money,at least he’ll play for 8.5 million.Just one season at least I would like to see Tony Amonte in Philly.I have a bet going on with my girlfriend that he will sign in Philly before he signs with Dallas. Cmon Tony don’t let me down. I have a lot riding on this.

    Leclair and Roenick need a teamate and you are it buddy!!!!!

    anyways,if Clarke does go after Amonte,he will have completly redeemed himself for some bad moves he mad in the past(KENT MANDERVILLE)cough cough, anyways, talks were about Guerin signing with Philly,now everyone is getting snatched up,unless he makes a trade or signs Maltby and Young then I think the Flyers are going to be under extra screwteny next year.

    I got to go,let me know what you people think,if you even do think at all.


  8. Chandlerisback says:

    I just did a check.

    He’s 29.

    I didn’t think we was that old.

    Or maybe I’m the one getting old lol

  9. DaMick says:

    Id say Amonte is going to either NYI/TO/SJ/NYR & Dallas

    Isles = Has best chance if they ponyup the $$ he wants….and they sorely need either his presence or S.Young to help Yashin.

    TO= i think has a great chance….and it would be a great PR move after losing CuJo….

    SJ= If they lose out on Selanne …they have a good shot BUT…will they pay the $$?

    Dallas = has the $$ but….just got Geurin…do they really need Amonte too?

    i cant see Hicks getting amonte for the sake of it.

    Rangers= could continue to spend the dough…but i cant see it happen…

    My Favs on this FA signing are either NYI or TO

    Your Resident RangerHater & LeafBasher


  10. Chandlerisback says:

    Clarke said hes not going to be active much in the free agents availvable.

  11. mikster says:

    Milbury will not sign Amonte at around $5 million a season. Amonte would want at least $6.5 a season.

  12. TC_4 says:

    I know I’m going to get severly ridiculed for saying this, but what are the chances of Fleury only getting 3 million a year, and returning to Calgary. I know they just got Gelinas and they have to spend a lot if they want to stay “JIggy” next season, but Fleury would defintly get them over that hump. Don’t f’n fire back with death threats towards me cause I’m just asking.

  13. zednik says:

    I am hoping a Leaf fan comments soon because I am really scratching my head here. The Leafs are in the running with four other teams for Amonte. They have not made a bid for a defenceman since Kasper signed with the Rangers, which some could argue is their weakest position. They have also made minimal effort to find a back up to Crazy Eddie since Scwab stopped returning Pat Quinns calls.

    So what is the Deal in Toronto?

    They have a hole of some sort @ evert position and they are letting the guys who can fill them move on.

    Crazy Eddie is taking Cujo’s place in TO.

    I will not go on my usual rant about how Eddie has lost it and Cujo still has it.

    but the reality is Cujo was VERY healthy over the course of the last few years and they were lucky that he was as injury free with Eddie you NEED a REAL back-up who can play 20 games

    They have lost Domi and ROberts (Till January) and no real effort has been made to fix this. The quality guys with the Grit have signed elsewhere. Amonte would help this issue very much but I would think that right now Toronto’s defence is a FAR greater issue then scoring. When you lose lose 6-5 you still lose. With Garry Valk being let go by the oh so deep Leafs I have been told that someone from the farm will replace Valk.

    *Note to Pat Quinn: Your Kids played well for a few games in the playoffs that doesn’t mean they are ready for an 82 game season with that logic Alyn McCally would be the number two center next season*

    Garry Valk will help a team with a good penalty klling presense for a low cost.

    Now back to Amonte, as much as he would help this team which seems to be in scambles Pat Quinn should really try to pull a Blue Jackets and sign two second tier guys instead of running around and TRYING to sign the big guns.

    My Gut is saying that Philly will come out of nowhere and do something if not them it will be Dallas, not because they need him but because it will make sure 29 other teams don’t have him.


  14. zednik says:

    You read my mind !

    The Flames have a few bucks in the bank with Vernon and Kravcuk gone. they also have 3 million coming in from some sort of provincal lottery. Fluery in Calgary would be good for a few reasons:

    -He can score therefore take the presure off line one (McAmmond Conroy Iginla)

    -He will come cheap which is great because the Flames need every buck they can get

    -He was and still is a fan favorite. I can see it now it will be just like when Wendel Clark came back to the Leafs. 40 year old men wearing Clark Jerseys from years ago that shrunk so much it barly covered the beer gut.

    I think it would put more butts in the seats. How great is that a Team that lost its superstar because they couldn’t afford him get him back before he is over the Hill.

    That move would make the most hockey and business sence in Calgary but I just don’t see it happening. The dressing room is very young and if Theo is a bad guy in the dressing room it may stunt the growth of a few young guns and even though the chance is slim I don’t know if Craig Button will risk his job on it.

    Great Idea though !


  15. zednik says:

    I want to throw this out.

    What does Toronto do if they miss Amonte?

    I have a feeling that Amonte and Selanne will get done within hours of eachother and the Leafs don’t seem to want Selanne.

    Where do they go the well is getting dry and nothing has been done except replacing Cujo with Crazy Eddie.

    Is Quinns job at risk if they do nothing and fall on thier faces in the first 10-20 games?


  16. zednik says:

    Part of me wants to see the Leafs miss Amonte. I want them to walk into next season with the same team they had this year and see how much Cujo really meant to the team.


  17. RooksOilers says:

    Is anybody out there hearing any rumors of Scott Young possibly joining the Oilers? I hear the Oil are trying to trade Carter to do this! Possibly for Isbister!

  18. NYRfan78 says:

    Thats not a bad Idea. Theo would be only worth a couple of mil a season 2/3?? , and going back to the flames could help both sides, if he becomes the theo of old why not?+It would help put fan’s in the seats and thats somthing the flames need.

  19. zednik says:

    As I was driving into work and bouncing back and forth between the Fan and the Team I heard that Toronto may be looking to pick up Carter from the Oil I didn’t hear for what or if there was any grounds to this maybe you would know better then me?

  20. jammer21 says:

    trust me micki, the blues are as out of it as could be. if they were going to sign a big name winger it would have been guerin. plus the payroll is maxed out, and all the money they lost……… fugeddaboudit.

  21. IslesFan888 says:

    Another idea is that the Isles pass on Amonte, as well as Young unless they can get him for a good price, and possibly go after on of the remaining Dmen…But only if then they can work out a trade for Samsonov…They have an excess of NHL ready talent in Weinhandl, Torres, Krog, Hunter, etc. They wont give up Dipietro though. Maybe a package that’s been rumored with a prospect of so and Hamrlik. This would provide a top notch wing, they could get a respectable replacement at D, and even save money on Hamrlik’s contract. Think this is a possibility? Either way Samsonov,Amonte, Young…they need someone desperately, more than Milbury is acknowledging.

  22. rooney says:

    i heard amonte had dinner with some of the devils and that he had dinner at the governors mansion in jersey

  23. Sands says:

    This is also another good place to get rumors and hear about deals.

  24. Forsberg21 says:

    Maltby? Kirk Maltby? When was he available. Detroit would never give him up. He’s too valuble.

  25. Forsberg21 says:

    Why aren’t the Kings in the running for Amonte. He would be a great fit there. They need something to put them over the top to be able to compete with the other Western teams with two scoring lines. They do however need a better second line centre than Smolinki. I like Smoke, but he seems like he lacks the talent to be anything more than a good hard working defensive centre who can chip in some timely goals. Maybe there interested in Cassels. Too bad they didn’t make a pitch for Oates, he would have been a good fit, especially for the price he signed for with Aneheim.

  26. nskerr says:

    I hear the Islanders have started looking at trade possibilities if they cannot sign Amonte which looks like they won’t. The Oilers liked both Isbister and Scatchard, 2 big players that might be expendable. The Isles definitely need a solid winger for Yashin. With the Isles acquiring Jason Wiemer as their eventual 3rd line center, Scatchard might be the one to go.

  27. nskerr says:

    Thefourthperiod.com reports the Isles most like are out of the Amonte sweepstakes unless he lowers his salary demands. Milbury might be playing a game, but I don’t think so. He is a pretty straight shooter and the 2 sides seem to be 2.5-3 million apart. I would love to see him on the Isle as would many other devoted Isle fans. Reports out of the NY Post state Mike Gillis’ office receiving numerous phone calls and faxes from Islander fans trying to get Amonte to look at what the Isles fans do for the team and what a great place Long Island is to live.

    I don’t think it will work though unless Milbury steps up. Why would Amonte settle for less when he has waited his whole career to become an UFA, especially with a lockout on the horizon?

  28. NYIchooch75 says:

    From what I understand, DiPietro would be part of any package in a trade for Samsanov. The Bruins cannot possibly be happy with Graham & Shields in the net. Amonte just isn’t happening, unless the same thing that happened with Brett Hull last year happens again. Hull was one of the last free agents signed and his price was a lot lower because of that. I also heard that the Isles offered Scott Young (34 yrs old) a long term contract. I’m not too sold on Young. I don’t know why. I guess it is because I haven’t seen him play much. Let me ask you a question:

    Would you trade DiPietro(among others) to Boston for Samsanov?

    What about Isbister for Anson Carter?

    Just want to pick your brain.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:

    Just curious, what do you think of Turco?

  30. NYIchooch75 says:

    Rumor has it that Phoenix offered Theo a 2 year deal in the area of 6 million a season. I could have read it wrong and be 6 mil for both. I think Theo would be better off in Calgary. He’d be home, so maybe it could help him calm down.

  31. Glen says:

    Do you believe what he has to say?

  32. wrightstuff77 says:

    Anson Carter is much too good for Isbister alone.

    I’d deal Samsonaov for Dipietro with a combination of draft picks if NYI got the better of the draft picks.

  33. NYIchooch75 says:

    You really think DiPietro is worth Samsanov straight up? It would probably have to be a multi-player deal. Boston turned that deal down on draft day.

    I agree with you about Carter for Isbister, but for some reason, I just don’t think Carter is the type of player the Islanders need. I really haven’t seen Carter that much, so I might be wrong. And I really don’t want to trade Isbister at all. I’m still having nightmares about that SOB Bertuzzi. Damn, did that hurt.

  34. wrightstuff77 says:

    I’m a huge Leaf fan and thus far I’m very DISSAPOINTED, as Zednik said where are the Leafs in all of these negotiations? If Amonte wants 6 mil give it to him, you have just jacked tickets again and you always make $, anyways he’s worth that much.

    I’d also like to see the Leafs get a d-man with Kaspar gone my second choice was Lachance he’s gone so why not bring back Berard, the fans would love it and I think he could really help the pp.

    Since the Leafs won’t re-sign Domi does that mean Wade Belak is our goon, I hope so he’s so good at getting his ass kicked all over the rink, it’s hilarious to watch.


  35. zednik says:

    Looks like the Leafs are out of the Amonte hunt, Bill Watters came on the Fan 590 this morning and stated that 6 MIllion was that max and now he wants 7. They are not in the Selanne hunt but the HUGE news out of Leaf land is that Cory Scwabs agent finally called Pat Quinn back so they are trying to get a deal in place.


  36. TheDevil says:

    I read that Dallas had a 15 million budget to spend on free agency.

    Guerin already locked 9 million, and Boucher, something in the 2 million range. Therefore, they have 4-5 million to get another guy. Amonte wants way more, so he is out. Young is their guy. Sure, a crazy ***** like Hicks could turn this around, but Young gels very well with Turgeon.

    My guess (a little biased, but still I was right about Lang…): Amonte signs with the Devils for 7.5 million, plus incentives.

    The Flyers have been quiet, but it seems they will land Dafoe. If Clarke cares about fans asking for his head next year, he must sign a goalie, and the only one available in free agency is Lord Byron. As for Cechmanek, a whole bunch of teams could use a fairly good goalie like him – Vancouver included. I don’t rule out the possibility of a Cechmanek-Salo trade, Dopita is already there expecting his gay Czech buddy to join him – however, I reckon this is farfetched..

  37. GrimReaper says:

    The FAN590 in Toronto is reporting Amonte is seeking 7 million a season. He is apparently willing to come to Toronto but the Leafs only offered him a 4 year 24 million dollar contract.

  38. GrimReaper says:

    Belak doesn’t get his ass kicked all over the rink. Do you even watch Leaf games?

  39. RooksOilers says:

    Salo fo Cechmanek! Are you crazy! Although I have been an Oiler fan for 20 years and I have seen stranger things happen to this club. I hope to god Kevin Lowe doesnt trade Tommy.

    Go Oil Go

  40. FlyersZombie says:

    Hey I agree with Dafoe coming to Philly,that sounds like a good plan,cechmaniac can back him up,but I’d start whoever is hot.

    Amonte needs to sign with Philly,the rest of the league would be even more scared to come play in the city of Brotherly love.

    I will shell out the millions and give it to him,holy shit.

    I don’t care to hear anymore how teams are in the RUNNING,f that,Guerin signed out of no where,I think Clarke has some tricks up his sleeve.

    I say pull the trigger on Dafoe and Amonte,make some trades if you have to.

    Isn’t Kirk Maltby a free agent,I though he was a UFA.

    I would be interested to hear some comments from Flyer fans. I am dying to hear what you think.

    about the direction of the Flyers or anything.

    I am also wondering what big name free agents will be available next year come JULY 03, this might be the Flyers year. I’m hoping they get their act straightened out sooner. It looks promising sofar,with a new head coach and some young talent on defense and a boatload of new centers. Philly needs some right wingers,Leclair and Gagne can anchor the left side,and Primeay and J.R. got the middle,but Recchi can’t handle the right by himself.

    I’m out,cya

  41. jammer21 says:

    one would have to be outright INSANE to want dafoe over chechmanek!!!!!!! dafoe is as overrated as they get. he stunk up the joint in the playoffs and his regular season numbers were ok at best! chech is a stud between the pipes, i don’t know why everyone in philly does not realize that, all you have to do is look at the numbers. and if you want to say it was the nonsense in the playoffs, well primeau-donna, rex, and the rest of the lot shouldn’t of tanked it just to get barber fired.

    on the other hand, amonte would look really good on roenick’s right wing……..

  42. topshelf05 says:

    According to the Dallas Morning News and tsn.ca, Tony Amonte said he was “very impressed” with the Stars’ direction and desire to win. Dallas is not throwing dollars at free agents like experts thought they would; they are making the players WANT to be Stars before they make an offer. Guerin and Boucher were snagged with this strategy, and Amonte could be signed using the tactic, as well. But remember this – if Hicks wants Amonte, he will get Amonte; throw the 15 mil budget out the window.

  43. Rangersgonnaown says:

    Well…I really see that Tony Amonte will end up signing with the San Jose Sharks for 1 reason..they lost Sellane and have the money..and for Fleury…Pheonix and Calgary…Fleuyr lives in the Calgary area during the off-season…and wouldnt mind going home..and he couldnt really turn Calgary around with Iginla there, and the recent signing of Gelanis….anyone else here these 2 trade rumors…1.) Nedved to Calgary for Morris…

    2.) Nedved and Kloucek to STL for Thackuk…i dont remember where i saw this..reply

  44. Rangersgonnaown says:

    Well…I really see that Tony Amonte will end up signing with the San Jose Sharks for 1 reason..they lost Sellane and have the money..and for Fleury…Pheonix and Calgary…Fleury lives in the Calgary area during the off-season…and wouldnt mind going home..and he couldnt really turn Calgary around with Iginla there, and the recent signing of Gelanis….anyone else here these 2 trade rumors…1.) Nedved to Calgary for Morris…

    2.) Nedved and Kloucek to STL for Thackuk…i dont remember where i saw this..reply

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